Jeff Winger, played by Joel McHale on the NBC cult-classic "Community," once said: "What makes humans different from other animals? We're the only species on earth that observes Shark Week. Sharks don't even observe Shark Week, but we do. For the same reason I can pick up this pencil, tell you its name is Steve and go like this..." He proceeds to break the pencil in half, to the extreme horror of the study group. We associate with fictional characters, sometimes more than real people, because we see something in them that deserves our attention and and deserves our love.

This goes without saying, but, WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Reddit user, u/[usernamedeleted], wanted to hear how your heart broke when they asked:

What characters death made you cry?

When A Character Is The Manifestation Of Your Own Childhood And You Have To Let It Go...sob...


Bing Bong from Inside Out.


I watched Inside Out with my siblings recently. Stop reopening fresh wounds.


Why Did You Go To The Rope Bridge Alone?!?

Leslie from Bridge to Terabithia

im surprised no ones said this before me

kid me and even adult me cries like a b-tch evertime watching that movie


Rachel: "BETH. DIES."

Maybe it's my age, but I've scrolled through this entire thread and I recognise only a handful of the characters mentioned. I've also been struck by the lack of literary references. I've sniffled my way through many a film's ending, but the character death that really gets me every time is from a book.

It is Beth in 'Little Women' - or to be strictly correct Beth in 'Good Wives'. I first read Louisa May Alcott's series of 4 books when I was 12 or 13. The copies I read had belonged to my mum when she was that age. I was inconsolable when Beth died. I think it was because I didn't see it coming as I was young and hadn't seen or read many character deaths to this point. To this day I will cry when she dies in every version of the story (I've seen every film and TV version going) and I reread the books for a good wallow as well.

Honourable mention:

The death of DS Freya Graffham in the novel 'The Various Haunts of Men' by Susan Hill. I read a lot and this is the only time I can remember having the rug totally pulled from under my feet at the death of a character. Absolutely unexpected as she was one of the protagonists of the book. Brilliant writing.


When Your Mental Preparation Isn't Enough

Glenn' s death for the walking dead


He was my fav character but I had read spoilers for it so I had like months to mentally prepare to i braced myself and somehow did not cry.

I did cry at his fake out death a season or two before until ten min into talking dead when I realized it was a sham!


Go To The Great Valley...

Littlefoot's mom from The Land Before Time


Same! I was fine when I saw it as a kid, but as an adult? Sobbing mess every time.


Time Is A Passive Enemy

Fry's dog, Seymour.


Saddest scene in a goofy tv show. Futurama had some really good episodes and some that really hit you like a truck.


Sip A Cup Of Tea And Have A Good Cry


Not an onscreen character death, but Iroh mourning his son never fails to make me blubber like a baby.


There is so much emotional depth to that show, even for a Nickelodeon show that is 15 years old. Leaves from the vine gets me every time. And as I did more research into ATLA, I actually realised that Zuko's redemption arc reflected Iroh's, in a way, and also what Iroh wanted his son to achieve.

Although the episode "Tales of Ba Sing Se" was technically a filler, Iroh's tale was 4 minutes of pure perfection. He helped a small child, a young boy, and a young man, reflecting what he wished he could have had with Lutein before the war had taken him. Love ATLA so much.


Here's The 14th Reason

As dumb as the show can be, Justin Foley from 13 Reasons Why. He struggled with an absent mother, addiction, and homelessness. It made me cry even more when he called Clay his brother. The only family he pretty much ever had



Jenna's death from The Vampire Diaries.

Elena tried her best to keep Jenna out of the supernatural vampire world, and only in the end to be used as a sacrifice for Klaus. As I watched the scene, Jenna felt so confused and scared and I cried when Elena told her to "turn it off".


*whistling sound

Rues death in the Hunger games. She didn't deserve that pain. I also sobbed profusely at Prims death, hunger games again.

Man...Suzanne Collins really likes cutting off characters that are loved by everyone. Kind of reminds me of another famous author.


A Ride Home You'll Never Finish

Most recently, Henry Blake from MAS*H. I knew it was coming because I got into the show via ladyknightthebrave's YouTube documentary/essay, but that might have made it more potent.

The man was a mess and cheated on his wife a bunch of times, but I started crying when he hugged Radar just before getting in the chopper. He was so excited to see his wife and kids, too.


When You're Aware Of What's Going To Happen, And It STILL GETS YOU

The dad in Train to Busan


My god, I went into this movie thinking "ok it's a zombie movie, don't get attached to any characters because they're all fair game". I still was not ready


Just Point To Any Wizarding Death

Dobby's a free Elf.



Fred made me throw the book. i read it straight through the night i got it at the release, until i got to that point. i thought i had misread, so i went back and reread it, and when I realized I was so mad


He's Mary Poppins, Ya'll!

Yondu in guardians of the galaxy volume 2, the whole funeral scene is so goddamn sad


I thought his death was sad, because you can hear Peter mourn about loosing Yondu, and his last words:"He may have been your father, but he wasn't your daddy, I'm sorry I didn't do any of it right. I'm [damn] lucky you my boy."


An Arc Set Up From The Beginning

Iron man. The whole theatre cried.


it's fitting that he would be the one to close out the infinity saga. i always come back to Ho Yinsen's last words to tony in the cave: "Don't waste it. Don't waste your life."

his entire arc from that moment was defined by those words until the very end.


Here's A Few For The Road

1.) (Hamilton) Phillip Hamilton's death. Stay Alive reprise had me blubbering like a baby.

2.) (Hamilton) Alexander Hamilton's death. very sad. in Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story? just makes it worse too.

3.) (Hamilton) John Lauren's death. They didnt show it, but Lauren's interlude had everyone in the theatre crying. The fact that Alexander lost his best friend ( and quite possibly past lover 😏) is heartbreaking.

4.) (degrassi) campbell saunder's suicide. they didn't show it for obvious reasons, but its quite heartbreaking how we can see the buildup of depression and anxiety and other events that led up to it. one of his mental breakdowns, the one he had in front of Ali tore me into pieces. very sad.

5.) (dragon ball z) Son Goku's second death. It's a hard episode for everybody.

6.) (assassination classroom) Koro Sensei's death. again, hard episode for everyone. assassination classroom gets a bittersweet ending. the kids finally reached their goal, but in order to achieve it and save the world, they lost their lifelong friend and mentor. Very sad.


Great, Now We're All Crying


Carl's wife, Ellie, in the opening scene from Up.


Their whole lives, it was just them, taking on the world together. Through good times and bad. They were so excited for a baby, but Ellie miscarried and was left sterile. They kept saving up to go to Paradise Falls, but life kept getting in the way. When Carl eventually gets around to buying plane tickets, she falls ill and dies. He then sits there by her casket in the very same church they were married so many years ago. Carl becomes embittered and lonely. What else do you do when you lose your other half? When you lose the one and only important person in your life?

But then years later, he finally looks into Ellie's adventure book that she had given him before her passing. Chronologically telling their story together. From the founding of their club that started it all, all the way up until their last moments together. And there, on the last page, in Ellie's handwriting is a message. "Thanks for the adventure - now go have a new one! Love, Ellie" He gave her more than a childhood promise of exploration, because you don't need to travel the world when the world is right there by your side. But she wanted him to move on and find happiness again, even if that didn't include her.

F-ck, my eyes are leaking.


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