People Explain Which Tasks Are Far Easier For A Woman To Do
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"Sisters are doing it for themselves." Y'all remember that song? One of the last century's best female empowerment anthems. How can you top Annie Lenox and Aretha? You can't, so you just bask in the glow. Sisters got it all under control.

But even though women are highly capable of anything, there are certain actions and everyday moments that just come a little easier. Sometimes women are just more in tune, or are built better for a certain situation. Let's discuss.

ARedditorwho recently deleted their account left the interwebs with a question for the ladies, by asking:

What is easier to do if you're a woman?

I've always found women to be better actors right off the bat. I believe it's because women are less afraid to tap into emotion. And that can be because society said it was ok for them to do it from birth.

Hips Don't Lie

Shakira Hips GIF by Latin GRAMMYsGiphy

"Carry anything on your hip."

- goneuphoric

"Anytime I carry something heavy and place it on my hip, it's like a part of my instinct awakens."

- fettuccineandricotta


"Survive the NICU -- apparently girls do much better in the NICU than boys do and tend to have less health complications. We heard that time and time again as parents to a 29 weeker girl. Quick source (but there are others):"

- FaitesATTNauxBaobab

"I remember reading a while back that it is because girls have the equivalent of an extra week of development because they don't need to develop boy bits. I'm 25 week white/hispanic boy who survived the NICU in 1990. They were very very shocked."

- bros402

The Kids

"When I was babysitting once and me, the girl (7) and the boy (5) were playing in the street and a women came up and tried to take the kids away from me, asking all sorts of questions about who I was and if they were okay, she even asked if I was hurting them. She then tried to physically take them away from me. I imagine that wouldn't happen if there was a women looking after them."

- ga8ezba8ez

Hold Me

"Physical contact? If I feel like it if I need a hug, I can just cuddle with my girlfriends. I don't think its' that easy for guys."

- LisslO_o

"Just specifically with girls though. I seem to make easier friends with guys and want to hug them but feel like it will get weird (as it has in the past). It makes me sad. Like, I love you, man and I want to hug you when I feel like it (not just when you're super sad and it's obviously a non-sexual hug)."

- ncummins2325

public cleaning

joel mchale baby GIFGiphy

"Changing babies in public. Many men's rooms do not have baby changing stations."

- DJD119

I need better hips. And women can keep babies and all the mess that comes with them. Physical contact, why are men so adverse to it? So much therapy here to chat about.

No Questions

Helping Schitts Creek GIF by CBCGiphy

"Help a child without suspicion or judgement."

- eliz1865

"Being around a child in general. I've been questioned when I was out with my son before."

- joloho2013

In the Air

"Apparently women fighter pilots handle g-forces better than men, mainly due to being shorter and their heart not having to work so hard to pump blood to their brains (short men also handle g-forces easier for the same reason)."

- wtfisthat

"Yep. As a tall guy (6'4"), g forces mess with me big time. In fact, 2 weeks ago i passed out on an especially intense roller coaster. My wife, who was sitting next to me for the ride cackled with laughter when we saw the on ride picture and i was out like a light."

- BrilliantWeight

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Will you tell her?"

"Compliment any complete stranger. As a dude, I have to very careful complimenting strangers. I will actually tell my wife, "check her hair out, it's super cool. Will you tell her?" And she will, and it made that stranger's day. Just wish I could do that more often without being seen as creepy. This especially applies to children. It's a big no-no for a 41 year old guy to compliment a child saying they look super pretty. Woman - no issue."

- _Mikey_Boy_


"Since the majority of posts here are sexual, I'll bite: sales. Seriously females salespeople are on average much more successful than their male counterparts. In my industry (industrial sales), it's an open understanding that our typical sales contact (older middle-aged male) is much more interested in talking to females than males. Huge sales buff if you are young AND at least a little attractive."

"If you are a hard working, quick witted and social young female looking for a high paying job without education requirements, I would strongly encourage you to look into B2B sales. All of the technical knowledge you can learn on the job."

- Zincktank

Man's Work

wonder woman GIFGiphy

"Have someone help you with mechanical/electrical/car work. So many people believe men just know how to do that stuff and will look down on guys who don't. As a woman, people assume I don't know what I'm doing with that kind of stuff. Sexist, but helps me, I guess."

- kkohler2


"Getting tattooed. May be anecdotal but I have spent hundreds of hours in tattoo shops and women seem to sit better from what I have observed." ~ lookssharp

"I had a virus in my eyes. My doc said I could do drops 3x a day for two weeks or get this iodine eye wash. I said, duh of course I'll take the eye wash. He said it burns really badly and that only ladies accept it, the guys take the drops. It was excruciating but my eyes were better by the next day and I'd do it again, goddarnit!" ~ TeacupExtrovert


"Small thing but telling what a lotion/deodorant/body wash/shampoo smells like by the label. Women’s is just labeled like vanilla or lavender but men’s get dumb names like wolf hawk or champion." ~ WeavBOS


"Distinguish between colors. I can't find the reference now, but I once read an article where some fraudsters were sneaking into a conference with fake badges. The fake badges had a slightly different shade of color. Women could spot the difference, but men couldn't." ~ joleary747

How Maury

Look GIF by The Maury ShowGiphy

"Knowing for certain that the baby is yours." ~ endl0s

The Artist

"Tons of martial arts throws. Female center of mass is lower down in the body than male center of mass, even before accounting for height differences, and it's absolutely crucial to certain martial arts throws.Like, you know that one throw you see all the time in movies where someone grabs a person from behind, and that person just leans forward and rolls them over their shoulder?"

"Yeah that's almost impossible for most men to do unless the stunt person grabbing them is helping with it. But for your typical woman it's literally as easy as leaning forward, it takes basically no strength, it's all leverage. I'm a man who practices mixed martial arts and four times out of five when I'm sparring a woman and I lose against her, it's because she threw me." ~ Sengachi

Serve it Up

"Serving tables at a restaurant. While the overall sales between the men and women servers are about the same, the women get tipped much higher. People seem to have a better time at restaurants if their server is a woman." ~ FourStringTap

Be Strong

"Any sort of stretching exercise. Unless the man had been doing exercises in his early years, a woman is going to have more stretching. No where it's more visible than yoga class. On the other hand, guys have strength and can hold yoga poses for longer so there's that." ~ lundfakeer69

To the Top

"Floating. It’s a fact because women’s fat is deposited differently in our bodies, mainly in our thighs. My husband tries to float but instantly sinks whereas I can just float all day long. Exception is if you're a bigger male with a lot of fat around your thighs." ~ Fine-Bet

"stop for pedestrians"

"Cross a busy crosswalk on a bicycle. When I'm biking alone, I sit and wait as cars whizz right past the 'stop for pedestrians' sign. When I'm with my wife, the cars lock their brakes up to give her right of way. The difference in our expectations is STARK. She's always like, 'Come on, they're stopping, why aren't you pedaling yet?' We have been taught to anticipate essentially opposite outcomes." ~ jimmyjazz2000


deepika padukone sexy indian GIFGiphy

"Have piercings. I’ve had like the basic one since forever, and have never been dress coded for it, even now when I have 3, but guys always have to take theirs out. This could just be where I am though." ~ Prized_Position

The ladies got it going on. That's why I always think of my mom as a hero. There are just somethings men are never going to measure up to. That's ok, talent is meant to be dispersed.

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