Frozen 2/Disney; @BlawnDeeLeigh (Twitter)

The trailer for Frozen 2 is here and with it are legions of Disney fans with their silly little theories.

Sure, sure, it's all in good fun, we know, but umm... who thinks this stuff up?

The trailer, just in case you've missed it, is here:

FROZEN 2 Trailer 2019

And just in case you watched the trailer and somehow missed Elsa's new power blazer, that's pretty much a clear sign that she's a lesbian.

That's right, Elsa's a hard ass lesbian CEO or something.

Could this be the gayest Disney film yet?

We know, we know: It's silly. But we think this theory makes the most sense, actually.

Some people got excited about the larger implications.

At the very least, it could be a feature length episode for the final season of Game of Thrones:

And if she doesn't, at least let us see her defeat that ocean!

Let's face it, people: Some of us are only here for Olaf, the talking snowman.

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