Fashionistas Share The Clothing Trends They Can't Stand
Hannah Morgan on Unsplash

I recently learned that skinny jeans are no longer cool.

I know what you're thinking, when where they EVER?

Well, that's just your opinion, man.

But get this, Generation Z is back to wearing those baggy mom jeans.

I'm sorry... I'm not about that life. Now I'll have to hoard skinny jeans before they disappear from the market entirely.

Now some people wouldn't be caught dead wearing them—opinions are strong and firmly held.

We heard more after Redditor EliBee288 asked the online community:

"What is a recent fashion trend that you can't stand?"

"Nothing but pure waste..."

"Fast fashion as a whole. Nothing but pure waste of resources."


Influencers are now advertising fast fashion—shirts that go for $10 a pop and will be trashed after one or two uses.

"Those microscopic luxury bags..."

"Those microscopic luxury bags that can't even fit a phone in them."


It's wild!

And they cost $500!!

"Cropped tops..."

"Cropped tops that look like normal length tops in store. Why is it so difficult to find shirts that go past the bellybutton?"


Fashion trends go away and then circle back—maybe this can't go on much longer!

"I don't know if this trend..."

"I don't know if this trend is unique to Texas, but cowboy/ranch-hand wannabes is pretty prevalent, and strangely it's usually well off people masquerading them. It's like trying to take pride in hard work you've never done."


Oh dear.

I've heard them referred to as "concrete cowboys."

Quite the trend.

"The TikTok boy..."

"The Tik Tok boy wet mop haircut. And honestly I don’t hate the haircut itself that much, but literally EVERYONE I’ve met with it is an a**hole."


You mean the old skater boy haircut that I used to think was sexy?

Oh dear.

That was years back.

"My mom has to have..."

"My mom has to have the Michael Kors MK logo on almost everything she wears. Eyeglasses, shirt, jacket, pants, boots, purse, phone case (all for the same outfit). She's a walking billboard for MK. Sorry mom, love you but nobody is impressed."


Yeahhhh... none of that looks good.

Sorry about your mom.


"I don't know..."

"I don't know if it's gotten beyond NZ, but here a lot of young guys are wearing matching shorts and shirts with fruit prints on them, I see it all the time, it's so bizzare. Pineapple has been especially popular this season."


Fruit patterned clothing is not for me.

"Cut outs..."

"Cut outs in every dress and crops everywhere! Like just let me buy something that covers up all my pudgy belly."


Why must this be this way?!

"Dried out..."

"Dried out, untrimmed, long beards."


Ah yes, the beard pubes... those are definitely a thing.

"It looks ridiculous..."

"Overlining your Cupid's bow. It looks ridiculous, like two blobs of bubble gum stacked on each other."


Have these people ever looked at themselves in the mirror?

Just curious!

Yeah... not going to wear any of these.

You know... to avoid judgment.

Have some opinions of your own? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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