Waxing Professionals Share Their Hair Removal Horror Stories

Waxing Professionals Share Their Hair Removal Horror Stories
Image by Alterio Felines from Pixabay

There's something to be said about getting a wax, at least according to my friends who've done it. It's apparently rejuvenating. Look, before you stepped in, you had all this annoying and cumbersome hair in the way––and now you don't! It's magical!

And also painful, too (again, according to my friends). But what must life be like for the estheticians who have to get up close and personal with you or any one of their customers? Can they trust that their clients are the most hygeinic?

Estheticians and the people who love them shared their stories after Redditor Hairy_Whodini asked the online community,

"People who shave or wax private parts for a living - what are your horror stories?"

"Dude was immediately banned..."

"Not a beautician, but briefly dated one for a bit. She had a guy come in and get his bits waxed, claiming it was for a hot date that he had that night. She said that he was kind of weird and a little creepy, but she brushed it off.

She and I get dinner after work and her phone is blowing up. The guy had tracked her down on Facebook and went through and liked EVERY SINGLE PICTURE that she had posted in the last 5 years. The dude was immediately banned from ever coming back."


That's just creepy as hell. What is up with men? Dudes, you need to learn that badgering a woman doesn't get you the results you want.

"My wife was an esthetician for many years and did full Brazillian waxes. She would routinely tell people that male clients always show up freshly showered and seem to constantly worry that they're not clean enough as if the person who rips hairs out is judging your personal hygiene.

The worst, she said, is the women that would show up where you could smell that they'd recently had sex, either the smell of latex condoms as they lay there on the table chit-chatting about their day."


Ummm... why are people the way they are?!

I don't think I could do something like go to an appointment with an esthetician without showering beforehand.

"I wanted to stop the service..."

"Bromhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis. And she kept hyperventilating! I wanted to stop the service but she was a model for my esthetician training. Should have gotten one of the cosmetology students, instead."


"She eventually swung..."

"Oof, when I worked at a spa I would be the model for new hires to practice Brazilian waxing. One lady decided to become an esthetician late in life, even with glasses she did not have the best eye sight. She eventually swung one of the attachments for facials over me, essentially just a giant magnifying glass so she could try to tweeze anything she missed. That woman also lifted skin and left bruises. Another woman practicing could not get the wax off. The room was too hot so the wax wasn't working right. I was spread-eagle holding a fan at my lady bits, baby powder flying everywhere. A lot of my coworkers came in to see what was going on, about 8 people got to see my downstairs mix up that day. They did eventually get the wax off.


"My wax girl..."

"My wax girl told me one of her first waxes was a woman who'd given birth TWO WEEKS prior. I can't go into details. I won't do that to you."


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"When she pulled off the strip..."

"So this isn't my story, but my colleague's. We are both dermatology PAs. She went to a large cosmetic conference and attended a waxing seminar by a well-known aesthetician. She was doing a Brazilian wax on a young man live on stage. When she pulled off the strip of wax, his scrotum tore, and one of his testicles fell out (it was still connected to his body). The aesthetician was a total pro and explained that this is a rare, but potential wax complication in guys. So the audience got to see firsthand how to manage this particularly horrific complication. The guy was apparently as cool as a cucumber (you would have to be to get a Brazilian with a live audience). He was apparently completely fine after getting put back together by medical personnel."




"One time I was lasering..."

"One time I was lasering a woman's bikini area (full Brazilian). Now she was well put together- this was in a ridiculously wealthy area- but my goodness the smell was horrific. Like no showering for a few days bad. I knew something was up hygiene wise so obviously, I tried to do this as quickly as possible. Well, I had her lift her leg to her chest so I could do her backside and there were dried bits of toilet paper stuck. Had no idea what to do. Eventually, I told her that she had missed too large of an area why shaving, and I wouldn't be able to get a good treatment but we would finish it after her treatments were done. It was horrifying. This happened within the first month of my career too. Ever since then I have made sure to have baby wipes on hand for people to wipe down with.

And usually, during facials, I get people that say their skin is in really great condition and as soon as I touch it and look at it I can immediately tell they need some serious help. And then they don't believe me! Like one lady said she used nothing but Joy dish soap 3x a day to wash her face. You could almost see it breaking from the dryness. But no her skin was in excellent condition. So stuff like that happens all the time. It just baffles me how out of tune with their skin some people can be. But anyway that's more of a rant than a good story."


"I have a ton of them..."

"I have a ton of them, but a few months ago I was doing a Brazilian wax on a first-time client. As I removed a strip of wax from a particularly sensitive area, she proceeded to slap me and say, "Bad girl!" She was mortified. We now joke about it each time I see her."


Don't try to convince me to get a Brazilian wax. It's not happening. I can't do it.

I love skincare so much but some of these stories are a flat out no.

Have some stories of your own? Feel free to tell us about them in the comments below!

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