Employees Share Secrets About Their Workplace They Shouldn't Even Know


If I told you, I'd have to kill you. Hahaha, just joking... maybe.

Workplaces are a breeding ground for secrets. Human interaction already breeds so many strange things, coupled with the idiosyncrasies of your profession-a lot tends to come up.

u/TinMan11111 asked Reddit:

What do you know about your workplace that you are not supposed to know?

Here were some of those stories.

Avarice And Greed

At a previous job we had an HR manager get fired right after returning from maternity leave. She was replaced by the guy that she trained to fill in for her while she was gone. She sent a company wide email with the pay rate of everyone from the plant manager on down. It was a sh*t show. A lot of pay rates were wildly different in management/supervision and maintenance. There were talks of workstop strikes and slowdowns, even threats of unionizing. I believe that this one act lead to the eventual closure of the plant. It was a crazy time.



By jumping from department to department over the years, at my old job I knew a combination of things that no one person was supposed to know.

I knew alarm codes, vault combinations, locations of keys, passwords, schedules, location and functionality of cameras and security systems.

Led to a lot of idle daydreaming on bad days of things I could, but never would, do.


The Art Of The Dance

All this stuff is so negative...I'm gonna throw a positive one out there!

My boss is secretly a competitive ballroom dancer and he's too embarrassed to tell anyone. I found out when my girlfriend and I took a beginner course and he was in the studio working on a routine. I got sworn to secrecy but I think that's so interesting.



My office purposely messes up people's wages to see if A) they're honest about receiving extra or B) they can save money by not paying it all. It's such a scum thing to do just glad it never happened to me.


Fair Pay

I found out my coworker on a lower position was getting a few thousand dollars more in salary than me (she told me her wage when she left the company). Wrote up a polite but stern email to my boss asking her to not only match it but increase by a couple of K - because I did have a higher position after all - and she did. Sometimes knowing things can be a benefit.


"Maybe" Emails

At a place that I used to work I was the only person with any IT smarts. I set up the spam filter to forward to my inbox any "maybe" emails that it caught which I would then look at and forward on if they weren't spam.

On two occasions I was forwarded an email receipt for viagra which one of my colleagues had purchased with his work email address. I just deleted them rather than forward on because, well, because it's just easier that way.


Must Be Funny In A Rich Man's World

My boss makes more than $6m annually but likes to pretend he's only making 100-200k so the low level employees don't ask for more. I make more than everyone solely based on the fact that I run the books and know how much he actually makes so I can ask for more.


Salaries Need More Examination

Not a current job but at a past job, my manager quit and the CEO gave me access to his emails so I could find information about how to do projects he only knew about.

I started looking for all the salary information from all the co-workers on my team. Found out I was being paid significantly less than the person who previously had my position.

I went and negotiated about a 40% raise with the CEO based on that information.


Down With The Ship

I work in a pretty well known financial institution. I see a select few people most days commit what could be described as negligent at best and downright reckless actions at worst. I'm on a relatively low level so they presume I don't see but I'm just waiting for auditors/regulators to tear the place to shreds.


The Best Boss

Not my current job, but when I worked in logistics my boss, head of outbound operations didn't have a high school diploma and the job required a college degree. She lied on her resume to get the job.

She was an amazing boss, though. She didn't micromanage, she called me on my sh*t and screw-ups when they occurred but was never mean or "power-trippy" about it. She offered suggestions to increase efficiency, but they weren't required, we just had to test them out, keep what worked, discard what didn't. Somehow, she always was able to make me feel proud of a job well done, while still making determined to do better. Probably the best boss I've worked for to date. And that includes 6 years of self-employment.

She was fired a few months after I left for lying on her resume.


Honeymoon Nightmare

A friend of mine worked for a video coding/editing company. Their financial person went on a long honeymoon with her time off so she trained someone in the essentials to keep the business going while she was gone. Boss hangs around trainee while financial person is away, thinks that is 100% all the financial person does. She returns with an offer for a 20% paycut due to her limited role, boss says he'll replace her with trainee if she refuses. Financial person laughs it off and easily gets another job with her degree in accounting or whatever. Trainee is quickly over her head with past dues/billing/payroll. Company goes out of business a year later.


You Dummies

We once had a policeman (in the UK) asking us politely if he could check our CCTV that has partial view on the road because they were trying to locate a burglar's van. We asked why he didn't ask all the stores and pubs on the road that have a much better angle. He said none of them are actually recording. He told us that most business owned security cameras are either not maintained, not recording, recording in useless quality, and sometimes they're not even plugged to anything.


Writing On The Wall

That in March next year the company I work for will lose the contract to provide catering and all employees will probably lose their job. I can't sleep at night, I can't look them in the eyes. The company that contracts us has already started negotiating with another contractor and I am friends with someone high up in that company. They've told me to get out ASAP. My boss doesn't even know. I have been dropping hints but I don't know what to do. If I can i will find new jobs for my team (there are two separate teams and I manage 1) before then and encourage them to put in an application but I can't make them.

Edit to add some info and correct : I should not have said "all employees" as this is technically not correct, I had my team in mind when I said that. My boss has other business interests within the state and local area he will be relatively fine as will the chef's of the business. They cook for multiple venues, though they may find themselves with less hours. I am not withholding this information lightly, if I tell my company what I know I will most definitely jeopardize my friends job. It is known that we are friends by some people in his company. Those that are most likely to be losing their jobs are the service staff, mostly school aged kids and some older adults. I am looking after the older people first, they have mortgages and bills. I can say I know most of the people on a fairly personal level, the kids will be OK, there's a good amount of work around for them, we are in a tourism town. Thanks for the kind words and support Reddit, it helps.

Edit 2 : Regarding the concern for those who may lose their jobs, we are in a tourism driven region and March is the beginning of our peak tourism season. Yes I am concerned for them and their welfare however I am very confident they will find work should they want it. As for the older team members who have mortgages etc, I have organized an offsite "training session" and will encourage job seeking to occur.


Peak Efficiency 

My first internship I had a very restricted laptop that frequently needed the admin password to do anything. My boss kept it on a sticky note. In a meeting I memorised it. I never needed him to authorize something and my efficiency went through the roof.


Slow Your Horse(s)power

I worked at a place several years ago doing Tier 1/2 and running a help desk. There was a fairly high-level employee that would watch porn on the company computer. I didn't care.

I still didn't care when he called up complaining about his computer being slow. I cleaned it up and told him "must be some of those sites you're visiting on company time...you know...?"

I cared when he escalated his "slow computer" issues to the president as an indictment of my office. He left the company shortly after I produced a report of the malware he'd downloaded, the sites it came from, screenshots of the sites he was viewing, and timestamps of when he was acessing the sites.

Don't f--- with your IT guys.


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