Fed Up People Reveal What Everyone Else Takes Too Seriously

Fed Up People Reveal What Everyone Else Takes Too Seriously

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Ok y'all sit down, take a breath and slow your roll. THAT should be our life mantra! In this day and age none of us can seem to escape the finite severity of life we all seem to be imposing on one another and ourselves. It feels like nobody has a sense of humor anymore. And nobody even feels like know how to have a good time. Everything little thing is so damn serious. As i write this I realize... my words are so damn serious! Or is it passion?

Redditor _u/rachid-web asked the world What do people take entirely too seriously? How many hours have you got for reading today?


The cringy or awful things they did when they were teenagers. Short of something truly obscene people are way too hard on themselves.


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I read this a few years ago, and it's stuck with me, so I'll share it here. Credit to u/soomuchcoffee for initially writing it.

"The crappy truth is that the upper, say, 5% of every fanbase is insufferable. Basically without variance. There's a guy out there that has like, broccoli t-shirts, broccoli posters, he has a broccoli key chain. And if you're like "Dude, I love broccoli too" he'd say you had no idea what you were talking about. You like broccolini? What about broccoli rabe? I bet you've never even SEEN Chinese broccoli! I eat broccoli with every meal, I can make it 213 different ways, I have a broccoli garden in my back yard.

That's the upper 5% of every interest group. I have no idea why people do this, or how they've convinced themselves this suffices for an identity, but that seems to be the idea.

So, virtually everything has people out there that take it too seriously.


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Music. You don't have to know the band's member history and their birthdays and medical history to be a fan, that's creepy! Who's to say who is a "real fan" or a "poser?"

You don't have to like EVERY song. If you like their music, cool. If you only like a few songs, cool. If you only use the chorus of their most popular song as a ringtone, cool. And if you know the band and their members inside and out, creepy but cool.


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My view is that we only have one life, and it can be mercilessly short. So you really have a choice; spend your limited time on this planet being ANGRY and OFFENDED most of the time, OR you can choose just to shrug everything off and look for the best in everything. Which do you honestly think will make you happier?

It's sounds naive, like one of those cliched "inspirational" Facebook posts, but really it's true. Try not to get upset by things you can't directly control and have the ability to laugh in the face of adversity.


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Don't become a lawyer. You'll be swimming with people who take themselves too seriously. The profession wouldn't be so terrible otherwise.


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Oh, some random stranger online that I'll most likely never meet or encounter again doesn't like something that I like? He has an opinion that clashes with one of mine?

What's that? You say just ignore and move on, or block the user and move on if I really don't want to see their posts? F**k that! Lets demonize the heretic, call them every name in the book and act like they killed my puppy! They didn't agree with me!!!!


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I'm often conflicted about this. I believe I'm a fun guy to be with and I really like to socialize. But there are some things which really piss me off : like cleanliness and people being on time . I sometimes get really worked up when people are late, that it ruins my mood to the point of not wanting to meet them. I'm conflicted because I think I take my rules too seriously and don't know whether I should take it easy, or it's ok to be mad cause people should respect others time.

So many times I'll let things go, but I feel built cause I just did it it to appear 'chill' when in fact it does really bother me.

I feel like I sometimes unnecessarily create drama because of this. Some friends honestly don't care if someone is late. Does that make me too stuck up ? Do I need to be more flexible in my attitude?


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So for example if I slipped over and didn't hurt myself but somebody laughed at me falling over, my initial reaction is to be quite annoyed (because I'm self conscious) at them. But what you're saying is I should laugh with them at how silly I made myself look?


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I was told by someone to never take anything too seriously. You never take it seriously, you never get hurt. You never get hurt, you always have fun. And if you ever get lonely, you just got down to the record store and visit your friends.


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This is something I've learned to do over the past year, especially last summer. I spent a good amount of my summer hanging out with one friend who had a tendency to tease me about things. We would go back and forth jokingly making fun of each other. It never reached a point that was hurtful or mean. It really helped me learn to laugh at myself when I said or did something stupid.


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One of the best things I did was come to terms with the fact that I'm not special. Very few people, in the grand scheme of things, care about me.

That's not depressing. That means that if I sing off key karaoke, I'm just that chick that sang off key karaoke. If I make some fashion mistakes, what the hell, who will even remember? Go do something stupid in front of my coworkers? Sure, why not? Goof up on a presentation, no one cares.

My in-laws are the world's worst narcissists. If something bad happens to them - like someone forgets their food order, or they get cut off in traffic - it's because someone is trying to piss them off. They are so miserable all the time because they're always looking for ways the world hates them instead of accepting that suck is sometimes just part of life.


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But HOW do you stop taking yourself too seriously? When I was a kid, I was the class clown. Then, I joined the Marine Corps right after high school and when I got back, everyone said I had changed, that I had become a very serious person. I'm aware that I take myself too seriously, and I'd love to change that and be a happier person, but I have no idea how to _"let go." _Any and all advice is so very greatly appreciated, you have no idea.


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It took me a long, long time to change my nature from highly self-conscious and people-pleasing to just chilling the hell out, and though my situation in general is worse than it was back then, I'm considerably happier. It's all in the perspective; all you have are moments, and every moment spent taking yourself too seriously or hating yourself or whatever is a moment of potential happiness that you have robbed yourself of.


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One thing that shocks me is the ferocity from people in their late 20s early 30s of how much they hate stuff that is blatantly aimed at kids, not them.

I see all the time how people my age are amazed and shocked that Nickelodeon isn't showing the same cartoons from the mid-90s or that video games today suck. For some kid, Minecraft means as much to them as Super Mario did to you. So just relax. Your childhood games aren't going anywhere.


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Social Media. I accept a level of irony that I am calling out social media WHILE on a social media platform, but too many people lose their minds in the cyber world and forget the REAL world is so much better.


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"Deep meanings" in little things. I've witnessed many people reading too much into things, like a little joke or when a girl touches them and they suddenly suspect the girl of wanting to marry and have kids with them.


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The type of phone other people have.


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When a celebrity gives their opinion about anything.


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Kids' sporting events. Your son is 5, Janet. There's no need to start fights with the coach and other moms.

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