Experienced Flirts Share Advice For How To Break The Ice


Hey baby... did you fall from the sky cuz... blahbahblahblah....

Love is a beautiful, hopeful dream. But you don't get to just have that dream without some effort. Even in the movies the love stories have major obstacles. One of the biggest obstacles is the first step. The flirt. Noticing someone and working up the courage to talk to them in hopes that it will lead to more. And now that "break the ice" moment has become even more difficult with the blurred lines of comfort. Start with.... just don't be creepy and then "HI!" Then Pary.

Redditor u/shouldi918282 wanted to know what are some of the best openers in romance by asking.... Experienced flirts of Reddit, what advice can you give for shy people on how to flirt?

Subtle of course.


Eye contact says more than you will ever know. Subtle of course. alexbf23

Pro tip, if you struggle to look a person in the eyes, look at the spot where the top of their nose meets their forehead. People can't really tell the difference, and you don't have to make eye contact with anyone! Win-win. SignuptodY

Good Convo. 

People don't care that much if you say something embarrassing or weird, so you shouldn't care either. From what I've learned most girls actually like it when you're just talking about whatever you feel like even if it's kinda goofy or weird because it brings up genuinely good conversation that isn't the boring stuff they always talk about with guys trying to flirt with them. TheNumberSeven_7

Hope this helps!

To me it's all about how i'm talking and thinking. Clear your head and have a nice smooth and clear speech. It also helps me to have something in my hands, so that if i ever do get nervous or fidgety i can just casually mess with whatever i'm my hands. Hope this helps! ToeSucka666

"Hey, it's been a while, how are you?"

A couple of years ago, I was traveling on the train, and saw a friend of mine. I went to him, and said:

"Hey, it's been a while, how are you?"

And then, to my biggest shock, I realized, that he's not my friend (I had a bad eyesight :D ). But at that point it was too late, so I went along with it. He seemed happy to talk to me, and we actually started a conversation. We both pretended that we knew the other one, it was funny :D At some point, he said we should continue the conversation over a drink, and I said yes.

I used to be a shy girl, and it was a long and hard journey to become more extrovert, but this story made me realize, that talking to guys is actually very easy. mimieieieieie

Too Cute.


Don't try to be too cute if you don't know what you're doing. Just be straightforward and have the confidence to be upfront about what you want. LoveAndDynamite

Be Shy?

Hello, i am a shy person and i recently got a gf she was also shy. We would talk about her field of study, sometimes about school, sometimes about my stuff. Mainly, it took time before our conversations were longer than 4 sentences long. Anyways, while talking i would maybe do a lil joke here and there. Tease her a bit if she made a mistake while talking or said something controversial, the she kinda noticed my pattern and started doing it herself. I didn't know at the time but i guess we were flirting. Then it just kinda naturally escalated and now I'm too deep in and scared. Loving every second of it. 1WanWan

Fake It! 

Literally, and I can not stress this enough, if you lack confidence just fake it. It's the #1 thing when it comes to flirting and is very attractive. Emotionally I'm not confident at all, but I act like I am and sometimes even a little arrogance will get you were you want to be. c-s-photo

The Attempt. 

Decide you are not actually interested in them and are just trying to be nice to them before beginning your attempt to flirt. pdxblazer

Yeah sadly for shy and introverted people that is what flirting looks like. pdxblazer

Just Scootch....

Pretend you two are friends, it'll ease the tension. Be fun, don't be touchy unless they engage. this goes for both sexes. fernsRgreat

I would say maybe test the waters a bit with like seeing what happens if you stand a little close.

Just get slightly awkward for a sec and get in the bubble, not face to face but like / \ one should a little closer.

They move away quickly, boom, now you know so just sit back and chill don't be invading personal space more than once and do be aggressive. Just like dipping your toe in the water, if the temperature isn't right for either party, don't dive in.

If she (or he) doesn't move away, then maybe try like a hand on their elbow if you're both laughing.

Again, dipping that toe. If after that they don't scootch away, try it again. If they don't reciprocate then you can scootch away. Non verbally let them know that you aren't trying to be threatening or overly aggressive. Atlas_is_my_son

Just Focus.


I'm female and flirted for a living (was a stripper for years).

Do not think of anything except them. When you look at them focus on how much you like them.

When you talk to them, same thing.

You can talk about something as mundane as the weather but as long as you're simultaneously thinking about how you're enjoying looking at them you're going to give off signals, you're going to smile and laugh more easily and be more attractive yourself in general.

Psychologically speaking - people LOVE to feel like you like them - so make sure you do and focus on that.

Works like a charm, trust me. Charlotte_Sometime


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