Employees Reveal When They Finally Snapped And Quit Their Job On The Spot



The last straw should be a life mantra. It probably already is, especially when it comes to our careers. It's unfortunate that life is life and finding the dream job isn't always part a guaranteed part of the life plan. Bills have to be paid, food needs to bought in order to survive, so sometimes we suck it up with jobs that drive us beyond the point of crazy. But eventually that moment is going to occur. That time when the situation or the people you work with bring you beyond the brink and you know... THIS IS IT!!!

Redditor u/GameHackBot wanted to hear some crazy stories dealing with career changes by asking... Workers of reddit, when have you said "F**k this, I quit?"

50. Reassign THIS honey!

I worked as a server at a bar during college.

The head bartender each day was in charge of assigning tables to the server. There was one bartender who really didn't like me and every time she worked, she would give me the worst tables so that I wouldn't make as much in tips. She also did the scheduling. She started only scheduling me for slow times early in the day, like during lunch when we would have 50% off lunch specials. It sucked, but fair enough, she does the scheduling and I needed the money. Well it just got worse and worse until I was barely making minimum wage even though I was making close to $20 an hour when I started.

One day, during a slow lunch, I was working with a different bartender. When the bartender's shift ended, the other bartender who did the scheduling came in to take over. I was serving a large table of probably 15 people, probably the best table I had had in a week or so. She saw this and decided to "reassign" tables and work as a server as well as bartender. She of course took my table and said it was now hers, even though I had been serving them for about an hour and they were almost done with their meal.

This wasn't the first time, but it was it the last straw for me. I went up to the table, explained the situation, and instead of just transferring the table, I cashed them out, which they were happy to do. So I collected the cash tip, told the bartender "F**k you. I quit," and walked out with the tip from the table and never talked to anyone at that bar again.

I found a better job the next day. ABrotherGrimm

49. Whoops! 

Years ago I worked in a restaurant and it was Christmastime. This place was supposed to function with 4 waitresses, a busboy, dishwasher, manager and 2 cooks. Only the manager and I showed up. He did the cooking, I took orders, served, bussed tables, washed dishes and so on.

During this I accidentally dropped 2 bread plates and they broke. Manager says to me "I'll have to take those out of your pay." I told him that was funny, thinking he was joking. He wasn't.

I turned around and grabbed a stack of dinner plates, threw them on the floor and said "take those out of my pay too" and walked out to leave him with the whole mess. seagoingcook

48. We are 1! 

I spent almost a year working in the office at a place where, in the interview, the manager admitted that they have to replace their entire office staff on pretty much a yearly basis because everyone tends to quit at once. (I was in a really unpleasant job situation at the time and looking for any way out, so I studiously avoided paying attention to that giant red flag.) 10 months later, as I hand in my notice a week after my desk mate hands in hers, my boss sighs and goes, "Here we go again." Turns out when you treat people like crap at a busy, stressful job they tend to burn out in mass. scarrlet

47. Invest in Depends...

I quit after working for four hours at a sushi restaurant. I asked where the bathroom was and I was told "we don't really get bathroom breaks." I left right then and never came back. It was pretty sad the manager said he understood and wasn't mad at all. magicthelathering

46. I'm one person...

Previous workplace gave me a promotion to "Sales Lead." Buried in the fine text was a line that read something to the effect of "if there isn't an actual manager around, you become the manager on duty."

Didn't think anything of it until they conveniently fired my direct manager a week later, didn't replace her, and expected me to do all the work she used to without a promotion or pay raise. ScubaScoober

45. Oh K-Mart! 

I got hired at K-mart to work in sporting goods. Was told to wear the traditional black pants and red polo.

Day 1 - "Sorry, we can't train you for sporting goods today, we need you to help unload trucks."

It's summer in SC. It's 100 degrees and 80% humidity. I'm wearing black pants and a thick polo. No change of clothes.

End of Day - "Sorry about today. We'll start training you tomorrow. Come to work in uniform again."

Day 2 - same thing

Day 3 - same thing

Day 4 - same thing

Day 5 - same thing

Day 6 - same thing

Day 7 - I came in on my day off to quit.

If I wasn't dumb and 17 I probably would have just wised up and brought a change of clothes. I didn't mind unloading the truck, although the sweat drenched clothes weren't ideal. The real reason I quit was the obvious lack of planning and management. Semlohwerd

44. Signed, Sealed... Delivered....

Worked at a mall retail store in college for a couple years. When I was just a lowly peasant the manager was great to work for. Once I became a key holder is when things changed. I learned very quickly why the other key holders didn't last. The manager would make rash decisions that would then be blamed on everyone but her...

