People Imagine How They'd Spend An Extra $1K Every Month

Person holding up multiple $100 U.S. dollar bills
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Financially speaking, most of us could benefit greatly from having extra money each month.

But where someone might assume that the extra money would just be wasted, most people would apply these funds to very practical purposes and expenditures.

Redditor dothepingu asked:

"What would you do if you had an extra $1,000 every month?"

Dental Care

"A couple of weeks ago, I went to the dentist and overheard a heartbreaking situation."

"The office had a very open floor plan with privacy screens rather than individual rooms. But you could still hear every single conversation."

"This teenage kid comes in and says that he has a broken crown that needs to be fixed."

"The dentist says that it will cost $700. Kid says he has to call his mom first."

"So the kid calls the mom, and the mom says, 'No way in h**l can we afford that. Just tell the dentist to stick the old one back on.'"

"The dentist is like, 'Are you sure? That's not really a thing. It's just gonna break off again.'"

"The mom says too bad, he has to live with it."

"If I had an extra $1000, I would have picked up that tab for that kid."

- taleofbenji

Practical Choices

"Pay off debts and save."

- luciliddream

"Exactly my thoughts, start actually being able to plan things and save money rather than being on the back foot all the time."

- thebeardeddrongo

Financial Pressure

"Worry less."

- Cool_Ranch_Dodrio

"Absolutely. Money just helps so much for lowering stress!"

- appleparkfive

Quality Time

"I'd ask my husband to take more time off work. We don't need the extra money, I'd rather have his company."

- Eve-3

Health Care

"Save more money and continue with my current lifestyle, except maybe also be able to get eye surgery for my worsening vision."

- Morbidhanson

A Little Self-Care

"I'd start actually getting my hair cut and colored by someone that's not me at 3:00 AM feeling brave."

- digitalisdaydream

"I feel attacked by this comment, it feels personally directed at me."

- friendlyghost_casper

Mental Healthcare

"Be able to take care of my and my wife's mental health a h**l of a lot better."

"Her therapy is important but expensive. I would love to make sure she had more appointments and the best care."

- onionleekdude

Time to Retire

"Retire. 1000 USD per month is LIFE CHANGING in the Philippines."

- Eleazarosaurus

Home Upgrade

"Probably move out of my uncle's shed."

- chunky_chumpkin

Mortgage Payment

"Make an extra mortgage payment; pay off this house twice as fast."

- HawaiianShirtsOR

Regular Meals

"I'd try out that three meals per day trend that people talk about."

- BeginningCap2333

"I'd settle for one meal a day and not living in my car."

- Desalvo23

"Dude. Been there for six months. One day we'll make it big. We'll sleep on a mattress and eat TWO meals a day."

"Like kings."

- CaptainFunktastic

Break Time

"I'd work fewer hours. I've been here for 32 years and haven't been able to take a vacation in over four years."

- The_Safe_For_Work

Providing for Family

"My mom recently became single, with three kids and a grandkid at home. She and two of the kids who live with her are unable to work because of severe health problems."

"I know she is constantly terrified about how she's going to pay the bills. I'd give her the $1,000 each month in a heartbeat."

- GiskardRayke

Man's Best Friend

"I'd finally be able to afford a dog."

- stoleyourspoon


"Live instead of survive."

- Keanu_Christ

While there are millionaires in the world, or even just people who live very comfortably, most people are currently living paycheck-to-paycheck, give or take a few hundred dollars. And that $1,000 extra each month would make all the difference.

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