People Describe The Fastest Way They've Ever Seen Someone Ruin Their Life


That was 0-60 in a hot second!

Tanking one'e life is not a difficult chore. We all can easily lose everything in a matter of hours. But most of the time it takes a timeline that spans a bit. It can be drugs or the person we thought was the one for life who broke our hearts. Life is fragile and it doesn't take much for even the best of us to throw in and towel and decimate all that we've built. Sometimes we don't even know we're doing it.

Redditor u/Random-Dead-Dude-2 wanted to hear from everyone who has witnessed people taking their lives for granted by asking.... What the fastest way you've seen someone ruin their life?

All in One...


When I lived in Vegas I saw all these people come in and "bet it all on black", then lose. Then the stare of disbelief as they realize their mortgage is gone and they have to explain that to whomever they had left at home. El_Seven


Couple of guys I knew in college were Division 1 athletes, but for a niche sport nobody really followed. One night they got drunk and decided it would be a great idea to bleach their initials into the astroturf on the football field. Really bad idea, but it got SO MUCH WORSE.

Turns out bleach and astroturf create a chemical reaction: fire. They burned down the entire field of a Division 1 football stadium. Caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. Made national news. It was baaaad. Everybody thought they did it on purpose, like some kind of terrorist act. Their only defense was, "No, we're not terrorists, we're just idiots!"

Saddest part was, they got expelled from college in their senior years, didn't graduate, and kind of descended into loserdome almost immediately. Typing this is bumming me out. jimmyjazz2000

The Habit. 

I was there when my older brother tried heroin for the first time. Fast forward 15 years and he is constantly going to the hospital for abscesses that appear on his arms and legs and is almost completely cut off from the rest of the family because he's robbed our parents more than once.

Every few years he swears he is going to kick the habit. The first few times we collectively ponied up cash to send him to rehab and tried to be as supportive as we could. After the 10th relapse or so we're too exhausted to even pretend to be hopeful about his newest attempt to get clean. shroom2021

RIP Mike.

I had a friend in college who had a tendency to act before thinking, but was generally fun and well-meaning. After I had graduated, my friend apparently got coerced by a woman he was trying to sleep with to try heroin just once. As I heard it, he refused initially, then caved because he felt pressured. My friend overdosed and died. Just like that, one bad decision ended his life. RIP Mike. rocketparrotlet

"top stories at ten"


My stupid ex girlfriend, in an effort to pay back a loan shark, maced the opening manager of a blockbuster and stole the bank deposit bags.

Then, she went and picked up her niece and nephews, all under age 8, and causally drove around with them. She got felony stopped on a major roadway. Her photo was on the "top stories at ten" lead in to that evenings news.

This happened during the NBA Finals that year, I think it was during game 6 or 7, so huge viewing audience.

Oh, she was easily recognized and apprehended because her best friend was store manager of that blockbuster and she was there all the time. And she had dropped off an application the day before.

She spent the next three years in a women's prison. pedantic_dullard


Me and a friend were at a party and two girls took us to a back room for some fooling around.

My friend was giving one of the girls a massage as she lay face-down on a pile of cushions. My friend was a virgin at this point, couldn't believe his luck and pulled out his member and did it. Quickly.

And that's how he became a parent at 17.

He loves his kid but that event messed him up so much, it effectively destroyed his education, job prospects and caused major issues in his immediate family that are still going on today. UK-pornalt

Be human. 

So in conclusion:

  1. Don't say racist stuff
  2. Don't ever try heroin
  3. Don't drive drunk
  4. Don't throw rocks off a bridge
  5. Don't use a crossbow

And you should be good. APairofDocks

The 90s...

Early 90s, my friend was a sweet theatre nerd who went to the same college as me. She started hanging out with a sketchy crowd and ignoring her old friends, especially when we tried to tell her she was losing herself. She ended up moving to Seattle to hang with her new friends. Growing up, she was the most sober person in our group, she never even drank alcohol, much less did any drugs, but six months later, she was dead of a heroin overdose. 46from1971

Crazy Amy...


That woman who called the cops on the bird watching gentleman in Central Park. That video lasted a minute or so. I'm pretty sure she will never get as good a job as she had ever again. trojan_man16

World of Warcraft

Dropped out of a very good college with a full scholarship, that his family could never have afforded otherwise, after three years due to World of Warcraft addiction. No, this wasn't me. I managed my addiction responsibly.