Last straw was when the evening shift didn't change out some signage and I get in the next morning having no idea there was new signage to be put out. She came in and berated me about the signage not being updated. I walked in the back dropped my keys off told her I quit and went to walk out. She grabbed me and told me I need to give a written notice and fax it to corporate.

"To whom it may concern,

I terminate my employment effective immediately due to managers inability to properly treat staff."

Faxed it and walked out. She read it after I had already sent it and chased me out berating me more claiming I would never get another retail job in this mall... blah blah blah... Three weeks later I started at another store in that mall and always made it a point to smile and wave at her when I saw her. MikeOxsbig

43. I'm going to Wendy's.... 

Oh man, I had a McDonalds manager do that to me when I was 15! I refused to continue working closing shifts (5pm - 1am) during the school year. First of all, I wasn't legally allowed to work past 11pm because of my age. And secondly, closers made $1 more per hour than day shift, but I never had my pay adjusted.

Told her I wasn't going to come in for any more closing shifts unless my pay went up. It didn't and I didn't show up for a week until she finally scheduled me for a day shift. Immediately got pulled into the office with GM and DM so they could yell at me and tell me that I'd never find a job again and that I might as well plan on living with my parents for life. Jokes on her though, she's 40 now and still working there. It's been her only job since she was 16. im_twelve_

42. Where is the humanity?

I got a VIP contract to vaccinate a bunch of elite clients. they rushed, they brought on some extra nurses barely vetted them and began. Virtually no breaks, and piles of paperwork. They didn't finish ordering and setting up the computers and there was only one computer to chart on like >100 patients a day. Not all the nurses got their clearance for the computer yet either.

Scariest part was i had to stop someone from reusing a needle that she didn't realize she used on a previous patient. She told me she only primed it (pushed the air out) but i told her without alarming the patient that it was not "suitable."

i told her to go away and cleaned up her area, vaccinated the patient and never went back. I was already sick of them only thinking about the bottom line. Reddit

41. Hold my apron! 

When I was 14, I wanted a summer job with my best friend. We went to the fast food shop at the beachside. It was quite popular since it was the only fast food around. We get there on a Friday afternoon and we meet the owner. 50-something man with a big belly from probably the fast food he serves. Tells us we can get there the next morning and people would show us around.

We get there at 9 am like he told us and there was no one. First employees arrive at 10.30 to open. They have no idea we were supposed to work. They tried to help us the most they could but they were cashier with no training for the food stuff. Both their "cooks" left that week and the owner was doing all the work.

We finish our first day without any trouble, slow day overall.

Sunday arrive and we are not prepared for the sheer number of customer. We still have about no idea how to cook the food and how the equipment worked. Owner arrive with a bunch of his friends. We were swamped with people but he shoved them around a bit and asked us to do "6 hot dogs, 6 fries and 6 diet cokes and fast." We knew it was for him so we told people to wait and we finished their order.

Not 30 seconds after the owner comes back behind the counter and begin to tell us we are crap at our job and that the fries were not cooked enough and that we messed the condiments on the hot dogs.

Mind you, there were a lot of customers waiting for their food at that point and they were all looking at us getting yelled at by the owner.

I look to my friend, he looked at me and we both knew what to do. We took our aprons off and told him to f**k off. We left him with all the orders right there and then, never went back there. They closed down about 2 years after. jewishpinoy

40. You are past the due date! 

Made me clean dried out moldy milk that was turning black and icy, without gloves and paper towels. Did 5 mins my hands had ice all over them, told my boss I need gloves otherwise I can't do any more. He told me to get back to work and quit wining... F**k you Tesco, find someone else to clean your nasty milk...

PS: Boss said I was the first to clean it in over 2 years. Great work for a Christmas temp. Ashman901

39. Even Meredith Grey would peace out! 

I worked in a hospital as a labor and delivery nurse, hired for the night shift. On New Year's Eve of 1987, I was the only one working in L&D, common there, but you had no help. It was storming badly that night with near white-out conditions. In twelve hours, I had 15 babies born during an electrical outage in which the generators failed. I delivered 5 on my own with a flashlight in my mouth while waiting on a doc to get there. Two were c-sections with only me to assist, serve as a scrub nurse, and circulate.

