Once you get a pet peeve, it can be a hard thing to shake-no matter how beloved your pet peeve is in the public eye.

Reddit user Loisdenominator wanted to know:

What's something everyone loves that you secretly find overrated?

Here are some of the impassioned answers she received.


The Walking Dead.

Everybody kept telling me how great it was so I finally started watching it. After the first season, it became a chore to watch the show. I didnt like any characters and it seemed to be the same stuff over and over again. I made it to season 4, then finally gave up. My cousin keeps telling me the show gets better, but Im not willing to find out. Theres so much great TV out there. I know Im in the minority, but...its not for me. Jpeevo


Just now, at age 26 coming to terms with how bad my skin has become due to tanning. I lived in tanning beds in high school and laid out for hours upon hours in the sun during the summer up until last year. I have forehead/eye wrinkles, tons of age/sun spots and a few questionable moles.

Its not worth it people! Yes Im pale as hell and the struggle is still real not to want to tan because I feel prettier with a tan. But the damage is showing up very fast. LoZwanKenobi


Caffeination Station


I bought one for my SO, and I hate buying the pods all the time (not much space for bulk storage) and I wound up just using a refillable pod. It would be easier to just have a regular coffee pot, but my SO loves using the pods still. Oh well, she's happy so the extra work is worth it. Cpt_Murrica

Trashy Trashy

Shabby chic. I used to like that vintage and up-cycled look, but now that it has become mainstream faux-vintage is everywhere and it's tacky as hell! It's the same with kitschy styles too. Owls, mustaches, old tea sets, flamingos, unicorns etc. are not cute and quirky anymore because they're f***ing everywhere! And it doesn't make you quirky either! HMCetc


Paint The Town Red

F***ing clubbing or going out to bars. Its so expensive, and loud, and there are soooo many weirdos. I have so much more fun drinking with a handful of friends at home. MissMilenko1031

Real Art

A pretty popular thing around here for girls seems to be paint night. You pay $45, you drink and someone shows you how to paint the same painting as everyone else. It's super expensive for something that seems so pointless to me. I'd rather go to a friend's house, get some dollar store paint supplies and get trashed watching Bob Ross. Seems more entertaining and not as expensive.  TurtleGloves


X-Men Discrepancy

So now doctor X is in a wheelchair, the next movie he's walking, and the movie after that he's in a wheelchair again.

In this flashback he's walking , but in the other flashback which happened before the other he's in a wheelchair.

They tried to fix it in the prequels, but it only made it more confusing.

So in this movie he end up in a wheelchair, but in the prequel sequel he's walking again, because his friend created these Meds that makes you walk again, but these Meds disable your mutation, so he decides to stop taking them and goes back to the wheelchair. Is_it_the_right_post

Drink, Drank, Drunk


When I'm drunk I feel like an idiot and only want to be sober. When people are drunk around me I get extremely annoyed and want them to leave. interruptinglayman

Silly Traditions

Ugly sweaters...I mean I get why it was awesome the first time it happened like 6 years ago when you had to go get people's actual sweaters in thrift stores or your grandma's closet. But now they even make sweaters ugly on purpose and they are sold at Walmart. Where's the joke? The old ladies buying the sweaters don't get that the joke was actually originally about their actual choice of real sweaters to begin with for Christ sakes. Are they really funny anymore? No. They aren't. You can't tell the same joke again and again and again. You've got to know when to let go of something. SunnyDrago


Om Nom

Buffalo Wild Wings. Their wings are always dry and overpriced. Wingstop is the way to go. DarthDoobz

Call The Dentist

As a southerner, I don't understand how people enjoy sweet tea so much. It hurts my teeth just thinking about it. PatientFM

The Little Things You Do Together

Having children, my SO and I have been together for 13 years and decided together that children were not something we wanted in our lives. The backlash from friends and family was ridiculous and still makes me angry. Zaber_fang

For Mandalore

Boba Fett. He was f***ing useless, did nothing except screw up, and started as a stupid kid who didn't know what he was doing. Then he just ended up becoming a terrorist. He didn't even have much screentime. The only reason anyone liked him is 'cause of his ruined Mandalorian armour. I'll never understand anyone who likes Boba Fett. V1bration


He'll Treat You Right


I live in Toronto. I love and appreciate what hes done for the citys image and all the love he promotes for it. But... I dont understand his music at all. It is hands down the most boring, uninspired sh*t Ive heard in a decade. I like the vulnerability of his lyrics, but the actual music aspect of it is just soooooooo boring. hemingward

Ah, Paris!

There is actually an entire mental illness surrounding Paris in Japan. Japanese tourists travel to Paris, this idealized city of love and art, and then they meet the people of France and go into a deep depression. Link for Interested Partiesshadoxalon

The Happiest Place On Earth

Disneyland....stand in line for hours, pay too much for everything, crowded, and most of all FAKE. Give me the ocean, the mountains, a babbling creek or explore REAL places you have never been before. sheba60


Weddings. We're currently planning ours, and slowly realizing just how much unnecessary shit people pay for just because they're told that it must be part of a wedding. eliechallita


Get Rich Or Die Trying

People who are famous for absolutely no other reason than being filthy rich. ArkayneOne


My house is full of owls. Which, isnt necessarily a bad thing. I like owls. But it started out with me buying myself some household items that were woodland creatures themed. Foxes, raccoons, owls, etc. Well, my mom and grandma got it in my head that I LOVED owls and now everything they buy me is owl themed. Last month my step-daughter decided to sit in one spot in our house and count how many owls she could see without moving. I think it was like 26 or something? caseylizbeth

Alexa Drama

You know I heard a poster a while back say something like this:

"Once, we freaked out about wiretaps and it became a national scandal.

Nowadays we ask the wiretap to add milk to the grocery list and what weather it's gonna be today."

If you listen to the Alexa ad, they literally claim as a selling point that it is always listening, always on, and can hear and listen to you from almost any direction at any volume. That sh*t's creepy. 1Pwnage