Wasting money on food when we absolutely have food in the house is like a national pastime over here. But I'm not the only one with little-to-no control when it comes to blowing money on something dumb.

So let's talk about it so I feel better about the quesadillas I'm about to order knowing darn well I have tortillas and could make one myself! One Reddit user asked:

What's your favourite thing to waste money on?

And yeah. We are our own worst enemies.

Puppy Love

the messengers cute dog GIF Giphy

Sounds lame, but my dog. She is a rescue and was very sick, malnourished (GSD with 19 kg, she could barely walk) and was horribly neglected. She was kept in a small kennel outside all her life, from being a puppy until she was 4 years old.

We instantly clicked when we met and we adopted her. She is the kindest, most loving dog I've ever met, I'm so glad we've decided to give her a chance and work with her. And to spoil her rotten.

- pleasantlydisturbed

Spoil that pup! Spoil all the pups! Mine gets spoilt rotten as does my brothers dog (spoilt by me that is) we regularly send each other's dogs those surprise boxes. Thank you for giving this good pup a great home, I'm sure she loves you so so much!

- SpongecakeandSpoons

Happy Hubby

My husband - I buy him little things all the time that make me think of him. It's nothing he needs and usually quite silly but I love seeing him smile so worth it to me.

It is really silly small things usually tied to something he says or inside jokes like a screaming goat for his desk or a groot pencil holder. The last two things I bought were conversion prompts cards for couples (like Q&A deck of cards) so I'll just pop around the corner and read one off to him give him 15 seconds to answer then resume our day.

We're dorks and it makes us laugh...and the second to last thing was a tiny lego pirate ship because we both def participate in national talk like a pirate day :D

- AZBusyBee

Taco Bell Is Angering Their Fans

Fast food.

It was Taco bell for a long time. But no, they had to get rid of the potatoes. Im not angry or anything. I just really liked their loaded potato grillers.

But since they got rid of the potatoes. It has to be McDonald's, or mayhaps subway.

- BuckingWilde

It's been years and I'm still mad they got rid of my Volcano Burrito. It was so good :( . It's still a good menu but I don't eat there much anymore either.

- NewSkirt4

Oh man, this was me for far too long. I used to waste so much money there, but they really did get rid of everything I liked from the dollar menu.

- bene_est11

Books On Books 

I have a bad habit of buying books and never reading them so that can literally be a least its always there if I get around to it! Like I think I've had Dune for years now and haven't even opened it. good thing they delayed the movie like a whole damn year so maybe I can finish it before then lol

- NewSkirt4

I am so much the same. I have books I bought 10 years ago that looked neat and still have not read them. And I will turn around and borrow library books instead

- Book_Dragon_Hoard

Stop Lying To Myself

Trader Joe's. I told the cashier this last time, and he told me I need to stop lying to myself about how much I'm going to spend there.

- North_Hollywood_Hunk

Same! They always have great snacks and food. The sweets everywhere right now are so tempting.

- reddroidbluedroid

Coffee Cravings

Snow White Coffee GIF Giphy

Apparently a grande Nitro Cold Brew with Sweet Cream from Starbucks for $5.25 a pop. It adds up fast.

- Wander-The-Earth

I know everyone loves to sh*t on Starbucks but it's my guilty pleasure.

- avocadosareawesome

Iced coffee. I think I need it every time I leave my house

- technicalparsnips593

Me Time

Bath bombs.

Taking baths has been my only "me time" break from my husband and toddler during quarantine, which is when I started appreciating "wasting money" on those, bubble bath, candles, etc.

- barnettjm2

Art Addict

I absolutely love commissioning artists. Mostly I find them on Flight Rising. But Instagram is also a great go to, I also commissioned people off Etsy.

I create art for a living and love supporting others who do too.

- phoxdraw

As an artist I don't think this is waste lol, thank you for supporting us it means a lot <3

I draw mainly anime illustrations and chara design, but thanks to art college I got to learn many different forms of art, from fashion design to architecture and of course graphic design (:

Even doing all that, it's hard to make it through tough times.

- Shizuko-Akatsuki

One Mistake

Online games. I have used around 4000€ on league of legends

What can I say, skins are just pretty. I'm not proud of it myself. I was a stupid kid and had a descent paying job and nothing else to pay for really, so ended up using my salary on games. Then I used most of my saving on games over the years too.

Now I'm broke.

If there was one mistake I could undo it would be that.

- The_lightfairy

I used to spend and spend on league of legends, too. $35 here, $50 there. I eventually stopped playing but not before I had spent over $600.

- JBrennon


Obnoxious presents. I gave my friends kid the loudest toy I could find, a windup police motorcycle that always plays the siren when it moves. It's stupid loud and annoying. They hated it and I just kept laughing as they told me how they took away the batteries when he woke up at 6 on Sunday to play with it.

I also planned on getting another friend's daughter a giant size teddy bear and was hoping to give to her in person, but quarantine... maybe next year.

- wrcker

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