Why not?

That's the base question we can start from. "Why not?" There doesn't seem to be any good reason why some magical pill or metal rod we shove in our arms doesn't already exist in some capacity, but that's facts. Male birth control, on the same level as female birth control, is not a thing.

Surgically, there are options, sure. But ask any man under 40 to get the procedure done and you would not believe the swiftness of which they'll change the subject.

People have a lot of thoughts on this. Let's listen.

Reddit user, Leo_Vandrare, wanted to know what it would take for this happen when they asked:

"What do you think about Male Birth Control pills?"

Right off the bat, you would think this would be something everyone universally wants. A safe way to control who is and is not getting pregnant would make people's lives a whole lot easier, after all.

Apt Analogy

"If they work and are safe then why not?"


"i mean it makes more sense to empty the clip than wear a vest, right?"


Basic Answer: Definitely

"I think that having a male pill would be fantastic, been hoping to be able to get them for years now and i definitely will be when/if they're approved."


"No birth control method (other than abstinence) is 100% effective, so I don't think it's fair to call it a certainty. But to have the human error factor in your own control rather than having to trust another person to take a pill at the same time every day would certainly help."


Snip, Snap, Snip, Snap

"Yes please. Gimme gimme!!"


"I like the idea as well"

"You have no idea the physical toll, that three vasectomies have on a person"


While this is a heavy topic with no right or wrong side, it's definitely okay to have some fun.

You Are NOT The Father!



"This is going to happen plenty lol"


"I can already see Maury salivating"


Get Marketing On The Phone!

"Should name them Plan C(emen)"


I Want The One Shaped Like A Power Ranger

"ONLY if they're in fun fruit snack shapes."


"Now now Billy, no PIV until you take your Willy Wonka's Wadstoppers"


The debate will go on, and the science will catch up when it catches up, for now though it seems like this is something we can consider a home run.

Magic the Gathering Is A Completely Different Story

"That would be great but in the meantime I'll just use my collection of Yu-Gi-Oh cards. It's still 100% effective anyway."


"This right here. I invited my fiancé to bed last night for some fun before I went to sleep and instead he stayed up until 2am playing Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel with his buddy." 🤦🏼♀️


It's A Trickier Topic Than You Might Think

"Honestly as a female, I wouldn’t trust them. It’s not the man that has to carry the baby if something messes up. It’s a great sentiment but overall (and especially in our current political landscape), the only one paying for f**k ups is gonna be the pregnant one."


"In the situation where a woman can't take them herself for whatever reason it'd be nice for her partner to have the option. Like I dunno if I'd trust a random dude but if it was your partner who's doing it to help you that's a whole different thing"


It's All About Control

"Give. Now."

"I got two kids, man. And I know. We are very blessed that we are compatible, healthy, and fertile enough to not have difficulty bearing children."

"That being said. We’re two for two, dammit. And we weren’t even really trying. I’m tired of my spec ops semen c4’ing their way into existence at every damn opportunity. We’re both so done with the new born baby stage so in an effort to maintain status quo my wife’s pleasure palace has been transformed into a wartime bunker. Fml."


"It's gives you more control. Why would you want to risk it by relying on the other person to take bc? What if they.miss a day or want to trap you with a baby?"


It's really the responsibility of both parties to protect themselves in any kind of sexual conduct. Whether or not the magical pill comes around for men, they should already be taking precautions to safeguard themselves, along with their partners.

Still, it's fun to dream about the future.

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