Edit: We are thinking of different guys. The fact that dozens of replies are "hey, I know this guy" is disconcerting but not unexpected.

Edit: I played WoW from release through Cataclysm but never really had a problem walking away from it to focus on life, which is probably the experience of most of the player base. After I quit, I started having intrusive thoughts about relapsing, even eight years later, but have never felt that I'd give in to that. ThadisJones



Went to school with a kid who threw a rock off an overpass and killed a dude.

Whole life down the drain at that point. Made international news

Flint, Michigan. SarinationX

Don't Look...


I was 14 and visiting family in Vietnam. A dude on a motorcycle blazed by on a highway and a few miles later, I saw several feet of his brains spilled on the road. Ksrugi

Don't Jump.


Friend head dived off a fraternity balcony while drunk into a parking lot. He now has 1/2 a brain and is wheel chair bound. Junebugleaf

In the early 2000's....

When I was in college in the early 2000s, a sophomore drove his car into a bunch of kids out partying on a Saturday a block and a half from where I was living. He was going 60-70mph, swiping cars parked on the side of the road before he hit the crowd. I think 4 people died. He got out screaming nonsense before being tackled. Was on a handful of drugs. Last I heard he was in a mental facility. aclockworkorng

Hard Times. 

Really good friend of mine in college was still living with his parents and had this absolute ditz of a girlfriend who also lived with him at his parents. They were both 19 at the time and decided to try for a baby.

Except neither of them had jobs, or even their own place. They also did not tell his parents beforehand, wanting it to be a "surprise", genuinely thinking it would make each other and their parents so happy.

Now she's off doing meth again and he's living with his parents still working at Wendy's while his parents takes care of his daughter. All of his income goes to helping take care of her. Reddit

But what could I do?

I had a friend, my old and first best friend in middle school. We were closer than my actual brother, and same for him. He was without a doubt my rock and I was his. He was a very very good and talented marching drummer/drummer in general. The dude was learning college licks and rudiments top tier in literal hours. It was crazy insane. He got to play with UCLA and USCs drumline at 14 and didn't miss a beat with them.

His mom unfortunately passed away when he was 15. He turned to heavy drugs, insane amount of drinking and messing around anything that walked. I recently saw him in the beginning of March and I won't lie, I didn't even recognize him. It took me a solid 30 seconds to realize who it was that was calling my name. Extremely skinny, bags under eyes, greasy hair and dirty teeth.

I felt really terrible I couldn't do anything. But what could I do? He ran away from home, dropped out of school, wasn't on any social media, had no contact with family and honestly, had no family at all besides his dad, aunt, 2 extremely distant cousins and a brother in the marines. I haven't seen or heard from him since. He could have passed away and I wouldn't have known. Itsallover_


Crack. One of my friends went from being moderately functional to losing any custody of his daughter and bouncing in and out of rehabs within like six months. Two years later, and he has a wanted poster with his face all over it in Tennessee. sandraleesskeleton

Losing It....

Once my friend told me how he wanted to lose his virginity to his cousin and many other things about his cousin, his cousin's father was right behind him listening to everything he said. inza_2006

Beyond Vegas....


I remember a trip to Vegas when we got separated from our friend and she was trying to meet up by the casino credit office. Anyway, we didn't know where it was so we asked an employee. He straight up refused to point us in the direction. Even when we explained we didn't want any credit, he would absolutely not tell us where it was.

Guess he didn't wanna see a bunch of dipfool kids ruin their lives at the casino credit office. bayandsilentjob


A 20 year old man just killed a woman and her three daughters under 6 years old today by recklessly evading police and running a red light in Brampton, Ontario. He is just suffering a broken leg. since-92

Jail Bird. 

About 50 years ago when my great uncle was in his early 20s he drove home so drunk that he ran over and killed 2 college students and didn't even realize it. After his initial incarceration he didn't know how to function as a free citizen so he keeps getting himself sent back to jail. For example, he got out of jail around a year ago and couldn't make his first months rent. His solution was to walk to the convenience store, steal a beer, and sit on the curb waiting for the cops to arrive. verygenericusernam3

the shot....


New guy at a factory celebrated finally finding a job by doing a shot at the bar next door during lunch. Got fired after 4 hours of work for it. DonOblivious


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