People Explain The First Thing That Comes To Mind When They Think Of Greece
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OPA! Greece. Let's talk about Greece.

Greece has always been on the top of my list for travel. It looks like one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

And don't even get me started on the food and the people. Stunning.

There is so much history and glory to discover. You can feel it all seeping out of the online photos.

Why is Greece so intoxicating? It's almost like it calls for you to visit.

What keeps Greece on the mind?

Redditor kammenion wanted to hear about all the wonders of a special place, they asked:

"What is the first thing that comes to your mind about Greece?"

Men. And cliffs. Greek men and cliffs. They always get me wondering about Greece. Is there more?


"Ancient greek architecture and the Olympics." ~ mj26110

"I took a class last term on Ancient Greek art and architecture so this is all I think of when I hear Greece." ~ OneIsAnEvenNumber



"Gyros." ~ DeceptiveDuck

"Greek food is probably the best food out there! Many years ago I travelled to Kos with my parents and brother and there we had the most amazing lunch ever - fresh tuna steaks off the grill, a drizzle of olive oil, some sea salt and a squeeze of lemon juice. Some home-made bread and a small salad came with it. Gosh, that was perfection!" ~ Cattitude0812

Epic Past

"Their Mythology." ~ Far-Bug5843

"I see everyone commenting on more recent mythology. When I think of Greek history and mythology and literature, I think of the Odyssey. Trojan wars.. Thermopylae… Phoenicians. Alexander the Great taking over Cyprus. Gay sex at the Acropolis." ~ olderandnowiser1492

"Ah, mythology, is comes from Greek words 'muth', means 'legend', and 'logia' is means 'study'. So, muth, logia, muthologia, mythology, and there you go." ~ oh_what_a_surprise

I was properly amazed...

"Souvlaki, orange trees in the streets, 'to mouni serni karavi.' I was properly amazed, I mean there were some streets in Athens where car tyres were drowned in orange juice puddles. I mentioned it to my Greek friend and she was like 'So, what's wrong with that ?' Not to mention the smell! Seriously though, you guys have quite an awesome country." ~ Chatmousque

On the hill...

"White buildings on a steep hillside near the water." ~ Jealous-Relation4147

"That's Santorini. They say it's the most beautiful place on earth where you can see the sunset." ~ Kuhai_


Can I live on that hill? Do I have to keep the blue/white theme?


"A friend of mine is half-greek, and I'm completely in love with her. Definitely the first thing I think when anything Greek is mentioned." ~ SchrezkN7-109


"I DO"

"Y'all make killer lemon potatoes. A local Greek family brings them to every event and they're only gonna let me get a look at the recipe for them if I marry in. I'm considering it." ~ 0u94lay


"The first thing that comes to mind about Greece is that it is a beautiful country with a rich culture. I have always wanted to visit Greece, and I hope to do so in the near future." ~ Impressive_Ant_3054

"Totally recommend visiting also try to visit things they are not advertised so much and are not very organized for tourists and meet ppl there and try new things and be spontaneous and don't hold back." ~ kammenion


"Blue water. White columns. Super duper hot guys with olive skin and glorious, thick, curly black hair. Same with women- gorgeous hair, that attitude the Greek women I’ve met have. Also their names are melodic. Never been to Greece but I’ve had Greek friends." ~ TheGasIsLit

On the Water

"Sailing. We rented a boat in Kos and island hopped around. Ended up in the middle of a Medicane (Mediterranean hurricane). That last part was Level 2 fun, but fun nonetheless. I think the highlight of the trip was harboring in Kalymnos. We went ashore and found out a wedding was happening that night. The bride’s family invited us to attend (the whole town was there)."

"So we went back and swam ashore with a dry bag full of nicer clothes and had a great time. It was a pretty nice trip. I saw Athens and all of the ancient stuff, but the endless Odyssey references due to the storm and our inability to get where we wanted to be is what I remember." ~ skwrl71

Have Mercy

"Parthenon. Socrates. Gyros. Zeus. Uncle Jesse." ~ Lord_Dimwit_Flathead


My bags are packed.

I'm ready.

Who else is coming?

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