People Share The Biggest Insider Secrets From Companies They No Longer Work For

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It's hard to ignore gossip and rumors at work, whether at the water cooler, in the bathroom, or in an email sent to the wrong recipient.

Of course, sometimes gossip is nothing more than just that, with no truth or validity to it whatsoever.

Other times, however, it turns out to be accurate, and what's more, should it become public knowledge, it could become truly damaging to the company's reputation and business.

Hence why many companies make all their employees sign an NDA, often preventing them from sharing information about whether they continue to work at the company or not.

Not all companies are as careful, however, resulting in some employees leaving with the knowledge that could one day force the company to go under.

Redditor broadway96 was eager to hear the juiciest information people learned about their former workplaces which they weren't supposed to know, leading them to ask:

"What's a company secret you can share now that you don't work there?"

Off The Books, But With Good Intentions

"This isn't a company secret, but:"

"I worked part-time at a Domino's franchise in college."

"The owner was, at first glance, a short-tempered, critical penny-pincher who did everything he could to save a business money, right down to watching over your shoulder to make sure you didn't put too much cheese on a pizza."

"Cheese is called 'white gold' in the pizza industry, even back in 2002."

"But after working for him for a while, you realized why he was so specific about the margins."

"Twice yearly, he would send out generous bonuses (in the form of money orders made out to his employees from his own personal savings account) to the college students working for him."

"the checks/money orders contained the memo line 'keep learning!'"

"The amount of the money orders would be directly correlated to the profit margins of the stores he owned. The dude did legit profit sharing."

"After I graduated, I heard a rumor that he was trying to start up a small education grant trust that would benefit applicants of the Farmer School of Business at Miami University, but I don't think anything ever came of it."

"This owner also played favorites when hiring."

"Every single one of his managers was a former employee."

"Three of the four managers at his stores when I worked there had graduated from my college with business degrees."

"All four of them had a small portion of their education paid for by Marvin Covington."

"Marvin Covington, Oxford, Ohio Dominoes owner from Vevay, Indiana, died in 2017."

"That dude knew how to do business, and do it right."- sunward_Lily

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It's all in the branding

"I worked at L’Oréal."

"The cosmetics from L’Oréal and Lancôme are practically the same."

"But Lancôme costs like $20 more."- BayBel

A Literal Comic Book Villain

"I worked at a comic book store that offered a service where you paid a small premium to have sent in rare comics to have them graded at CGC."

"A few months later we had many customers coming in to check the status of their comics."

"We contacted the owner to see what was going on, and he would always claim that there was some distribution problem."

"Fast forward a few months, we found out he was taking customers graded copies and selling them online while trying to return back issue versions of their original comics."- ZealousidealWay1139

The American Healthcare System Everyone...

"Health insurance dude."

"When you file a claim, it is often denied because they're counting on you not escalating it."

"Once you do, your case goes to a 'medical management group' which ought to be called the 'we don't wanna pay' group."

"Keep escalating and involve your doctor."

"Fight for the insurance you paid for."- theUttermostSnark

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"The vehicle modification shop at Chillicothe Correctional Institution in Chillicothe, Ohio dumps waste coolant from the machine shop into a storm drain that empties directly into the Scioto River, because the chemical disposal tank is a 55 gallon drum in the paint shop, and that's much too small.

"They can't throw me into solitary confinement for complaining anymore."

"This happens about once a year, when the machine's coolant reservoirs are emptied and the coolant replaced."

"It's not on a schedule, it's one of those things that you do when work is slow."

"Each machine holds 15-20 gallons, and usually you just add more as it evaporates, but eventually it gets nasty and needs replaced."

"It's supposed to go in a waste tote to be disposed of safely, which is what every non - government machine shop does."

"Being able to prove this is being done would require knowing when they're going to do this, and that's a decision that's often made spur of the moment - hey, work is slow, let's have a clean up day."

"There aren't any phones in the machine shop, either."

