Fathers Reveal Which Of Their Daughter's Boyfriends Was Their Favorite


What about Bobby.... I liked him...

Meeting the parents is one of the most daunting tasks any significant other will experience in life, just ask Ben Stiller and Robert DeNiro. Dads are especially nerve wracking when it pertains to their daughters. But sometimes those young lads find themselves spared when they bond with dad and now THEY are dad's new favorite child.

Redditor u/BranchyTheTree wanted to hear from the dads of Reddit discussing their children's romantic choices... Dads with daughters, which was your favorite boyfriend your daughter dated, and what made him stand out?

If you don't take him, I will! 


I'm the daughter here, and I was going to ask my dad... but I know his answer already. When my now-husband came to pick me up for our second date, my dad was out in the garage so my husband introduced himself, they chatted and hung out together for just a few minutes before I realized he was there to pick me up. When I got home that night, my dad was still up and asked me how it went and what I thought of the guy... I told him ya know whatever it was a second date he's nice blah blah and my dad says, "well, don't screw it up, because if I have any say in it, you're gonna marry him." mrscorle

But we were gonna eat ice cream...

Ah man, the first guy my daughter brought over was actually a boy-friend rather than boyfriend and we got along so well. We shared the same passion for cars and ice cream and at a point, I was more excited to see him than my daughter. Sadly, he went to different college and now I work on cars alone while eating Orange Pineapple Ice cream. bliss19

Friends Forever...

I have three daughters and one son. My oldest daughter is 14, she's a good kid and I hope she makes the right choice when she decides to start a relationship, as long as the dude loves and respects her I'll be more than happy to welcome him into our family.

My youngest daughter on the other hand is 6 yo and has had a 'boyfriend' for two years or so now. The little dude in question is my friend's son, they're the same age, go to school together and have played together since they were babies pretty much. They're best friends and two years ago they decided they are boyfriend and girlfriend. If they don't see each other for a few days, like now during the holidays, they ask to call each other on the phone and their conversations are the cutest thing in the world. The boy is great, but what can I say, he takes after his dad, who is one of my best friends. dmt_burrito

Just fix something....

I'm the daughter, but my Dad was super confrontational with any of my guy friends and the idea of me dating. So, in my early twenties my best friend and I decided to stop lying to each other and admit we were in love. My Dad was really upset about the idea of us dating and moving in together. One day he came over ( I was living with my parents while student teaching) he used the bathroom and noticed the toilet was leaking and fixed it. From then on he was the perfect man in my Dad's eyes. He is still called to fix things 15 years later. Pro life tip, find yourself a handy man and everyone will love him. rm8ty

Call me grandpa....


My eldest daughter dates an awesome guy. We were waiting on the platform for the train to come. She makes some smart a** comment to him challenging his commitment to do anything to impress her. His response is, "I'll carry you on my shoulders around this entire platform" (100 yards long). Next thing I know this much shorter dude is full on sprinting around the Halsted stop with my much taller daughter on his shoulders. He wobbled a few times to the point I thought they'd both fall on the tracks, but nothing was going to stop him from showing her he could do it. Gigantic smile on their faces throughout. It was one of the most awkward things I've ever witnessed. I knew then and there he was going to be the father of my grandkids. 1959Chicagoan

We Love M! 

My dad still speaks fondly of my sister's bf from high school that she dated for 4 years. If anything related to him comes up he'll be like "What is M up to? I really liked him." Oh and my sister's been married 7 years now lol. jcox88

The One that got Away...

When my stepson started dating, we taught him to greet the dad with a handshake, eye contact and make conversation, ask about curfew and have daughter just a bit early, compliment date's appearance when you see her.

We still hear from his ex's parents who think "he's the one who got away" because of his good manners. So sweet. Texastexastexas1

Be there for her....

My dad hated my second boyfriend simply because he was dating me, and then because he helped me move out of a very toxic household. My dad and I had a very rocky relationship for a few years after that. Then he started to change and actually became a much better person. He started to see that that same boyfriend was very kind to me. My sister was in a very abusive relationship but my dad could see that my boyfriend and I got along amazingly and were truly in love. We've been together for 14 years now, married for 5 of those years. The day before my dad passed away in the hospital he asked my husband to take care of me and my sister. That's how I know he loved him and trusted him so much. HambergerPattie

Get some tissues....

Daughter here. My husband was my dad's favorite. We started dating when we were seniors in high school. I brought him home to meet my dad and they ended up talking all night about their similar interests. After that they were two peas in a pod. They would hang out without me. After we graduated and I moved a couple hours away for college, I would come home every couple weeks. But he and my dad would be hanging out, going on lunch dates and stuff while I was gone. My dad loved him like his own son.

About a year and a half after we started dating, my dad had a heart attack and died unexpectedly. My husband (still boyfriend at the time) was there and tried to save him, but wasn't successful. It tore him up. But I am so glad that my husband and my dad got to know each other and were such great friends before he left us too soon, and I can tell you that my dad would be so ecstatic to know that we got married. I'm also really happy that my husband got to know my dad- he always speaks so highly of him and will tell me stories of fun times they had. photoedits123

Lead with your strengths....


When she was a freshman/sophomore in high school, my daughter got caught up in a mildly cultish religious group. Not the kind that makes you shave your head and go barefoot or anything. Just a little bit preachy and maybe a little too much church-oriented. To be frank, she was kind of annoying about it, and it really limited our options for family vacations (even Disney wasn't acceptable due to its "immoral" attitudes toward "sinful lifestyles.")

Last semester of college, she met a boy who she thought she could change to be more like her. Only instead, he basically helped her break out her rigid attitudes. I used to call him her "manic pixie dream boy." Not always two feet on the ground, but he was charismatic as hell (and absurdly good looking, which I'm sure didn't hurt). It was great to see her come out of her shell and acknowledge that the world had something to offer outside of a church pew.

Two years after they started dating, there was a pregnancy scare. Or rather, a pregnancy that didn't quite make it to the finish line. That was enough of a stress to break them up. She almost "relapsed" because of thinking it was because of her leaving the church (which she didn't- she just didn't go quite as often or intensely). But she recovered eventually and went on to live a more middle-of-the-road life.

She's married now, to a young man I definitely approve of. They met in church, but he's not a fundie/fanatic like the idiots she used to hang out with. I still kind of miss the hot mess that broke her out of that life, though. Yeah, he was absolutely useless for anything other than playing guitar and making people laugh. But you have to go with what you're good at, right? hopewesink


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