Favorite Go-To 'I Don't Want To Cook' Meals

Favorite Go-To 'I Don't Want To Cook' Meals

At the end of a long work day, many of us can't be bothered with the daunting task of cooking.

While ordering out every night is not a financial viability for most of us, what else is there to eat that doesn't always involve nuking a frozen dinner entree?

It turns out there are plenty of options on our home menu.

Curious to hear what some of those might be, Redditor AdamIsAnAlias asked:

"What is your go-to 'I don’t want to cook' meal?"

Chances are, your fridge has enough ingredients to throw together a surprisingly tasty, quick meal.

Wrap It Up

"Throw sum sh*t into a tortilla wrap it up and eat."

– NebraskaIsntRealu

Dinner In One Hand

"When I have tortillas in the house, this is the answer every time. Chicken patties and salsa? Beef and broccoli noodles? Leftover chili and chips? Why not put it in a wrap?"

– Panda_Satan

When all else fails, throw these in a bowl.

Convenient All Day

"There's never a wrong time of day for Cereal."

– Zoelings

Life Saver

"When I was in high school and dealing with seasonal depression, cereal was basically the only reason I survived, lol. Morning, afternoon, 2 am...cereal was always there."


Add It To Ramen

"I felt really clever the day I realized I could cut a green onion into the pot with a pair of scissors and not bother with a knife and cutting board 😅"

– aoeuismyhomekeys

Add A Little Kick

"Yes ramen any way as long as you have some 🌶"

– Stuffzenuffs

Going Fusion

"I like a thai twist on ramen."

"Drain most of the water then add the seasoning packet, a spoonful of peanut butter and curry powder to taste. Mmmm."

– debbieae

Basic And Nourishing

"Pasta or soup."

– EeJoannaGee

Ingredients From A Favorite Grocer

"Trader Joe’s . Box of their tomato soup, frozen gnocchi,and a bag of spinach."

"Heat soup, add gnocchi, cook for 6-8 min, add spinach. Done!"

– fledbum

When you don't have the time.

Cheap Like Fancy

"Uncle bens 90 second rice topped with a can of chili. I’ll even melt some cheese and/or add minced onion if I’m feeling fancy."

"Although this was more of a poverty meal and less of a I don’t feel like cooking meal."

– Fizzbytch

A Classic

"PB&J sammy."

– BookMonger101

I always have rice in my rice cooker so that every time I don't feel like cooking, I can just scoop out some rice and top it with egg and natto.

What's natto, you say? Well, they are fermented soybeans that are considered a super food in Japan. They have a foul odor and it is an acquired taste.

But they're packed with protein, fiber, and probiotics and are extremely beneficial for your heart, bones, and immune system.

I stock up on them whenever I hit the local Asian market and it involves no preparation at all for consuming.

Try it. You may have to pinch your nose while you eat it to mute out the intense nutty flavor, but your body will thank you.

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