People Divulge How Their 15-Year-Old Self Would React To The Life They're Living Now
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As teenagers, we have all sorts of ideas of what our life will be like when we grow up.

Living in our dream home, with our dream spouse and working at our dream job, essentially without a fear or care in the world.

Needless to say, life doesn't always turn out the way we expect it to.

Leading us to wonder, how would our teenage selves react to the lives we currently lead?

Redditor Jay-ay was eager to know the answer to this question, leading them to ask:

"What would your 15 year old self think about the life you are living now?"

Just Relieved I'm Still Alive!

"I'd be shocked that I was even alive."- Totallycasual

Surprised By My Profession

"'You hated school every single day of your life so far....why the hell did you become a teacher?'"

"'Wait, you've been in college for how long?!'"- Low_Lengthiness_6620

"An office job."

"Ha. Loser."- gargoylegloom

Working The Incredibles GIFGiphy

Not The Bank Account You Expected...

"'What happened to becoming rich plan?'"- SuvenPan


"Disappointment and shame."

"So much wasted potential."- Rangestalker

"What a sad bastard."- EF_A_P

Sad Episode 15 GIF by The SimpsonsGiphy

Old Habits Die Hard

“;You’re still collecting Pokémon cards?'"

"'Prove it'.”

"And I’d take back a card from childhood and a modern card to show him."

"Knowing me, I’d def believe it after that."- DiggingUpTheCorpses

Glorious Disbelief!

"Show 15-year old me a picture of my wife, and he'd think I was lying."- magnushimself

Noting But Pride

"Surprised that I’m doing everything I thought I never could."- dexZZZ

"'Hey, all things considered, not too bad'."- E_M_E_T

i'll take it tv land GIF by YoungerTVGiphy

There can't be many people who are living the exact life they had planned out for themselves when they were 15.

But whatever your 15-year-old self might think of the life you currently lead, all we can do is live in the moment.

So if you are happy with your current life, whether or not it's what you expected, that's all that matters.

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