Letting your child grow up and live their own life is a difficult challenge.

It can be especially difficult to watch them finagle the game of love.

Let's be honest, this is your baby... no one is going to be good enough for them.

Fathers and daughters have a very special bond that way.

This is why dads liking their daughter's choice in a plus one is unique.

Redditor AlbinE2412 wanted to hear from the dads out there about their thoughts on their children's choice of partner.

They asked:

"Dads who have daughters, which was your favorite boyfriend and what made him stand out?"

I am only a fur baby father. And I have NEVER approved of the boys that came sniffing around.

The Best

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"The one she married. He was good to her, respectful and considerate of her, which we first noticed, and it was mutual. In the past few years they've been absolutely terrific parents, too."


The Only Son

"My Dad had four daughters and no sons so he was very much a 'sit and polish his shotgun while talking to new boyfriends' type of guy. I, the youngest, had one casual date with a guy I knew from high school but he was a year ahead so he left the state to go to college. After a few phones calls and letters we decided to try dating long distance."

"Fast forward to Christmas break, boyfriend come home to visit family, we go out on a real date or two. Dad was away on a business trip. He came home and said he needed to meet this guy before I could go out on any more dates. Night of the 'meeting' came and I was late coming home from work so I ran upstairs to get ready."

"I came down to find the two of them sitting there watching some horrible B rated movie and picking out all the mistakes. I asked if they even met yet. They hadn’t. Apparently boyfriend walked it, greeted my Dad, sat down and started asking about the movie but did in a friendly way rather than an egotistical way."

"They hit it off immediately. My Dad didn’t even know at the time he was studying engineering (my Dad was an engineer). Both parents ended up liking him so much they told me if we ever got divorced, they would disown me and adopt him LOL. Actually, not sure that was a joke. Anyway, we are still married 28 years later."


Oh Daughter

"Not a dad, I’m the daughter. My dad had this conversation with me the other day, we were having wine and cheese before Christmas and he was getting a little sappy haha. We don’t often talk about serious things so it meant a ton. My dad said: You know, your mom and I are always watching."

"We’re watching how he helps you out of the car, how when you’re struggling with your bag he lends a hand. We see when you fall asleep on the couch how he scratches your head. We see him taking care of you and you taking care of him. My daughter you are a helper and a caretaker, it is so wonderful to see that the person you chose does that too."

"You’ve dated some selfish guys in the past and your mom and I saw those guys let you struggle and not lend a hand. We are so happy to see that you’ve found a partner."


Out in Oregon

"It was the one who asked for help.His parents are shit*y people. Mom smokes a lot of dope and I never seen her sober. I kicked the boy out MY house for his issues and told him to NEVER come back. Several month's later, in the early morning hours and a cold a freezing day, he knocked on my door."

"I opened it up and could see he left his home in a quick manner wearing nothing but pajamas and had a blanket around him. He said, 'I can't do my parents bulls**t anymore' I nodded for him to come in and pointed to a couch where he could sleep. There wasn't any word words spoken between us. He figured out his own bulls**t and moved to his sisters house out in Oregon. He became a respectable person."

"He at a disadvantage because his parents were sh**ty people, but he has earned enough redemption to borrow my tools, my truck, and my respect. My daughter decided he wasn't the right one for her and moved on. The kid and I are still good friends."


The First

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"My daughter (23) is still with her first BF from high school. No other guys to compare him too but clearly they are making it work for 5+ years, so that's good."


Aw, sweet. So dads can like the suitors. It is possible.

Oh Sis...

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"Not a dad, but my sister's best boyfriend stands out because he's a great guy and we all liked him, and she dumped him and married a dips**t that cheated on her. My sister has f**k-awful taste, you see."


Solid guy. Good man.

"Her most recent one with whom she ended things, when she moved across the country. He was considerably older, but I raised her to make good decisions for herself, so that wasn't an issue. He treated her like a lady, didn't infringe upon her freedom, supported her ambitions, and didn't impose upon her time."

"He even came to me asking if I would mind if he helped pay a specific part of her education when she was finishing her Masters degree. When they broke up, he still helped her move to Florida from OK, got her set up, and went home. Solid guy. Good man."



"I remember my daughter's would bring some guy over for shock value. Ear gauges, tats and the such. I would always be sure to call the young man by his first name involve him in all conversations. I could see my daughters realize they wouldn't get the reaction they wanted."

"Couple days later i would ask when so and so is coming over again. They would shake their head and laugh. Both wound up with excellent partners that treat them great. One of them had ear gauges and tats so I guess the jokes on me, lol."


Mr. Right Now

"The current one. Reason #1: He is very supportive of her. Her previous boyfriends, if I may make a generalization, tended to be good-looking posers and self-centered. The current one (and now fiancé) is the most unselfish, considerate booster of her and her ambitions."


Not yet...

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"None of them have had one yet. I have to remember that I don’t have to live with this individual. They have to choose for themselves. As long as he is respectful and earns what he gets in life I’m at peace with their selection."


Make good love choices and it'll all be drama free. As if it was that easy.

But thanks for sharing dads.

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