People Divulge The First Thing They Think Of When They Hear The Word 'Texas'
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Texas is HUGE!

Literally, it's massive. That might be why the tagline is about everything being big. Oh the metaphors of life.

Next to size is heat. Lord is it hot there.

Those are just a few of the regular Texas deets that often come to mind.

What else do others think of?

Redditor Common-Transition973 wanted to compare notes on everyone's thoughts about the Lonestar state.

They asked:

"Non Texans , what are your thoughts when you hear 'Texas?'"

I've been to Texas once. Austin. It was cute.


"Literally just the shape of the state itself as seen from a map or something."


All Love Baby

"I’ve been through Texas a few times and the thing that stood out to me was how much people in Texas love talking about how much they love Texas. I had a beer at the Dallas airport when I was waiting for a friends plane and it was a Budweiser bottle but instead of Budweiser the label said Texas on it."

"Diners would serve Texas shaped pancakes. Every gas station had a section for Texas swag- everything from tee shirts to shot glasses to hats to magnets and other Knick knacks."


"I’ve always found New Yorkers to be obnoxious with how much they talk about how much better they are than everyone else, but Texas is actually on another level. So, I guess when I think of Texas, I think of a bunch of people yelling 'I f**kin' love Texas'."



"Barbecue, don’t get me wrong we’ve got it here in the UK but it’s nothing like what I’ve seen from across the pond. Burnt ends, beef ribs, smoked brisket. I’ve only ever seen it on YouTube and I envy those of you who have tasted it."


"Honestly when I went to Texas and tried the bbq, at both that big well known place and a 'mom and pop' place that my airbnb hosts said was the best in the city. It was... Good. Like it was tasty and all, but just they way people talk about it like its some kind of religious experience or that it's just so different and unlike bbq in other countries, but it wasn't. Its still just meat + dry rub + sauce and I've had comparable bbq in London."


No Skittles

"My Texas is essentially one of those m&m characters. I picture him with those big oval eyes and white limbs. The color of this Texas-shaped m&m is 'American flag.' He’s got a cowboy hat, a piece of wheat sticking out of his mouth, and a perfectly groomed mustache. He’s just walking around in his cowboy boots with his Ak-47 in tow. He vehemently hates the skittles."


Complete Crazy

"In my native Norwegian the term 'complete Texas' means chaos or out of control."


Panic Omg GIFGiphy

Texas means so much in so many ways.


"Cadillacs with giant horns on the front driven by old men in white suits with big white cowboy hats and superbly trimmed mustaches."


season 6 welcome to austin GIF by PortlandiaGiphy

'gone Texas'

"In my company (in a country on the opposite side of the planet from Texas), 'gone Texas' is a term used to describe a software program that has frozen up to the point where even Task Manager can't abort it. Otherwise we don't think about it very much, except perhaps with mild horror."



"Heavyset white people with guns and large cowboy hats yelling 'DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS!'"


"My favorite part of 'Don’t mess with Texas’ is that comes across as this slogan about how tough and bada** Texans are, but in reality it was an effective anti-littering campaign from the department of transportation."



"Militant Evangelicals."


"Man, as a Muslim in a secular country, is always a ride seeing posts about republicans go on about something something shariah law, something something freedom, something Obama... And then two posts later, there's a r/nottheonion post about Texas basically being white Taliban."



"I think of Gilead but with cowboy hats."


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Well there is still a lot of good in Texas. You just have to dig deep.

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