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Trust is hard. At a certain age it becomes near impossible to give it or to "trust" it. Not to be macabre but honestly, life breaks us and can destroy our ability to believe in the goodness of others.

It's unfortunate that so many people are willing to treat others like trash. That kind of behavior leaves scars and that kind of pain never really goes away. Mistrust manifests in ways that can hinder life.

I try my best to believe in everyone but after the things I've seen, that sounds naive. And then that belief makes me depressed. I don't want to believe the worst, it's just that I, and many of us, have been subjected to so much of it.

Redditor u/Billabongo12 wanted to see who would discuss their emotional scars by asking:

What is the story behind your trust issues?

Every morning I wake up and I decide that I will do my best to trust in people on the regular. But often by lunch I surrender. We have to keep trying though. Let's see who can empathize...


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"Parents never really believed me about anything even when I had an alibi. The worse part is them telling me I will not get in trouble if I tell them the truth which I was. My ex cheating on me and blaming me for it."

- SnooDoughnuts231

Drop Her

"My wife has been screwing another guy for several weeks. We have been married for 6 months. She didn't even tell me on her own, I had to initiate the conversation first. She didn't even end the cheating completely because she is "unsure about her feelings." We also have a three year old son. The conversation was last week. Guys, this is the crap that completely destroys you emotionally. I've never been so hopeless."

- No_Bumblebee7558

Human Relations

"I've been betrayed, cheated on, stolen from, used and abused, and a lot of other stuff but I still give people a measure of trust. I don't trust people with my life but I do trust them to a degree. It mostly backfires but not all the time. I can't imagine completely isolating myself because of the crappy variety of humans."

"I see human relations as a sifting process so it absolutely hurts when trusting someone backfires but I am at a place where I know what category to put them. Conversely, it's absolutely magical to find a person or two who are just so consistent and human but as good to you as can be expected."

"It makes up for all the trashy humans you had to process through your filtering system. Don't give up on finding a handful of people who will be sincerely good to you over the course of your lifetime. They do exist and you can be one to them as well. I hate it when the trash takes your hope over and above everything else it's don't and taken from you."

- NamasteVibes


"My ex-husband made me think I was crazy and couldn't trust my own judgement, it took a long time to come back from that and I still have moments in my current relationship where I ask myself if I could be wrong.. if I should prepare for things to go wrong even if there's no indication of a problem. That's hard to get over."

- Deezus1229

From Behind

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"Enough people talking behind your back, making fun of you, and then turning around and pretending they have a heart of gold will do that."

- how-sad-for-you

Gaslighters, gossips, abusers and liars. Life really is a "Dynasty" episode on steroids. So many villains, so little time. We just all have to learn to survive.


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"Too much broken trust and heartbreak when it comes to relationships, people taking me for granted, emotional abuse, gaslighting, & partners cheating on me."

- Ghoulthrower676

The Twin

"As a kid 90% of my friends were nice to me, but really hated me. Only reason I knew was because my twin sister told me they went to her to complain about me. I learned from them to see when someone was holding back from me. Turns out my whole family has similar signs. They still hide stuff from me, but they fill me in on their thoughts after the fact now. Still, it did a number on me. Still don't know why those kids disliked me so much."

- ugg_monster

I Got Me

"Being a child who was constantly shown that the people in positions of power over them, that were supposed to trust and care for them, would actually always choose to use that power to abuse, manipulate, and control. You then grow up feeling like you can only rely on you and anyone who seems trustworthy is actually dangerous. And that's on therapy lmao."

- ruffianpenguin

The Dork

"In high school, found out from someone leaving their Facebook open that my friends just felt obligated to hang out with me and wished they didn't have to. I was a giant dork who probably embarrassed them, so it's understandable to some extent, still wish they had gone about it a different way, or I had found out a different way. It's still hard to keep thoughts of "my friends secretly hate me" away sometimes."

- cummb

A Mess

"Trust issues with parents verbal abusive by them I may have bipolar not sure which kind but it will mess with me occasionally and I hate my life been treated like crap."

- Guilty_gun


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"Like I'd tell a stranger on the internet. Fool me once..."

- jeremyroastscoffee

People suck. Hard, cold facts. So what do we do? Therapy. Therapy. THERAPY! And meds, with the occasional vodka/soda. Half the reason life is so arduous is the distrust brought about by others.

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