People Break Down Which Things Feel Like Torture But Aren't
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I know we're a culture full of over the top whiners.

We love to go on and on about all the things that bother us.

And all of the life impediments that stand in the way of our happiness.

But we need to dial it down a notch.

There is a difference between actual bodily harm and an inconvenience.

Redditorseesnawsnappywanted to mull over what aspects of life make us feel like actual pain but maybe we're exaggerating. They asked:

"What isn't torture but feels like it?"

I hated waiting tables. You have no idea the actual torture, ok not actual, but misery one must endure.

Dial Up

Spongebob Squarepants Internet GIFGiphy

"Slow internet."


"Slow internet : pretty salty"

"Connected but no internet : a n g r y"


Out of the Way!

"Traffic when you’re already late."


"Being stuck in traffic, and having a poop locked and loaded in the chamber. Stupid drivers wrecking all the time and having me prairie doggin' for an extra hour."


"Worst part for me is I don't have to poop until Im stuck in the car i get the urge before I leave and I try to go and it doesn't happen but when I'm the car without a bathroom within 50 miles it's like I've taken a laxative it's so terrible."



"Food delivery being over the estimated time."


"Or when the time keeps getting extended further and further and further and you have a 6 AM flight the next morning and then you check and it turns out the restaurant closed 2.5 hours ago but Doordash still says that a Dasher was waiting for an order and you have to give up and have sleep for dinner."


Midday Blues

"Having a 230 appointment the whole day is ruined."


"I had one of those today! It was the only appt available this week, and fell right in the middle of an 8 hour shift. So I left and took my cat to the vet, brought her home, and went back to work. Honestly, not nearly as bad as if it was scheduled on an off day. Lucky to have a boss that understands pet needs, too."



Kids Running GIF by PinkfongGiphy

"Baby Shark… Never mind that is torture."


If I hear that song again... I can't even think about it.

Swollen Glands

Sore Throat Radang GIF by K Health | Digital Primary CareGiphy

"I caught strep for the first time in my early twenties when working at a daycare/preschool, and it actually was torture. My throat was so swollen it felt like I was swallowing glass and every time I tried to swallow I couldn't really get all my saliva to go down so I was pretty sure I was just going to drown in my own spit."


It's Lost

"When you lose 5g and it kicks you back down to 4 and it won’t load a webpage even though 2 years ago it would’ve had it up in 2 seconds."


"Long story short with physics, it’s frequency vs power. Then providers think they need to upgrade some parts but not others. There’s a reason, but it’s a stupid reason."


"This makes me furious. How in the hell is having only 4g as slow as when we didn't have 4g at all years ago? Ridiculous."



"Being on one of those slow-moving people movers and stuck behind someone who is just standing there instead of walking."


"I yelled 'get out of the way' this morning to a guy that was walking slow when a car was behind him and I need to get to where the car was coming from."



"Waiting at the doctor's office. (USA). They have the audacity to charge you a fee for being late and calling it a 'no-show' but damned if I've ever been to a 2pm appointment that actually began earlier than 2:30-2:45."


"45 minutes is ok, in France we don't pay for doctors but it's possible to wait 2 or 3h after the original time of appointment."


"I remember having regular appointments for physical therapy that never started on time. The magazines in the waiting room were crap, so I started bringing a really long novel with me."



Comedy Central Advertising GIF by South ParkGiphy

"Watching 2 unskippable 30 second ads, it's only a minute but it feels like an eternity."


Well there are worse things in life. We do whine a lot.

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