People Share The First Thing They'd Do If They Became God
Davide Cantelli on Unsplash

It's fun to imagine gaining a superpower.

But what if you gained the ultimate power?

The power of an omnipotent God?

Redditor r_thelegend27 asked:

"You've just become God, what's the first thing you do?"


"Set everything straight with everyone in a worldwide Q&A." ~ laudinum

Who Needs Instructions?

"Learn the controls."

"Skip tutorial." ~ AzzBall

And On The 7th Day...

"Take the day off." ~ SuperstitiousPigeon5

"Pro Tip: do it on a Sunday." ~ THIS_IS_GOD_TOTALLY_

Low-key Lord

"Just wander about doing miracles and calling myself God and see how long it takes for people to realise that I am in fact God." ~ LilGoughy


"Make a TV show where I slowly reveal which religions are wrong, a bit like Deal or No Deal." ~ trans-positivity-BOT

Sky Blue?

"Turn the sun blue to f'k with people." ~ SteakAgitated

A Slidewhistle Would Be Funnier

"Sounding trumpets around the world."

"Just scare em a bit." ~ Snickers585


"Fracture my consciousness between billions of people to interact with other versions of myself and forget how lonely I am." ~ Gator08

Mighty Smitey

"I want to smite something."

"It seems like something biblical that I should do." ~ elastic_slacker

Clean House

"Eliminate all persons who faked religion for personal gain and power." ~ Im_a_seaturtle

"Eliminate all persons who use religion to persecute others, take away human rights and to commit heinous acts against others." ~ calibared

With great power comes great responsibility.

So what would you do?

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