Entertainment Buffs Lament Secondary Character Stories That Needed Resolving

Entertainment Buffs Lament Secondary Character Stories That Needed Resolving

Entertainment Buffs Lament Secondary Character Stories That Needed Resolving

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TV series often end with no closure for secondary characters. It can be really frustrating, especially when those people briefly pop in and out, only to leave more questions.

childfromthefuture asked, What secondary character's story was never really resolved?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

Benvolio, the original ghoster.

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Benvolio from Romeo and Juliet. He was Romeo's right-hand man and best friend. He straight up disappears halfway through and is never mentioned by name again. After Romeo kills Tybalt and goes into hiding, this guy named Balthazar seems to be filling Benvolio's role - it's almost as if Shakespeare forgot what his name was - but we never find out where Romeo's real best bro went.

I've wondered this myself...

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What happened to all the actors on "The Truman Show?" A whole town full of people who had spent ~30 years living as a cast for a TV show, and the main character up and LEAVE off at the end of the movie... what do all those people do with their lives now?

Whatever happened to Mr. Buffay?

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Phoebe's Dad in Friends. The show makes this huge deal about him, we meet him for one episode and he's never heard from again.

Poor Huell never gets any closure.

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Some say that Huell is still in that safe house to this day (Breaking Bad).

It's like a lost Universe.

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Everyone in Freaks and Geeks.

And he left a kid behind...

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Officer Bennett in Orange Is The New Black!! I have been wondering with each season if they ever going to bring him back!! Or if maybe that was it and he's just gone. It was so abrupt, I always thought he was coming back.

And he didn't like whales...

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The Whale Biologist in Futurama.

Look, it was still incredible, okay?

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Bomb Voyage, from the Incredibles. Despite being one of the causes of the anti-super law, he disappears. What happened to him?

In real life, people come and go all the time, and this is reflected in the series.

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Sal from Mad Men. Kept hoping he would make a brief appearance in the final seasons, like Paul.

The whole point of this show was to be a mind-f_ck.

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Any damn character from Twin Peaks. David Lynch is a sadistic f_ck.


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Ash Ketchum's Father.

Unfinished business in a Tarantino movie? Shocker.

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In Inglorious Basterds, it is never explained what happens to the other people in the team. Two (and the brit) are killed in the bar, two get blown up, Brad and that guy from The Office escape but everyone else is MIA.

His decline was really sad.

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I feel like a lot of Spencer Reid's (Criminal Minds) storylines fizzle out. The addiction, the headaches, etc.

The mystery lives on. Maybe it was Ted Cruz.

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The Office: Who is the real Scranton Strangler?!?!

GoT doesn't need to make sense so why not?

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GoT tv spoilers

Margarey had a great ending scene where she had to explain her reasoning about Cersei's absence to the cult leader. It was one of the few times when she was open about her true nature. I really wish she had survived though. It would've been great to see her seek revenge while everyone thinks she's dead.

Maybe losing Leslie was just too much for him...

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Mark Brendanawicz from Parks and Recreation, main cast for two seasons, leaves the show, never to be seen or heard from again. He didn't change cities, just left the job. Bothers me with every re-watch.

Maybe he got eaten. Everyone should get eaten.

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Heath, from the Walking Dead.

Prior to Negans showing up, he has a bit of exposition and character development (kills his first living person), then goes on a mission in Tara. In the next season, it shows him and Tara on the mission, they're separated, Tara finds her way back to where they were separated, and he's gone, with a couple clues that suggest he's probably not dead (The RV is gone and there's a card on the ground).

That episode was the last time he showed up, and it was at the beginning of last season. Nobody's so much as said his name, since.

Also, what's the dealio with Jadis's helicopter?

He's not the only character missing resolution...

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Paulie Gualtieri from The Sopranos.

Marie lost all purpose after Hank died.

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Skyler's sister's kleptomania and pathological lying in Breaking Bad. Did they ever explain why she was like that?

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