Finding a healthy work/life balance is extremely difficult.

Depending on their jobs, some people are barely home in time to spend any quality time with their loved ones, and weekends are hardly relaxing, as they are often devoted to chores and errands.

These are only a few reasons many people have pushed to adopt four day work weeks.

And while there seem to be multiple advantages to one's mental health and self-esteem, could eliminating 8 hours of work possibly have any downsides to it?

Redditorupvoteifurgey was curious to hear how people really felt about the possibility of a four day work week, leading them to ask:
"How do you feel about a 4 day work week?"

Improve Mental Health

"Working a 5 day work week just makes life seem so much more pointless."

"By the time I get the other things I need to do, grocery shopping, appointments, etc., done, it's Sunday night."

"A 4 day work week might give me time to play the piano I bought to combat depression."- IHateCarShopping123

It Works, As Long As You Go All Or Nothing...

"My employer gives us every other Friday off."

"We work 80 hours over 9 days (M-F, M-Th)."

"It’s really helpful to have those Fridays to schedule appointments, and I have less desire to burn PTO throughout the year just to take a much-needed Friday off."

"Through the end of October, I had only used 2.5 PTO hours for the year, mostly for doctor’s visit.

"The only real downside is that on the Fridays that we do work, nobody wants to do anything."- MuppetHolocaust

No Downside Whatsoever

"My company switched to 4 10 hour days."

"We are diesel technicians and work 7-5:30."

"Half of us work Monday through Thursday and the other half work Tuesday through Friday."

"We have did this for over two years and we all love it."

"It is so nice to have a three day weekend every week."

"Another thing about it that is nice is if you doctors appointment or something I can make it on a Monday and don’t have to miss any work."

"Plus I forgot to mention having a two month this helps out a ton."

"More time for me to be with my wife and daughter."

"And if there is a lot to do I can just come in on Monday and boom 10 hours of overtime."- skatermofo101

Working For The WeekendGiphy

But Would You Hate Tuesdays?...

"I would probably hate Mondays less."- tonksdc

So Much More Time To Devote To House And Home!

"Life would be that much better."

"I would have somewhere around 50 extra days a year to do all the yard work and home projects that I don't want to spend all weekend doing."- forman98

Yet It Still Hasn't Caught On?

"They talked about this in the 70s."

"Yay everyone said."

"My dad did it."

"He worked 4 12+ hr days and took off Friday."

"Everyone else was like, if I work the 12 hrs the 4 days plus another 12, I can make even more money!"

"Yay!"- implodemode

Excited Jonah Hill GIF by MOODMANGiphy

Show Me The Money!

"Provided there's no drop in salary, f*cking brilliant."- PM_ME_CURVES_OR_TOES

A Weekend Could Actually Feel Like A Weekend!

"I would gladly work 4 ten hour days to have an extra day off."

"2 day weekends are too short."

"They’re gone just as soon as you start to feel comfortable."- witdaSlime

When companies and organizations were forced to regroup and restructure when the global pandemic first hit in March of 2020, several companies also took the opportunity to re-evaluate their operations in the long term.

With all the evidence suggesting an overall improvement to everyone's mental and physical well-being that a four day work week provides, one can only hope it becomes more commonplace with each passing year.

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