People Share Facts About Their Job That The General Public Would Never Know
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Most people are asked what they do for a living upon meeting someone for the first time.

It's definitely a good conversation starter. But while some people's professions are generally understood by the majority, there are other professions that entail more than what is outlined in a job description.

Hoping to be enlightened, Redditor memereda_vanwolf asked:

"What are facts about your job that general public has no idea about?"

There are simple solutions to seemingly complicated issues.

A Quick Fix

"I work in IT support. Legit about 80% of all problems are solved by rebooting the computer/terminal/phone."

"If not, 20 percent is pure detective work."

– Sarato88

Easy Wipe

"Radioactive contamination can often just be cleaned with Windex or even water."

– riphitter

Low-Maintenance Lawn

"I’m the spray tech at a golf course. We use green dye on our putting greens."

"The grass at Augusta national is sprayed green as well; 'any grass you see on camera has been sprayed green.'”

– camefromxbox

Man-Power Rules

"The bags of cement are not filled by a robot. A person handles every bag. I can fill 2500 bags in an 8 hour shift."

– DasPuggy

Facts about these specific professions are truly eye-opening.

The Finest Detail

"I work at a large biotech/pharmaceutical manufacturing company. The drugs you take or buy from your local pharmacy are so insanely and meticulously regulated & inspected at every step of the journey - from petri dish to pharmacy shelf, that you could take a pill from a bottle and it can be traced back to the exact room it was made in, the exact equipment that was used, who was responsible for each step, and the time it was made down to the very second. Seriously, there is no misteps when it comes to GxP."

– StaircaseRailing

Corporate Allocation Of Funds

"Working for giant companies, it’s comical how many systems are raggedy messes of bare-bones functionality. All available money gets thrown at certain projects, leaving everything else to work on complete shoe-strings."

– DontWorryImADr

Legalities Of Being An Organ Donor

"I work in organ donation."

"The general public doesn’t understand literally any of it."

"One notable thing is that when you register to be an organ donor, it’s a legally binding declaration about your wishes after death. It is akin to a will under gift law."

– anonkraken

Full Transparency

"Anaesthetics- we only ask about your illicit drug use so we don’t kill you when we give you a general anaesthetic and that you have appropriate pain relief."

"You’ll have a tolerance that we need to counter by giving you a variety of drugs and more of them."

"No judgement from us on your choices - just want to actually take care of your properly."

– killingkirby

Dealing With The Deceased

"I was a licensed Cremationist for 8 years. Regardless how hard we tried, that wasn’t just grandma or grandpa in the urn…."

– X_5456

Never Assume You're Always Safe

"Ex-security guard here."

"We're not there to protect you. We're there to observe and report. Don't assume that just because whatever building you're working in has security that you're safe. Especially if security is of the unarmed variety."

– dragon_book_hoarder

Urgent Reminder

"That as a trucker, that space I left in front of me is so I don’t kill anybody, NOT your personal invitation to jump in front of my bumper because you forgot your exit or whatever reason. So many want to get in front of us and slow down and park in front my bumper."

"YSK: Don’t believe the billboards those ambulance chasing lawyers put up about big truck accidents mean big bucks. Only survivors get money, most likely not you. If you do survive, more than likely your quality of life is going to be miserable."

"Also YSK: these trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, 34,000 pounds empty and around 20,000 pounds without the trailer. How does that compare to your SUV or even your lifted pickup. Do us all a favor and give us some space, leave us room so that you can live and go home to your family"

"One final thought, NEVER assume the other driver sees you."

– gfinchster

What A Waste

"I currently work the line at a recycling facility."

"Y'all motherf'kers throw a lot of sh*t away when it could have been given to a charity."

– robexib

Why Dinner At Home Isn't As Good As Going Out

"Chef here. The reason you love our food is salt and butter... and a lot of it."

– Emonnick

Some jobs have great perks.

These are sorely lacking in company benefits.

Trolling Hotlines

"Crisis hotline. Sometimes we get really disturbing prank calls. I always encourage people to call back if they are ever in crisis. A lot of times, they (the prank callers) do."

– fieldsofjade

First Things First

"When you call 911, please say your address before anything else. It doesn’t matter if someone is actively dying, say your address first. (I’m from a rural area so this might just be a problem where I’m from) but if you’re calling on a cell phone sometimes it can ping in a completely different spot then you are. If you call and don’t say where you are and we get disconnected, I might not have any clue where to send rescue/police/fire and therefore I cannot help you. Say your address (if you don’t know then please give like a cross street or notable location) first, then preferably your name, THEN tell me what’s going on."

"A lot of people assume that we automatically have a precise location where they’re at, and the systems can be pretty accurate but you can’t always rely on them. If you say the address and we get disconnected I can at least send someone to the area to figure out what needs to be done."

"(Source: I am a 911 dispatcher and I have so many people scream at me for not automatically knowing their location)"

– imscaledandicy

Respect Your Masseuse

"I'm a massage therapist. I don't care if you didn't shave. But please wash your feet."

– Odd_Improvement578

I usually have interesting conversations with Uber or Lyft drivers as a passenger.

They've disclosed the questionable policies of the companies they respectively work for and divulged traffic tips and what routes are best to take to get to certain destinations.

But what captivated me most were the stories about the passengers they've picked up.

Without going into detail, riders can be absolutely deplorable and inconsiderate.

One anecdote made me very anxious about sitting in the back seat and made me checking for stains.

Some on-the-job facts are better left a mystery. So, you're welcome for me sparing you the disgusting details.

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