People Explain What The Infamous Teacher In Their School Did To Get Fired
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Teachers will be the first to tell you their job is a drain, physically and mentally. Putting your all into crafting lessons to help kids get to the next level in their learning can take a toll in the long run, burning out many who enter the field. Fortunately, the accomplished look on a student's face is enough to keep even the most exhausted educator's going.

Most of the time.

Those who hit their burnout quota sooner, or those who never should have stepped foot in the classroom in the first place, soon gain a reputation for being "that" teacher.

And their exit from the classroom can be as glorious, or horrifying, as their antics leading up to it.

*The following article contains discussion of suicide/self-harm.

Reddit user, Dr_sus172, wanted to know the teacher's lounge drama when they asked:

"Redditors, what did "that teacher" get fired for at your school?"

Teaching is hard, sure, and sometimes you need to have a little something-something at home to take the edge off.

Just make sure it stays at home.

Unable To Keep Their Vices At Home

"For passing out drunk in the middle of class."

"He passed out, student ran to the office to get the principal and when she came in she couldn’t wake him so she called paramedics. Then she sniffed his coffee mug, and starting going through his desk and pulled out a bottle of vodka. Worst part was, his daughter was a student there."


In the Same Vein

"he turned up to school hungover 2 days a week and stoned the other 3. the students all loved him but he didnt teach sh-t"


They Just Wanted To Enjoy Their Fun Day

"Two teachers went on the 8th grade school trip to an amusement park and while there, they were seen drinking beer at lunch. It got back to the school and they were canned."


Don't Be Lame, Brah. Help A Teacher Out.

"Sold weed to a 6th grader"


Time And Place, Man. Time. And. Place.

"Not a teacher, but a sub, guy looked about 60-70, wore glasses, and sucked on this lollipop. Something about him always seemed off, he was always on his phone for something. One day some kid saw the sub watching porn on his phone. That kid told the teacher the guy was subbing for. Without any proper evidence there was nothing the school could do about it. Until 3 other people came out about seeing him watch porn. Earlier this month he was subbing for my gym class and the 2nd head administrator came and escorted him out. Haven’t seen him since."

"And if your wondering (hopefully not) the type of porn was specifically ass, as some kids told me."


Your Class Is Not Your Home And-Wait, You're NOT Korean?

"I had a teacher that was prob 30-40 at the time, he said “you can take your shoes off, it’s more polite.” He claimed that he was Asian, more so Korean I think and it was in his culture, he was russian and just wanted foot pics."

"E: I’m still in the same school and he got fired 4 months ago, we told the principal (my classmate and I) but she didn’t care that much about it, it spread all the way to the way to the other high school then that’s when he got fired. Great on that one."


Teaching is an art form, requiring many hours and lots of failure to get it right.

That being said, here's a quick tip to improving your instruction skills: make your private stuff private.

Not The Kind Of Modeling Good Teachers Typically Do

"She had apparently been doing this for a while but this girl was the first one to report it."

"She taught home economics. While studying childcare she would demonstrate stuff for us. How to feed a baby, burp a baby, change their diaper, calm them down. She demonstrated this on one student instead of a doll. It was really bizarre."

"At one point she had the student in her lap and simulated breastfeeding her."


Sounds Like The Student Is The Lame One

"Teacher let a student borrow her phone to call their parents. The student went through her phone and found some nude or revealing photos of her and sent them to friends. The teacher was fired and I feel bad for her."


Bad Choices By Everyone Involved

"Not so much her fault, but I had a teacher who came out as trans halfway through the school year in a very conservative town, which opened the door for students to harass her. Someone found her Facebook, where she had linked her public nsfw Twitter, and spread her nudes all over the school. Not sure if she was fired or quit, but she said she wouldn’t go back to teaching after that."

"Not blaming her for what happened, but it’s kinda stupid to have your nsfw account public when you work with kids that age. Kids can be assholes, and if they find it (it really wasn’t hard to find her Facebook as she has a very unique name) a lot of them will spread that sh-t. It’s not right for them to do that, but it’s better to prepare for the worst and either make the account private, or not post the link on your public Facebook page"


And then there's these individuals who should have never been given the "teacher" moniker because, wow, they're all terrible people.

Truly terrible.

Literally The Worst Possible Reaction

"Had a highschool teacher overhear an overweight girl talking about committing suicide. Instead of getting her help he told her and the whole class that the rope would break anyway. Teacher was fired that same day"


"Guys we have a winner for biggest douchebag. Wtf is this"


Keep Your Hands Off Your Students

"English teacher in year 6 (5th grade). Kid in my class had a mild tic where they would shake their head. Teacher asked them a question and started holding the kids head so they wouldn’t tic, obviously didn’t work. Anyway, I saw her in the store one day and she started talking to me like a friend, I ignored her and subtly flipped her off."


Just Asking To Be Caught

"He wasn't a teacher when I knew him but this guy I went to school with ended up working there as a music teacher after we graduated. He was the band director I think. Anyways he would have the girls in band change in and out of their uniforms in one of the classrooms while the boys changed in another. Apparently practice was pretty physically demanding so alot of the girls would change from regular bras into sports bras. One day a girl noticed a laptop on the desk open with a camera connected and pointing right to where they changed. Thinking it was odd she notified another teacher, who contacted someone in IT to log into the laptop and make sure nothing fishy was going on. Well, they logged in and found GBs upon GBs of video files of girls changing in that room for the past 5 years. He's now serving 19 years in a state penitentiary."


"Possible" Misconduct?

"This wood shop teacher at my school was always really weird. Girls in both middle school and highschool would say that he would look down their shirts and get uncomfortably close to them. He would also play death metal in class."

"Apparently something happened which prompted an investigation and the wood shop room was police taped off. Apparently they found child porn on his computer. He was fired and it went on the news as a “possible misconduct” from a teacher."


Get Out Of Countruy

"I had a History teacher who would make really insinuating comments to girl students. Some girls even liked those kind of comments, and would act the same way towards him. One day, it was discovered that he was having inappropriate conversations with one of the girls in my class (I was a senior) and got fired. You know, inappropriate pictures and a lot of s*xting. He had to move to another country because every single school knew his background story and wouldn’t hire him."


Frowned Upon? That...No...

"A teacher was "asked to leave" after having sex with a student (who was the daughter of another teacher). She was 18 so it wasn't illegal, but definitely frowned upon."


"Even if legal, isn’t that still banned as a condition of the job?"


"That's why he was asked to leave."


This One Wins. Loses? Ugh.

"He was exposed as part of a huge prostitution sting operation and was recorded trying to negotiate services with two very young girls (undercover detectives) when he was arrested. He was a high school chemistry and very involved in the community."

"It divided the church, school and community and obviously heavily affected his family (which is all I should say because they deserve their privacy). There was considerable gossip about him and his wife divorcing and her leaving him/town very shortly after ridding herself of his crap."


Working with students is a gift. Don't waste it if you're one of the lucky few.

Did you have a teacher who was fired or left in a spectacularly messy manner? Tell us about it in the comments!

If you or someone you know is struggling, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

To find help outside the United States, the International Association for Suicide Prevention has resources available at

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