"A container to store the waste properly costs $200."

"Why waste taxpayer money when we can just poison the taxpayers instead?"- Pariahdog119

Neat Freak! But It Paid Off...

"I don't think it's a bad secret at all."

"But back in college, I delivered pizzas for Papa John's."

"The store manager must have had an undiagnosed case of OCD or germaphobia or something."

"Because every night, he would assign someone to do the cleaning duties (mopping floors, double checking expiration dates/throwing away expired stuff, etc.)."

"And every night, he would absolutely lose his temper and berate whoever was doing the cleaning."

"They were going too fast, they weren't cleaning everything, whatever."

"After that, he'd always take over the cleaning himself."

"He was amazingly picky about the cleanliness and food quality."

"'Expiration date is three days from now? F*ck that, I'll order more'."

"Throw that sh*t away, we're not serving it'."

"He would also go out of pocket to buy special cleaning products 'because that worthless bullsh*t that corporate wants us to use doesn't get the job done'."

"He also went out of pocket to hire some kind of specialist to clean out the fountain drink dispenser, ice machine and all that stuff."

"'The machine needs to always be as close to brand new as possible!'"

"One stand out moment for me was when he reduced a cashier to tears by hollering 'Would you eat off this floor? No? THEN IT'S NOT CLEAN ENOUGH!'"

"He wasn't telling her to eat off the floor."

"He was just making a point."

"After we'd closed the store, he'd kick all of us out, lock up behind us and stay until something like 2am cleaning the place."

"You always knew when he closed because you could smell the chemical scent still lingering in the air."

"The end result of this was the store, the food, the equipment and the facilities were always in squeaky clean condition."

"Customers (somehow) picked up on what a perfectionist the store manager was and bought from us all the time."

"Because there's a lot of peace of mind that goes in with knowing your food was cooked by someone willing to throw ingredients away BEFORE the expiration date, stay in the store until God knows when cleaning everything, etc."

"The true irony was how much the boss hated himself because he didn't think he was doing a good enough job to run a clean restaurant with fresh ingredients."

"It didn't matter how many compliments he got from customers or how many service industry veterans said they'd never worked in a place as obsessive about freshness and cleanliness as his Papa John's store, he was convinced his store was still a filthy barn."

"Eventually, he got promoted to some kind of higher level corporate position (district manager?) that required him to visit other stores and make sure they were all up to spec."

"The end result of that was a LOT of stores in this area all improved seemingly overnight."- EponymousTitular

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Easy Way To Get Attention

"If you pick up a wall phone at Home Depot and push '7' it activates the store wide intercom."

"This works in every store in my province afaik."- _Zoko_

Be Careful What You Say...

"If you were on Live Chat with Customer Care, I could see what you were typing before pressing send."

"I watched people work through grotesque, racist, sexist statements, fraudulent lies and mistruths, meticulous grammar fixes, and their whole range of emotions in real-time before deleting and typing 'ok'.”- BariatricPressure

2 Secrets For The Price Of One

"Ford parts from Mexico are way more reliable than Ford parts from Detroit, or at least they were before 2020."

"I worked in Detroit and we had some customers who were fussy about us always doing repairs with Michigan parts, but when we had a problem that wouldn't stay fixed we would always secretly switch to the Mexican parts, which did solve things."

"I was a prison guard a decade ago and we installed some facial tracking software in the surveillance cameras."

"One of the inmates panicked while cleaning the unused solitary confinement cells--which is usually a desirable job, it's easy as f*ck and nobody pays attention to you, and he insisted that he be moved out of that job because there was a ghost."

"The ranking officers decided to check the new cameras, and the security software claimed it saw a face behind the inmate at the same time as he was visibly startled in the camera footage."

"We're all aware there are mundane reasons why a new facial recognition system would think it saw a ghost, but since the inmate and the security software both thought there was a ghost it was decided that the inmate should be immediately transferred at no penalty."- NoAnTeGaWa

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