People Falsely Accused Of Cheating Divulge What Made Their Partner Suspicious

Trust and open communication are the key to many successful relationships. But that doesn't mean people are good at those.

Certain behavior patterns and inherent insecurities can lead to suspicion, and if resentment festers without openly addressing these concerns can spell doom for a relationship.
Some people, however, can be reckless when confronting their significant other based on an assumption about infidelity.

Curious to hear from those who were unfairly blamed, Redditor PRIMEVIL567 asked:

"People who have been incorrectly accused of cheating, what was your partner's proof?"

Some accusers were guilty of the very thing they were being accusatory of.

The Questionable Friend

"Her 'proof' was that I was friends with a woman in the same area on Facebook. I did volunteer work at the local hospital, I was friends with a lot of the hospital staff on Facebook. Her accusation came very shortly after my brother caught her on a date with another guy."

– yankstraveler

Projection Is Real

"Well, my GF was huge on projecting. It wasn’t proof and she didn’t directly accuse me of cheating, but it was insinuated. After doing laundry she noticed she didn’t see one of my nice pairs of black boxers. Pretty much her argument/verge of tears was because 'can’t find them' equals 'they must be at another girls house.' And she was dead serious."

"Anyways, they were just behind the laundry hamper. For the time being. After we broke up I found out she was f'king her boss."

"So, projection is real folks."

– germanfinder

Pot Calling The Kettle

"She cheated on me and decided that means I must clearly also be cheating."

– Different_Avocado501

We all make mistakes.

A Telling Response

"I was deep into a online game and my wife came to me with a bra that definitely wasn't hers. She stood by the door and loudly said 'whoose are these?.' I took what she said as a innocent question, rather than an investigation. I quickly looked over and said 'f'k if I know' and went back to my game."

"She quickly realized that if I had cheated, and she found proof, I would have had a deer in headlights look for a second."

"It was her sister's bra that somehow go into our laundry."

"We laugh about it to this day."

– HalfaManYouAre

Sneaky Laundry

"A pair of my wife’s panties fell out from the leg hole of my pants while I was driving to work. I grab them and shove them in the driver side door pocket and promptly forget about them. Several weeks later we are cleaning out our cars together and she finds them and is like WTF. She doesn’t recognize them as her own. Finally remembers after I scroll through several thousand of my pictures to find a pic of her actually wearing them."

– Zonefluffy

Lost And Found

"She found a necklace in my bed and I didn't know how it got there. Turned out to be her necklace that she had lost and didnt recognize in the dark."

– mr4d

Long-Lost Memory

"I found some sunglasses in my husband's vehicle. Very feminine style. I was a little concerned. I didn't flip because my husband had never given me one reason to doubt him. I did ask though. He said they were mine. I got a little more worried because I had never seen them before that day. I was adamant that they were not mine. In a strange turn of events, I came to remember buying them and leaving them in there. It had just been so long that I had forgotten. tl;dr: I am stupid."

– iamsuperkathy

The Suspicious Folder

"Other way around, actually. I was the suspicious one. We were a middle-aged, long married couple. I was looking for something on his computer (not uncommon. He had a better computer for some things.). I ran into a file called "bedroom shots". WTF!!! I KNEW he had not taken any bedroom shots of me! Opened the file (of course) and it was pictures of our bedroom, just the bedroom, that I had taken years earlier to use for a paint program that changes the colors of the walls. I had named the file myself when redecorating and forgot about it."

– aeraen

Unfortunate Label

"Almost same thing happened to me and my wife when we were first married. Our business does some work for the chicken sandwich place with the cow mascot. Whenever I wrote up an estimate, lazy me would name them ‘Chick01, Chick02, etc’, for the different locations I was quoting. Well, one day, we’re looking for something on the computer and she sees the ‘chick’ files and demands I open them to see what was in them. The look on her face was priceless when the work estimates opened up. This was about 23 years ago, just celebrated 25 years."

– borygoya

Unwarranted Scrutiny

"We were misdiagnosed with HIV and I had been on a business trip in Las Vegas a few months earlier."

"I was getting the evil eye and accused from everyone in the doctors office and from the few friends and family we told. Thankfully my wife only asked once, which I told her the truth, absolutely f'king not. That was good enough for her. 6 weeks and more tests later we get told they were false positives."

"Everyone complemented us on how much we trusted each other. My wife simply replies “He isn’t exactly a ladies man, never has been. He would chicken out before he ever slept with another woman” LOL…she’s right though."

– thisismycleanuser

The Forgotten Evidence

"Husband found a condom wrapper under the couch. He never cleans, so don't know how he found it lol I was stumped. I had no idea. A few weeks prior we had a couple friends over that crashed on our couch of our extremely tiny shoebox apartment."

"Went out with my female friend, (I was also friends with the dude) she tells me she had sex with said friend and they're discussing dating. I asked when and where. She told me that night at my place. I connected all the dots, told her I don't care how low key she wants it kept for now, she is explaining what happened. So we called, she explained they had sex on our couch. Which. I wasn't too thrilled about but I was going crazy wondering where the f'k this condom wrapper came from.."

"Edit: people were confused about the word girlfriend. She is my female friend. I was friends with both of them."

– SSOJ16

These partners were very insecure individuals.

The Neglected Partner

"He installed a key logger on my laptop and found a chat of me politely turning down a guy I'd met (as part of a mutual friend group) a few weeks previous. When I pointed out that he'd found explicit proof that I had in fact not cheated, he went off on a tirade about how I'm never around anymore and never paid attention to him anymore and that was as bad as cheating."

"My father had died four months before. I wasn't around much because between work and school, I had to go back to my home state to clear out his house and deal with the estate. And, you know, spend some time with my remaining family."

"I threw the whole man out."

– half_in_boxes

Chat Room

"Apparently the online support group for my father's brain tumor was a 'chat room' for casual hookups."

"Dad had the tumor. Ex had the insane jealousy."

"Dad didn't survive glioblastoma. Fortunately that was long enough ago to roll my eyes at some of these comments. (Chuck Pahaliuk is an amazing writer. But may your life never bear a slight resemblance to one of his plots)."

"Ex has long since been vamoosed."

– doublestitch

The Female Contacts

"She saw the names of my female family members in my contacts. She freaked out and angrily asked who my stepmother was, my stepsisters, my cousins, my auntie. It lasted about two minutes. She started to realize she was being an idiot, and I realized I didn’t like her anymore."


Suspicious Voices

"She heard a woman in the room laughing through the phone when she called me to accuse me of being out with another woman."

"Turns out there are other people in the world and when you're out in public you just may encounter them."

– Enoch-Of-Nod

Serious Trust Issues

"I had a girl cheat on me and she told me she did it because she thought I was gonna cheat on her so she did it first. Super hot girl thought the world of warcraft nerd was gonna cheat on her."

– Lachigan

They say your gut instincts are spot on.

But if you have suspicions about your significant other being unfaithful, be careful not to jump to conclusions as it could jeopardize the relationship.

Chances are, there may be an explanation. Or maybe not.

I'm no relationship expert, but the point is, think about the source of your trust issues. And if you still think something about your partner is off, it can be helpful to address your concern in a civil manner.

Now, if you actually catch them in the act of having an illicit affair and you know for sure they are guilty, how you unleash your warranted fury is all up to you.

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