Escape Room Employees Share The Craziest Antics They've Ever Witnessed

An escape room is meant to simulate being trapped in a room so we get to pretend. But apparently, many forget that. They use some very strange, dire maneuvers to bust out of the thing at all costs.

But inappropriate life-and-death urgency isn't where the escape room craziness ends. I other instances, the insanity is completely irrelevant to the escape room. It merely occurs within the room.

Who knew that an escape room employee, huddled in an adjacent room monitoring camera footage of the room itself, had such an entertaining job.

These escape room employees of Reddit had no idea what was waiting for them when they took the job.

FischeWaschenXD asked, "Employees at an escape-room, what was the weirdest things you've witnessed through the cameras?"

Conserving Energy for the Big Breakout

"There was a room with a bed in it. Instead of continuing to follow the clues, two guests proceeded to put themselves to bed and then take a nap for half the time. They weren't hurting anything, so I let it happen."

"Before they left, they remade the bed and tucked two of our skeletons inside."

-- ThatsBalderdash

One Thing Led To Another

"The group of guests manage to pull an entire twin bed, mattress, frame and all, through a thin passageway and into the final room through the secret door. They thought it would be part of the puzzle."

"It was not."

-- DJ-Wallaby

Deals Were Made

"The strangest thing I can think of is this one time the guest skipped every clue and happened onto the final solution to escape the room in the first five minutes."

"As I was heading towards the exit of the room to offer them a steep discount for completing the room on record time and seeing if they wanted to try another room I overheard the guest starting to unravel the mystery backwards from the end point."

"Seeing them sound so exited and into the mystery I walked back to my station and saw them solve every puzzle backwards in record time."

"After they got out we shared some laughs over what happened then traded a free coupon for their next visit if they told me how they unraveled everything so we can run it as a new scenario."

-- Maxedious

Only One Way Out

"The story that comes to mind is a group of Swedish construction workers genuinely thought the solution to the puzzle was to lift the door off its hinges."

"Although a more common experience would be explaining to customers that the games aren't as fun when intoxicated, and then have them complain that the game was way too hard."

"That stopped when we started adding a histogram of every players score on the souvenir photos, and their embarrassing times were way longer than average..."

-- escaperoommaster

A Touching Family Moment

"Best escape room story I ever heard was someone flying home for Thanksgiving while his sister had persuaded their parents to try out an escape room together. They arranged it with the staff so he was waiting for them in the second room."

"Not that crazy, but a fun story."

-- unclear_warfare


"Someone dug through six tonnes of sand on the floor to follow a live electrical cable which she then tried to chew through." -- LondonJam3116

"What kind of stupid do you have to be to act like a squirrel." -- SinnexT-T

Could've Been Heartbreak. Could've Been Genius. Either way, it was Awkward. 

"A couple broke up in the room I was running... I then gave them loads of hints so they could get out asap." -- VillainousStrumpet

"Over the intercom: 'Now all you need to do is work together...' " -- DudeTookMyUser

"If anything, this was brilliant strategy." -- spaceradio_rec

Gotta Be In Here Somewhere...

"Not an employee, While looking for a key, I put my hand in a box and pulled out a stuffed rat tied to a cord. I was convinced this was important, stuck my fingers up a tear in the stuffed toys arsehole and started yanking out its stuffing convinced I'd find a key, a clue... Something."

"I was quickly warned over the phone by an employee that the rat was just part of the set and to please leave it alone."

-- purehealthy

Fly on the Wall

"So there was this group of 5 or 6 teenagers in this one room. And at some point when they open a secret door the lights go out making it almost pitch black in there. Now the cameras we look through obviously change to using IR light, and I immediately see 2 of them go in a corner and start making out."

"So yeah, pretty weird having to see that while their friends, less than 2 meters away, be oblivious to what their friends were wasting their time on lol."

-- Endurs

An Escape Room First Date? Should've Been Suspicious.

"I went to an escape room to meet a Tinder date for the first time. He had paid for the session online and told me to get there at 7."

"He just ... didn't show up?? I ended up completing the escape room with one of the employees there, because she felt bad for me and the session was already booked lol."

-- Georgia_M8


"My mother and her friends went to an escape room one night for a girls night out, and while they were solving the room one of them elected to just fiddle around with the final lock on the door which was a 4-digit code, and miraculously unlocked it and walked out."

-- gloomyvicious

When in Doubt, Bum Rush It

"I went to a place with my family and, while we went into our room, we saw some employees working on fixing another room. Apparently someone from a group before ours decided the only way out was to shoulder charge the door, which wasn't all that strong, and ripped the entire thing out of the frame."

"I guess they technically succeeded."

-- unnaturaldisorder

The Possessive Type of Player

"I asked an Escape Room employee this once."

"Our room had a big metal safe."

"One guy who played in that room just picked up and carried the safe around the entire time."

-- IzarkKiaTarj

Crazy Disorganized, That is

"Honestly most of the odd stuff that happens is because us employees forgot to reset one part of the room."

"The worst was when this new employee reset a room for the first time by himself. He locked all of the locks, but never actually locked the door of each safe to itself, so the customers were able to open everything like there were no locks at all."

"He eventually became assistant manager at our store. We were desperate."

-- ronster123

When a Nerd Herd Rolls Through

"We had a group that, within about 30 seconds, worked out the code because one of the guys figured out a clue from the first two sentences from the video."

"They were pissed off."

-- Portmanlovesme

A Very Committed Imagination

I had a girl pee herself in one of the rooms. It's important to note that our escape rooms aren't meant to be broken out of, you have a set objective in the room, so the doors are not locked. She could have left the room at any time, she just chose not to. I never got a chance to ask her why, as they left relatively quickly.

-- Tesseracctor

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