The Weirdest Fake 'Facts' People Still Believed

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How does one not believe provable facts?

They're facts.

We can Google anything.

Though google can be wrong once and awhile, but you know what I mean.

Proof is always attainable.

So it's astonishing to learn some of the whacked out things people will take as truth that the rest of us know is fiction.

Redditor AmulyaCattyCat asked everyone about all of the oddest things they take as truth that the rest of the world knows is false:

"What is the weirdest fake 'fact' you've seen people believe?"

My biggest shock is still all this election stuff. Like... come on?


Bryan Cranston Soda GIF by Mountain DewGiphy

"That Mountain Dew and hydrogen peroxide glow in the dark when mixed."


"This ancient-a** urban legend lives on in TikToks peddling similar tricks."


Bad Meow

"That my Cat hasn't been fed in days. There's food in your bowl right now you lying little poop."


"My dog convinces everyone of this too. She's super persuasive to my friends and family. It's a total conspiracy and FAKE NEWS!"


"One of my cats always stares me down as soon as I get home from work as if my wife didn’t give him any treats all day (I know she had). Still works every time that crafty a**hole!!"


In Egypt

"I once talked to a guy who was quite insistent that Adolf Hitler was still alive and had been found living in Egypt. Putting aside why he would be in Egypt in the first place instead of the stereotypical South America or something, he would be 133 years old if that were true."

"Since that's older than the oldest confirmed person in history, and also he was known to be in poor health toward the end of his life, there's no way he could be alive today."

"Not the weirdest by any means, but 'famous person who died isn't really dead' conspiracy theories puzzle me a lot because they're so low-stakes."

"If a famous person is still alive but is hiding and not doing anything of note, why does it matter? Why get so invested in it? Odd."



"Researching poinsettia care i came across a claim that they are supposedly extremely poisonous. Apparently a kid in 1912 (!) died by eating one leaf. This story is so widespread that a few counties banned the plant from public spaces, and many pet owners refrain from buying it, fearing that their pets might eat it and die."

"Well, as it turns out it's complete crap, poinsettias are not actually poisonous, and Paul Ecke, the world's leading producer, repeatedly ate an entire plant on camera to prove it. Experiments show that poinsettias do contain very low amounts of a potentially toxic chemical, but it takes well over 500 plants worth of this chemical to intoxicate a mouse, making poinsettias much less toxic than bananas."


Mouth Open

"The swallowing spiders in your sleep thing. You don't."


"That’s a mouth breather problem, I, as a more highly evolved nose breather, am better than those spider-swallowing fools."


Anything to do with spiders is too much to handle.

That's an Error

einstein GIFGiphy

"Einstein failed high school math."


"I heard it's due to different grading systems between iirc Germany and Austria. In Germany 1 is best grade and in Austria 1 is worst, so this is where confusion came from. By high school Einstein was already genius."


SO much to learn...

"We only use 10% of our brain. there are motivational coaches and other scammers who survive thanks to this."


"Someone told me that if we were able to control 100% we'd be able to unlock some super human functions. Like no you'd die trying to control, probably 100s of bodily functions at once manually."


"I don't even want to imagine having to not only manually breathe all the time, but keep my heart beating in its very specific rhythm, while maintaining my balance, manually blinking, and remembering to swallow."



"Had someone tell me the other day that FEMA would be allowed to launch nukes if the Department of Defense got destroyed. That's not what Federal Emergency Management means."


"Fun fact, the Emergency was originally nuclear war and FEMA would (in theory) play a major role in a general mobilization, so that’s probably where that came from. Still not true but not necessarily quite as dumb as it sounds at first."



Not the Sheep.Giphy

"Steel wool comes from sheep that graze in iron-rich pastures.."


"This is a common misconception. Steel wool actually comes from the electric sheep that androids dream of."


I can't believe humans are this messy.

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