People Share The First Thing They'd Purchase If They Came Into Serious 'F*** You' Money
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People often daydream about the easy life, where they can live in the lap of luxury.

It's hard enough as it is for the general population to buy a car, a home, and take periodic vacations—pandemic, be damned.
But they can always imagine what it's like to live extravagantly without having budget concerns.
Since the likelihood of winning the billion-dollar jackpot is like catching lightning in a bottle on Neptune, Redditors were given the opportunity to play out their what-if fantasies when Redditor w_t_f_justhappened asked:
"What would be your first purchase if you came into serious 'f'k you' money?"

People seem to want to be rich enough to live in seclusion.

This Land Is My Land

"Four sections of good pastureland. For those who don't know, that's 2,560 acres, 4 square miles. I'd build in the dead center and never have a neighbor less than a mile from me."


Float In My Moat

"i'd put in a lazy river that ran around the perimeter of my property."


My Own Private Island

"A big old f'k off island a float plane and a self sustained off grid community. Open my fishing camp."


Niche indulgences is the name of the game.

Get You A Fast Car

"SO has always dreamt of driving a Porsche. A very specific model, color, etc. He has it as his screen saver. I would get him that car."


Admirable Honor

"Paying off the land my husband died protecting so that we can build something to honor him by. Specifically turning it into a retreat for combat vets and active duty members."


Mystery Mansion

"Hire a team of architects to design a big house and put in a bunch of secret passageways and rooms and not tell me how to find them so I can have fun discovering them over time."


scooby doo door GIF by Boomerang Official Giphy

Casual Purge

"I'd buy a cul-de-sac of posh houses, gate if off and have my friends live there. They all work from home so doesn't matter where."

"Then one day, there will be deliveries to all the houses. Paintball guns. Masks. The full month."

"And as the clock strikes noon that day, I will have a loud battle cry (haven't decided the sound yet) play on a huge speaker."

"I don't need to tell them this is a battle to the death. They will already know..."


These Redditors were concerned about self-preservation without the stress of incurring massive debt.

Take Care Of My Health

"Go to the dentist, optometrist, and doctor without worrying that whatever needs to be done won't cause financial ruin."


Representation Forever

"A good lawyer to get me set up for life."


Settle Debts And Drive Off Into The Sunset

"First purchase? Freedom: pay off student loans, mortgage, and any other debt. Can't think of a bigger f'k you :) then a couple Teslas lol"


If I ever came into a ridiculous amount of money, I would first build a retreat somewhere in Venice, Italy, and frequently host a masquerade ball where everyone is required to show up in Venetian Carnivale attire—just short of becoming an Eyes Wide Shut moment.

Then, I would build a luxury home in Tokyo, complete with a theater academy where new productions would constantly be workshopped at night while aspiring young performers hone their skills throughout the day in the many classes taught by my colleagues.

And my home base? Why, it would be near the beaches of Malibu in SoCal, of course.

I would bounce between my three properties in my own private jet.

It's not a big ask, is it?

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