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Whether it's due to stress, upbringing, the impacts of social pressure, or just having a very bad day, some people can't help but take things very personally.

Rather than allow the little things to brush off their backs and train their focus on the things that truly matter, they allow themselves to lose perspective.

And then, before they know it, they're red in the face and increasing their heart rate over something that has almost no bearing on their overall life.

Redditor Barry_Goldberg asked:

"What are things people take WAY too seriously?"

Some people talked about all things online. For all the good it provides through connection and information accessibility, it makes us a little cuckoo.

Beyond Competitive

"Online video games I can't recall all the hate messages I have gotten from games such as dead by daylight and red dead online"

-- sourkid25

Others encounter the bitter ones during everyday business transactions.

Read the Fine Print!

"Expired coupons. You missed the deadline, move on and stop screaming obscenities at the cashier."

-- BurghFinsFan

The Bored and Powerless

"HOAs. I swear, give any random idiot a modicum of power over something and they regress into a dictator." -- comin_up_shawt

"It always happens with the smallest amount of power, it's crazy. An assistant manager position, a mod on this site. They just go crazy with power."

"There's some subs where every post has a mod tag or comment, and they pin their own stuff. Most mods are probably fine, but man."

"I always wonder how such little power can go to some people's heads. In all sorts of small positions" -- appleparkfive

Everything Will Still Be Okay

"Their Starbucks order" -- StillManufacturer203

"More than once, something was either wrong, or missing, or not quite right. Little simple sh**. 'So sorry about that.' "

" 'Don't worry about it. This is nothing. No big deal.' "

"And the poor person working seemed shocked that someone could be chill about an incorrect drink, or order, or purchase. 'Oh, thank you so much for being understanding.' "

"Like, I've been there. Sh** happens. I've got other things in my life that merit my emotions. This, not worth worrying about." -- Missus_Missiles

And others shared a hodge podge of hangups they repeatedly run into while navigating the social world.

Let Em Wander

" 'Coherent' musical tastes. Especially in some music communities. You can be a Satyricon's fan and still enjoy Britney Spears' songs."

-- clubdebut

How to Spot Immaturity

"Being first in line, or cutting in front of you in traffic to literally be one car ahead." -- Individual-Print-166

"I love it when people do this to me, then take 10 years to get off their phone after the light turns green and fu**ing drive." -- 3colt3

Remember It Is Only One Day

"Weddings, I mean yeah, it should be taken seriously but imagine spending 30k on that wtf, and people trap you into spending 30k because it's a 'once in a lifetime thing. Go buy a house first"

-- Shapings

Love, Quantified

"Kid's birthday parties 🎈" -- Independent_Lab7371

"Graduation ceremonies for kindergarteners. Those can fu** off." -- Sniffs_Markers

"No, but you don't understand, just some simple games, cake, and pizza isn't enough. You have to color coordinate the napkins, customize the favors, and craft the place setting for each child."

"How else will the other moms know how much you love your kid?!" -- Pinky_McPinkFace

So next time you begin to see red, take a breath and ask yourself: does this matter all that much?

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