People Share Their All-Time Favorite TV Sitcom Couples

Among the many reasons people watch, and rewatch, sitcoms is to imagine your life was more like the one you were watching.

Being able to afford a two-bedroom apartment in Greenwich Village on a line cook's salary, somehow always having the comfortable sofa available at your favorite coffee shop whenever you pop in, or having your best friends always available at your beck and call whenever you need them.

For the romantics, however, it's wishing you could have a romance like you've seen on television.

True not all sitcom romances are exactly the sort that makes you go all aflutter (Were Ross and Rachel actually on a break? And don't even get me started about Ted and Robin.)

Other sitcom couples are so captivating, though, that we would have given anything to be at their wedding... or at the very least go to their home for dinner every Friday.

And this includes plutonic couples, as there is nothing more heartwarming than a lasting friendship.

Redditor kea32 was curious to hear who people considered the best sitcom couples, both romantic and plutonic, of all time, leading them to ask:
"What is the best couple in sitcom history?"

Creating An Even More Welcoming Community

"Troy and Abed. A couple of friends."- aghzombies

"They did grace the cover of Best Friends Weekly."- DwightsEgo

Sorry Amy...

"Peralta and Doug Judy."- DavosLostFingers

"Reunited and it feels so good 🎶."- Ghostenx

"PSYCH"!... No, Seriously...

"Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster."- dazedcap

"'I'm Black, he's Tan'."- CrueGuyRob

Shawn Spencer What GIFGiphy

"Snap, Snap."

"The correct answer is Gomez and Morticia Addams."- Reddit

"They loved each other dearly. "

"They were completely enamored with each other, spent time with their kids, their family."

"Accepted everyone as they were."

"It wasn't til I was an adult That I realized married couples weren't meant to hate each other."

"My mother had many partners in my childhood, she's toxic and things were always chaotic."

"And watching 90s sitcoms, I thought married people were meant to hate each other, and I always wondered what the point was."- MissMurder8666

Overshadowed By Their Middle Child...

"Hal and Lois."- MrRocketman999

"As a husband, I don't think I can live up to Hal."

"He sort of sets a really high standard lol."

"He loves her like they are still in the honeymoon phase."

"So infatuated with her lol."- treathugger

A Better Couple? Many Would Say, "Knope"...

"Ben and Leslie."

"I' love you and I like you.'"

"Simple line, yet so powerful."- Radkeyoo

Amy Poehler Ben GIF by Parks and RecreationGiphy

"Gruesome", But Adorable

"Frank and Charlie from Always Sunny in Philadelphia."

"The gruesome twosome."- Herr_Poopypants

The Parents Everyone Wished Were Theirs...

"Bob and Linda from 'Bobs burgers'."- shashybaws

"All of the Belchers have such great relationships with each other. "

"They're wholly accepting and supportive (even if they disagree)."

"They really love each other, and it shows."- SummerOfMayhem

UK Version Only, Of Course...

"Moss and Roy (The IT Crowd)."- pentapotamia

"'I'm your wife, Roy!'"- Summerof5ft6andahalf

"'If anything, I’m the husband!'"- pentapotamia

it crowd chris odowd GIFGiphy

Afterlife Be Damned... Or not, Actually...

"Eleanor and Chidi from 'The Good Place.'"

"How can you beat two deeply flawed people who together make each other better over and over again?"- hotbimess

Ruining All Food For Viewers, One Food Group At A Time...

"The only correct answer is - Scully and Hitchcock."- Prestigious-Net-2236

"Back off! It's our microwave! Ours! GRRRRRRR!"- Lvcivs2311

Nostalgic And Wonderful

"Kitty and Red from That 70s/90s Show."- saginator5000

"I like how Red on the surface seems like a mean parent who doesn’t let his kids have fun."

"But he’s watching out for his kids."

"And he’s a good man."

"He has a hard and stressful time supporting his family and he is grumpy sometimes but he would do anything for his family and he really loves them."

"What he does for Hyde is amazing."

"He just doesn’t put up with BS."- themanfromvulcan

Mothers Day Woman GIF by LaffGiphy

It Seems Everyone Is Better With Turk At Their Side

"Turk and Carla."

"Or Turk and JD. (Scrubs)."- JCBAwesomist

"Turk and JD all the way."- nunyabidnez76

Can't We Get Back What We Once Had?...

"Homer and Marge had a lot of beautiful moments back in the older seasons."

"Sadly, seasonal rot has ruined a lot of that."

"I miss a lot of how the characters used to be."

"Like, Homer was an oaf and a brute, but he loved his family immensely and deeply and would (and DID) do any and everything for them."

"He'd catch details like in that episode about the streetcar play that you wouldn't think he would."

"He gave up beer for a month for Marge and we got to see that, for him, it wasn't just a minor thing."

'Lisa might have been intelligent but she not only had ample 'dumb/shallow' moments, she also was very close to Bart and, likewise, Bart was close to her."

"He might struggle in school but he also showed he wasn't dumb either."- Snowtwo

homer simpson love GIFGiphy

Be they married in the first episode or on and off again for an insufferable amount of time (looking at you, Jeanine and Gregory in Abbott Elementry!), sitcom couples give us people to root for and fill our own hearts with hope.

So much so that we don't mind following the arc of their love stories over and over again.

And yes, the episode where David meets Patrick's parents remains a tearjerker, no matter how many times you watch it.

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