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When Reddit gets together to talk about the "you need to do this" sorts of things you expect an article about bungee jumping, weird sex and pretty much everything that happens in an early 2000's hip hop video.

Except that's not, at all, what happened this time.

When the question was posed this time...

What is something everyone needs to do in their life?

The answers were full of the "simple pleasure" sorts of things. We don't know if everyone's mindsets have stated to change now that the whole world had to hit pause, but it was kind of refreshing, honestly.

Not that there's anything wrong with wanting to sip a drink you can't pronounce from a glass filled with chilled diamonds whilst aboard a yacht with your 2 best friends and 17 models wearing a grand total of a foot and a half of fabric. That sounds fire, let's be real.

Everybody Eats

Learn how to cook.

- FlamingPopsicle

I'm 18 and I cooked for the first time last week! It was Japanese Ramen with chicken and beans. The taste was awful, zero flavor and way too much food. Today I made Mexican oven dish with rice and it was actually not bad. I also really enjoyed it so I'll definately continue :)

- Marivahlio

I was 100% self taught basically. My Mom is a great chef but I never put in the effort to learn in high school from her. Once I hit 2nd year of uni, I remember walking up to the kitchen and not knowing a clue of what to do, so I started off watching basic cooking videos and stuff. I wouldn't say I'm a good chef yet, but I can survive and make some good dishes and know the fundamentals of cooking. Starting off for those first few months was the hardest. I wasn't efficient and I was scared of hurting myself while cooking. Don't be like me, learn early so you're not panicking when you're an adult.




See the night sky and stars without light pollution. Seeing the milky-way bright and clear in all its glory is an unbelievable experience.

- Naweezy

I was at Basic Training for the Army and we were doing night vision training, and I remember looking up at the night sky with your NODs on was just the most prettiest and surreal thing ever. You could see so many more stars with that thing on than what you could see with the naked eye.

- who__dat__boi

Hell yes. My band was on tour some 15 years ago and were driving down a very long incline in the middle of the Mohave desert at night. Our brakes were getting hot, so we decided to stop for a bit. We all got out of the van and someone said "Holy S***. Look up."

I'd never seen anything like it. We laid on top of the van for about an hour, just staring in silence.

- HeavingEarth

I have seen the Milky Way, the full Milky Way in all its glory, once, on an overnight hiking trip with clear skies and a new moon. There is nothing like it. I feel bad for people (like me) living in cities

- Dharmsara

A Refreshing Shower

Drink an ice-cold drink in a hot hot shower or a bath. You're welcome.

- survivalofthefittest

Orange juice or just an orange in the shower in the morning is a great start to the day.

- SuperCool_Saiyan

Currently in a hot bath with an iced coffee - can confirm, this is, indeed, where it's at.

- eatabowlofspiderwebs

Stand Up

Confront someone who hurt you/ stand up for yourself. It's an incredible feeling, even if the person doesn't understand what you've gone through. If you have anything left to say to someone, do It! It will be off our mind and you'll feel a hundred pounds lighter.

- morbid_platon

After hating arguments/confrontation my entire childhood I'm surprisingly learning as an adult that a bit of anger can be a good thing. You stand up for yourself, you state your opinions more solidly... it's not bad to have a bit of confrontation in your life, it actually helps you learn and grow.

Never would have thought it. I saw anger as an irrational thing that just stops people from having reasonable conversations. And yeah, it can still do that if you take it too far--but a bit of anger can be quite healthy.

- carlotta4th


Leave your hometown and travel. Not necessary to travel by air or with a passport (though if you're able, yes please travel to a foreign country). When you travel and meet people, you realize that the world is a beautiful place and you are never truly stuck in a terrible home.

- HeyKrech

I also say aim for culture shock. Don't just go to tourist spots. See how the local people live. Get amazed and uncomfortable and see a different perspective.

- notreal280037

Up In The Gym


Work out. It does so much not just physically, but also is great for our moods. Even people with physical limitations can adapt some kind of workout to their body.

- jiu_jitsu_lila

Since I've been out of work with the whole quarantine thing I've started running most mornings. I feel like I have so much more energy throughout the day now which seems weird.

- proddyhorsespice97

I feel emotionally better after I get some kind of exercise.

- Friedeggs15


Quit a job they hate.

- Diamondheld

Yes. It's so liberating. It reminds you that you hold the wheel of your own destiny.

- CausticSofa

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