Nobody likes the truth.

We pretend we do.

The truth tends to lead to hurt feelings.

But we need to hear it.

RedditorSkinny_Cacitas wanted to get into some truths, though it may fall on deaf ears for many. Theyasked:

"What's something Europeans aren't ready to hear?"

I personally enjoyed Europe so this will be interesting to hear.


rude GIFGiphy

"Y’all are getting pretty damn fat too."

"Edit: it seems people really aren’t ready to hear this since they keep countering with “bUt aMeRicUH!!” We know there’s land whales here, that ain’t a secret."


A Dutch thing...

"The Dutch toilet is weird, it's externally awkward seeing my own pile of poo just chilling on the integrated poop shelf."


"I wasn't aware that this is just a Dutch thing. However, it's not just to admire your work. It's also an easier way to check if something's wrong with your poop. When it's drowning in yellow-brownish water it's much more difficult to see if there's worms, it turned out to be green or sentient."


'world police'

"A lot of European politicians (especially Western Europe) use the US as a tool for international diplomacy that would be unpopular political domestically. They'll openly condemn US foreign policy when talking domestically, but a lot of that policy is stuff they explicitly support in meetings like the G7. Europe intentionally has the US act as 'world police' so they can paint themselves as comparatively peaceful, all while reaping direct and immediate benefit to US military action."


Bad Occupants

"The problem with France is French people."


French people might agree with you. Parisians hate suburban banlieusards, the rich banlieusards (Vincennes) hate the poor banlieusards, folks from Bordeaux think they represent the true France, the Bretons would rather have their own culture, Corsica hates everyone, French overseas departments and territories (Départements d'outre-mer, Territoires d'outre-mer) distrust each other and so on."



United Kingdom Eating GIF by Declan McKennaGiphy

"Tesco have pulled Heinz beans from its shelves."


I love all beans. So I don't get why that's an issue. Oh well...

the equivalent

Travel Click GIF by Shay MitchellGiphy

"When you come to America and complain about how we do things here… you’re the equivalent of the American tourist you hate that complains about stuff in Europe."


Oh NO!

"Americans do not put hot dogs on pizza."


"I’m not saying it would taste bad, I personally would not eat it. Even though I do eat hot dogs. But in some European countries they think that hotdogs on pizza is a normal thing like ever pizza place has such an item on their menu. It’s just like the Japanese that think Americans eat KFC fried chicken as the center piece on Christmas."


Free for All

"Nobody should pay to use the restroom. Cleanliness is part of the bathroom attendants job, if you want a clean bathroom, raise the wages of the bathroom attendant, don’t pass along the charge to the customers. I also find it ironic that the same people against tipping find no problem with this issue."



"Us lazy and fat Americans don’t drive everywhere because we are fat and lazy, but because we literally don’t have a choice, there’s no infrastructure for it, even the sidewalks have random dead ends, too close to the street, or you have to wait 5 minutes for the walking signal to turn green/white."

"And even if we could walk safely and swiftly, suburbia is just neighborhoods with no end in sight and it takes hours to get to a store by foot."

"Edit: this also applies to America-lite (Canada) I’m not exactly sure about Mexico and the rest of NA but this is definitely a problem."


Hurry Up

Speed Racer Vroom GIF by Prime Video CanadaGiphy

"In an unlimited speed zone (fast lane), Germans get super mad when you're driving at 230 km/hr and your gauge goes to 300."


Same as US

"They are just as racist and prejudice as people in the US."


"It's so weird, when the Black Lives Matter protests happened I was living in Slovakia, and most Slovaks I talked to were appalled at US race relations, and were in full solidarity with the protests."

"But when the subject turned to the Roma many of the same people would turn around and say things like 'Oh they're different, they're actually just born lazy/criminals/etc. and that's why they live in poverty.' It was surreal hearing people who were ostensibly anti-racist use the literal exact same talking points that racists in the US do."


Where to go?!

"Y’all getting scammed paying to poop."


"In the UK you rarely pay to use a toilet. People normally try to not close the door fully if there’s no one about or hold it open for the next person so they don’t have to pay."


"Y'alls countries have a poop fee what?"


The Air

"Both air conditioners and fans exist and can be used to effectively cool your home."


"Depends where you went. I live in the Netherlands and by the time i am even starting to consider getting an air conditioner the temperature drops again."


"Air conditioners are not a thing in the UK - they are not commonly sold, there is no maintenance commonly available, there is nowhere to install them in our homes that doesn't take up a window."

"Even if you found somewhere to sell and landlords won't let you fit them, and rented properties don't come with them 99.9% of the time Don't tell me they exist when they practically don't over here. I can't speak for other countries but the UK? They're not a thing."


Fun & Food

Scared Scooby Doo GIF by Boomerang OfficialGiphy

"Americans have better roller coasters and Mexican food."



"Nescafe is gross."


"I mean, most Europeans would absolutely agree haha."


"I never seen anyone I know drink this."


The Show

"If you visit NYC with empty luggage you will save a great deal of money shopping in Long Island or NJ. The 'deals' in the city aren't great. Also Walmart is just a store, do not expect a show."


"I always take my European visitors for a trip to Walmart in a preferably lesser part of town. It sure is a show. Never disappoints."



"America doesn't do much better than y'all, but comparatively most of Europe is an accessibility nightmare for disabled folks."


"True. Public buildings got a lot better in the last years. Especially in bigger cities. It probably comes back to the average age of buildings in Europe vs the US. We have a crap ton of very old buildings/public buildings that were never build/designed for accessibility, elevators, etc."

"The town I live in was first mentioned in the 11th century, with the current town hall being there for a couple hundred of years. No one thought about wheelchair access when the US was still British. It got a ramp a couple of years ago for the back entrance, but still has stairs as the only means to reach the second floor."



Read Sewing Bee GIF by The Great British Sewing BeeGiphy

"Most of the world’s problems started in Europe, including America."


"Yeah, you are absolutely right about that. We Europeans f**ked up a LOT in history and still do today. Hopefully a bit less but I'm not sure if I can judge that."


Well that's an earful. Hopefully nobody is offended.

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