People Explain What Everyone Should Experience At Least Once In Their Lifetime
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Ever have a "once in a lifetime" experience?

Did you plan it in advance or were you just in the right place at the right time?

If you're a planner, AskReddit has some suggestions for your next adventure.

Redditor Leoz_13 asked:

"What should everyone experience in their lifetime?"

The Great Beyond

"Seeing the stars far away from any ambient light."

"Where you can see the Milky Way and a steady stream of shooting stars."

"It’s awe inspiring, and changes your perspective about your place in the universe."

- lizzieb77


Parental Pleasure

"Seeing one of your parents get so excited about doing something with you that they're almost crying."

"My dad and I have always gotten along, but we've also bickered a lot since I was a teenager. But last August, he and I took a road trip to New Mexico and went to these really old Native American ruins called Gila Cliffs (I highly recommend everyone go there at some point too. It's amazing!)."

"He and I were walking up the trail, and then we rounded a corner and there they were: these 500 year old Native American ruins built into the cliffside. My dad looked over at me with a smirk on his face and a little water in his eyes and told me 'I'm so glad I get to experience this with you'."

"My dad doesn't express a lot of emotion usually, so that was really meaningful to me. I think everyone deserves to have an experience like that with one of their parents. It's so special."

- Fred_Foresk

Winter Wonderland

"The complete silence in a heavy snowfall."

- Stale-Jello

"When the top layer of snow is fresh and fluffy, and moonlight sparkles off the individual snowflakes like a wave of glitter. The sound of your footsteps crunching quietly beneath you."

"The quiet ambient swish of snowflakes falling onto the ground and the light pattering of them hitting your jacket. It's a very peaceful feeling when the weather is just right for it."

- NuclearCandy


Be The Change

"Helping someone in need."

- lovechunks3000

"Even just little stuff works."

- Fez_and_no_Pants

Nature's Giants

"Old growth forests."

"There is something humbling about seeing for yourself the life cycle of huge ancient trees and the incredible lush and vibrant ecosystems that exist around them as they grow, fall, decompose, and grow again over decades.

"A week walking across cradle mountain in Tasmania was life changing for me, as it has been for many others."

- dooony



"Making something with your own hands. Could be art, could be a fire, could be a carving or a tool or clay or a shelter in the woods."

"Creating something that came from you, and you alone is a rewarding experience and gives one a true sense of pride."

"Just using your own hands and some tools to make something out of nothing makes me feel grounded, connected, and away from my troubles for a bit."

- ProfessionalCow9566

Aurora Borealis

"Northern Lights"

- rollsoftape

"Not just little green ones, full on solar storm, fast moving, buzzing sound, colourful, northern lights!

"I cried when I first saw them and I’m glad I live north enough to witness them!"

- skaosowpwnw


Bills, Bills, Bills

"Being debt free."

- Foo3112

The Great Outdoors

"As someone who comes from a country with a lot of mountains and hills, I would highly recommend going trekking to places accessible only by foot."

"It's really nice to see the untouched,peaceful nature existing there, without humans to ruin it."

- howwouldiknow--

"Any outdoor phenomenon is amazing."

"Near me I have Niagara Falls, I love to go in February, March when the ice is loaded. One day I hope to see some come crashing down."

"The northern lights once. The Alberta Badlands. Lake Louise."

- nanfanpancam


To Be Loved

"To be truly loved by someone."

"My whole life, I was never loved. Not my parents,not people I dated or my 1st husband."

"Then I met my 2nd husband. We will be celebrating 9 years married and 11 years together next month."

"He loves me more than life and I feel it everyday. To be loved is something I hope everyone gets to experience in their life."

- mlj0312

Our Place In The Universe

"The feeling you get when you are completely eclipsed by a landscape, skyscape, or even a city sometimes."

"The feeling of joy that comes with recognizing how small you are in the grand scheme of the world is priceless and I wish I could experience the wonder and awe that come along with it a million times over."

"It's in Redwood and Sequoia forest, the entirety of Alaska, the desert sky in New Mexico at night; it's New York City when you step out of the subway for the first time."

"Being in the middle of the ocean on a giant ship and knowing that it expands farther than you would ever hope to comprehend (beyond some measurements on Wikipedia)."

"You and the Earth, alone together."



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