People Share The Facts They Wish They'd Never Learned
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There's a reason people are prompted to say "Too Much Information" or 'TMI" in modern slang.

Most commonly, people are urged to say so when they've learned a piece of information that they think they would have been better off not knowing.

Information which caused a visceral reaction of one sort or another, be it disgust, sadness, anger or heartbreak.

Making them feel all the worse is knowing what they learned isn't an opinion, but the cold, hard truth.

Redditor airuarak123 was curious to learn what pieces of information people firmly believe they were better off not knowing, leading them to ask:

"What's a fact you wish you didn't know?"

Gone And Forgotten

"In most cases it only takes three generations to be completely forgotten."- Fred_the_skeleton

Stuck In Your Own Body

"Locked in syndrome is terrifying."

"You are alive and conscious but have no way to communicate that or stop it."- Lilliputian0513

Flight Of The Living Dead

"I read this book called Fever about doctors treating Lassa Fever victims in Africa."

"There was a pilot who would fly dead victims to a city morgue for autopsies."

"The bodies were on a gurney in the back if a small plane."

"Sometimes the change in air pressure would cause air to expel from the lungs over the vocal chords, which would create sounds like moaning."

"And more than once the air pressure caused the corpse’s stomach muscles to contract and it sat up."- Positive-Source8205

No Dare Is Worth It!

"The story of a Sam Ballard whose friend dared him to eat a slug."

"He ate it."

"Death came quickly AFTER THE 420 DAY COMA."- astoneworthskipping

Good for them

"Apparently farmers get the most sex out of any profession."- Outrageous_Package_8

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Evil Is Real

"I seriously wish I hadn't seen all those Mexican Cartel videos."

"The level of creativity and evil is almost unfathomable."- watch_over_me

You Thought It Was Bad...

"The challenger astronauts didn't die until they hit the ocean."- Cravatitude

Neglect And Abuse Has Lasting Effects

"Childhood trauma and neglect leads to permanent structural changes to the brain that effect the way you perceive and interact with the world."- Doingmybest2019

They Know More Than Let On

"30% of people that report missing people end up kidnapping/murdering them."- Kewleila

Forever Ruining Christmas...

"That Santa isn't real."- Trick-Contract-441·

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Destined To Ruin Everything

"The fact that something like tumors exists."- nOOb_Hyper

"Tumors can grow teeth."- FirefighterEMTJamie

Internet Graffiti

"You can literally make something out of thin air, post about it on reddit claiming it to be a fact and get a bunch of karma."- Alpha_1_5

You'd Never Think TO Check....

"Ducks have a corkscrew penis."- Ria_Draws_Stuff

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What Lies Beneath...

"Our chins look bumpy because of the muscle under it."

"Look it up. It's so creepy."- Llcaballero

Inevitable Truths

"The friend group that I have now has a possibility of everyone slowly disappearing into their lives and leaving their video games into their inactivity death."- CelebrationHot5209

Love May Not Be Everlasting...

"Falling out of love without a third party is true."- classicgeneral_00

Incentive To Sleep With Your Mouth Closed...

"You know that fact saying you swallow about 3 spiders a year well this is not true spiders love warm moist areas so the number would be far higher."- Yurrinator33

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A Less Fragrant Option...

"If you hold in a fart it goes into your bloodstream so you can exhale it later."- cheeseboss278

Ignorance is Bliss?

"Apparently the earth can be destroyed any second and we wouldn't even realize, we'd just die."- hliasgr2070

As they say, the truth hurts.

And when we can go through our lives without needing to know certain things, then ignorance is, indeed, bliss.

Because honestly, who feels their life improved after learning the truth about Santa Clause?