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A first date can be very exciting, but there's a lot riding on the initial romantic encounter.

Unlike in previous generations, many people meet their potential suitors through various online apps, where users have control over their perception.

Once a rapport is established, it's on to meet up in person. Once the profile pic matches expectations, most previous concerns go by the wayside and the evening can be smooth sailing.

Until it isn't.

Wondering about a hypothetical, Redditor MainSeparate2964 asked:

"Congratulations! You're on a first date with someone you really like, what's something that they could say that would ruin it completely?"

There was one person who was not on the same page.

A Late Confirmation

"This is a platonic date right? No? You know I have a boyfriend right?"

– Glad-Election-7952


"Reminds me of one I got once. Saw a movie, asked if she wanted to get food, she said no. I said 'oh well maybe next time then.' And she goes 'who says there's gonna be a next time?'"

– Silvinis

Identity Crisis

"A friend of hers shows up at the bar. Gestures to me, 'This is Chris.' I am not Chris."

– cambot86

Some dates didn't know what to call their situation.

What Label?

"Oh, so it's a 'date', date?"

– Akamors

The Confused Girlfriend

"No joke. I had a girl once ask me if I thought we were dating... Literally seconds after we had sex. Like we both regularly said we liked each other, went on dates, hugged and kissed in public."

"I had dinner at her families house once or twice a week. Anyway I said 'yeah' and she said 'Oh I don't think we should date.' Like what have we been doing for 3 months? Weirdest experience I've ever had with a 'romantic?' partner."

– kynthrus

A Happy Twist

"This happened to me! The guy didn't think it was a 'date' date and asked for a second chance. Almost ten years married."

– fiestafoxinue

These dates were doomed from before they even began.

False Pretenses

"It was a dare."

"Free food."

"I don't even like you that much."

– tr5al5x

Business Opportunity

"So, how would you like to own your own small business? I know a great opportunity, and all you have to do is get five of your friends to join with you! Want to join my team and crush some goals?"

– HawaiianShirtsOR


"My dad said I need to be home by 8."

– YoungFelix105

Repeat Offender

"Remember me? the girl who cheated on your brother?"

– Brandenk192

While there are many variables involved that could derail a first date, you needn't be discouraged.

Just make sure before planning to meet with the person whom you have a crush on knows they will be on a date to ensure there will be no confusion.

Hopefully, it will be a match.

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