We all pride ourselves in knowing random bits of trivia.

While "useless knowledge" is the common parlance for these little fun facts we, often randomly, know, that seems an unfair label.

After all, who knows when a subject comes up in conversation, and you might be the only one who can answer a group question.

All thanks to the fact that you know a random piece of knowledge almost no one else on Earth seems to know.

Redditor Just_Free_Tea7 was curious to learn some of these obscure pieces of trivia, leading them to ask:

"What is a fact that you think barely anyone else knows?"

Don't be fooled by their cuteness

"The nuke stockpile in Washington State is guarded by trained dolphins that seek out and clamp a balloon on unfamiliar divers."- Gothsalts

A possible STD symptom no one mentions.

"Boanthropy is a psychological disorder in which a person believes they are a cow and try to live their life as one."

"Medical explanations suggest late-stage syphilis as one of the causes?"

"Cool."- j451k4·

You mean, that wasn't flipper's real voice?

"The sound used for a dolphin in nearly every single tv and movie is actually the same Kookaburra bird recording."- HFXmer

Episode 1 Hello GIF by The SimpsonsGiphy

You always wonder what goes through their minds...

"Animals and other creatures each perceive time in different ways based on their Critical flicker frequency which is almost like their minds refresh rate."

"Dogs, for example, perceive time as being slower than humans do, and it's perceived as a little faster by cats."- TwilightArcade

Well that's disturbing...

"No one has found a centipede with exactly 100 legs, because all centipedes discovered have an odd number of pairs of legs."

"They have found centipedes with 98,49 pairs, and 102, 51 pairs, but never exactly 100."- ZagreusD

If you take a closer look...

"Raindrops don’t fall in the drip shape popularly conveyed. "

"They fall in the shape of tiny parachutes or hamburger buns."- CBGville

Stop Motion Water GIF by TarverGiphy

Two iconic roles

"The girl who voiced Lilo in 'Lilo and Stitch' also played Samara in 'The Ring', both released in the same year, 2002."- ThrowRARAw

Um... how is this not better known...

"Before toilet paper was invented, the people of the USA used corn cobs."- Impossible_Cicada_75

"..I don't want to live on the moon..."

"Not sure how many people know this, but the moon has a sort of atmosphere."

"However, it is so thin that it's considered to be an exosphere."- JustAnotherAviatrix

black and white moon GIFGiphy

Their contributions did not go unnoticed

"More pigeons have war medals than horses, dogs or mules."- Global-Program-437

Ads be gone!

"You can skip an unskipable on youtube with the littile i."

Who are you calling bony?

"Animals like a rams, cows, hell even a triceratops horns aren’t made of bone but rather, keratin a protein that makes our fingernails and hair."- NBsub

Los Angeles Football GIF by Sealed With A GIFGiphy

Well that's disturbing...

"The US has lost nukes before."- PM-ME-YOUR-MEGUMIN

Wish it was the same for us!

"When horses chock it does not block their air way."- newquestionsforyou

We've only evolved so much...

"Modern humans still have up to 3% of neanderthal genetics."- 1Hoehlenmensch-

Page Reading GIFGiphy

"Do Re Mi..."

"Most toilets flush in the Key of E."- Suitable_Leading_653

Some things don't run in the family

"Edwin Booth, famed actor and John Wilkes Booth's brother, saved Abraham Lincoln's son's life on a train platform a year or two before Lincoln's assassination."

"He didn't know at the time that the man he'd helped was Robert Lincoln, but Lincoln recognized the famous Booth."

"Some have said that this was the only thing that could comfort Edwin after hearing that his brother had murdered the President."- dmarkle

How do you measure the solar system?

"All the planets, including Pluto, fit between the earth and moon."- nill69

Ask The Storybots Planets GIF by StoryBotsGiphy

Surprisingly UNcommon...

"Common sense IS NOT a given!!"- VikingLadyWolf

Don't believe everything you read.

"I would say about 30% maybe even 60% of school the facts you find the internet or not true."- joebicycle1953diy

It's easy to laugh off most of this information, as our lives might not be changed one way or the other for knowing it.

But we should always be open to learning something new.

And hey, if we ever find ourselves stuck with scratchy toilet paper, we can at least be grateful it isn't a corn cob.

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