People Share Their Best Mildly Horrifying Facts


The world is a vast, scary, interesting, crazy place.

The phrase "truth is stranger than fiction" takes no prisoners. The truth, just like the world, Is vast, interesting, scary, and crazy.

And there are times where it is especially very scary.

u/HydroPuddles asked:

What's a mildly horrifying fact not everyone knows?

Here were some of those answers.

One Weather Change

Hurricane Erin was on a direct path towards the northeast coast in early September 2001. It made a sudden turn in the Atlantic away from the U.S. If it hadn't turned, it could very well have hit the east coast on 9/11, which would have grounded flights on the east coast and prevented (or at least delayed) the 9/11 attacks.

The End Of Symbiosis

Have you ever thought about how whales and dolphins die?

When they get old, and aren't strong enough to swim to the surface anymore to breathe, they start to slowly sink to the cold, dark depths of the ocean, and suffocate.


Ingrown Hair

There's such a thing as "hair splinters". Hairdressers deal with it all the time after cutting particularly coarse hair, the small pieces can stick in you like a splinter and pose risk of mega infections if you're unable to get them out. I've seen a stylist friend of mine lose a whole finger due to one tiny sliver of hair.

A Fungus Of The Mind

There are several species of mushroom that implant their spores into insects, creating a kind of zombie that will lose their mind, wander off, die and their corpse will be used as fuel for the next generation of mushroom.

One Moment

At any time our entire planet can be wiped out by a gamma burst and we wouldn't even see it coming.

Imagine humanity finally figured out the elixir for immortality then a gamma ray went and reseted the whole thing.

"Finally, we have done it! The elixir of immortality!"

"Not to ruin the moment but there's a gamma ray burst heading towards us!"


End Of Life

Even if humans could live forever, we could only expect to live about 1000 years on average, due to the statistical probability of getting into a serious, life-ending accident.

An Animal Sacrifice

Blood from Horseshoe Crabs is harvested. They're literally hooked up to an IV (so to speak) and their blood is drained. Their blood has an important property in detecting even extremely low levels of microbial contamination.

It is an extremely important thing in the biomedical and food industry.

Consensual Cannibalism

Cannibalism isn't illegal in the UK (It would need to be done with permission from the person you'd want to eat. Obviously you can't kill the person to eat them, or kidnap them)

Gold By Any Other Name

Breast milk is the filtered blood of the mother. Certain proteins are removed, others are added, and the lipids are concentrated. Human breast milk looks like liquid gold under a microscope and can change nutritional content to match the baby's needs in as little as seven seconds after proper latching.

Pain Receptors

Until 1986, doctors thought that babies couldn't feel pain, so never used anesthetic.

While most people know about the Challenger space shuttle explosion, most people don't know that the occupants survived the explosion until they hit the water.

Babies in the womb can, and do, cry, but no one can hear them because their lungs are full of amniotic fluid.

Dogs love squeaky toys because the sound mimics small animal's cries of agony after being bitten.

People used to rip out the teeth of dead soldiers on battlefields to sell for dentures.

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