I had 1 hemorrhage, 2 drug-addicted mom's, and 2 sets of twins. All babies and moms were alive, admitted to their floors, rooms cleaned, instruments on to soak, and paperwork finished by 7 am. My head nurse called me on the carpet for not clocking out to take a break. I told her that I didn't get a break, that L&D nursing is 1:2 ratio (1 RN to 2 patients) and she was violating safety codes. I threw my keys at her and told her I was called the state. I quit that morning. A week later, they were fined, OB had been shut down, and she was jobless. My next job was as a head nurse. She had no idea I was the one interviewing her when she applied but needless to say, I didn't hire her. CheesecakeTruffle

38. Kick her back! 

HR wouldn't deal with a woman that started to hit me at work, It was a call center and this one woman just took issue with me because I had social anxiety and would kick me under our workstation, My leg was bruised pretty badly. HR did nothing and didn't take me seriously and thought I was "emotional" I walked out and was told never to come back. naturalluci

37. The Poop is hitting the fan! 

I was working at a top bank in my country, and I'd recently finished an 18 month project to implement their new OH&S and Workers Comp system, when I was regularly pulling 60+ hour weeks, and I'd recently been passed over for promotion. Then my dept head at our yearly conference decides to ambush me with the announcement that we're completely scrapping the system I'd just implemented and going with something else. I flatly refused to be a part of that process so the working group for it started without me.

6 months later we're all working on our projects and at an interim managers all-in I was presenting my project (a different system implementation) and the replacement for my old system was also being presented. My presentation was basically talking through the challenges I was facing and being realistic about what could be achieved. Their presentation was basically a fairy-tale about how easy this was going to be and how the new system would be in by Xmas (about 5 months). This was hilariously laughable given bureaucracy at the bank, they'd be unlikely to even have provisional sign-off for funding by then, it took 5+ years all up for mine.

My presentation was universally panned, theirs was deemed amazing. I walked out, called a friend to see if he'd talk me out of it and make sure I wasn't being a complete idiot, and when he didn't I quit the next day. The managers were still in their all-in, and from what I hear poop hit the fan when they realized that their only sys-admin for the current system was leaving. When everyone else found out I wasn't leaving for another job and had just quit flat out, a lot started questioning their own experiences and I think within 12 months there was 80%+ turnover. Only person I know that stayed was a senior manager getting way more money than she deserved, and a friend who was planning on having a child and wanted to cash in on the generous maternity leave.

Good times, would recommend. IamSando

36. No Bagels for me! 

Actually I had a "F**k this. I'm glad I quit." instead.

I was 14 and worked at a small local bagel shop after school. I was supposed to come into work but instead I called them and told them that I was quitting. A couple hours later (during what would have been my shift), the shop got robbed at gun point. They held a gun to the 17 year old manager's head and demanded money from the safe. I didn't know the combination to the safe so if he did that to me, maybe he would have shot me. That manager went to my school and it seemed to have traumatized her. AwkwardSummers

35. MEDIC!!

I once worked in a (pretty fancy) hotel as a waiter. They had these crates that go through these industrial dishwashers and they were in really bad shape. The palstic was all scraped up and had sharp edges. So one time I obliterated my finger on them. Getting my finger stuck in one of the holes and peeling the skin of like a carrot about to be turned into a salad. I played it cool and went to the kitchen staff to ask for a bandage. They opened the first aid kit which was empty, so they proceeded to give me a paper towel and some duct tape (which was okay imo, I'll treat it properly at home.) But the boss decided I could still work the remaining 5.5hrs of my shift serving people plates with a blood soaked tampon that was my middle finger. Zentuxal

34. Not for $5 and hour! 

I did roofing in during the summer in middle School. It's hot as hell. I was getting paid $5 an hour, cash under table. Well I found out at school that roofers are supposed to make a lot of money. I thought I was doing good for my age so didn't make a big deal about it. That weekend I'm at a job, carrying shingles up a ladder to the other guys. The home owner is laying on a float in his pool, and yells "I hope y'all aren't hot up there?" And starts laughing. I told my boss he need to find other help and climbed off the roof. Walked over the pool and Cannon balled in. Home owner was pissed. I got chewed out by my parents. I felt great about it. Justin_inc

33. Not in MY mouth! 

My first job working at a butchery in New Zealand:

I was employed for 3 hours after school each day to come in and clean the Block (Large wooden object used to cleave meat), all the knives, the floors etc etc.

The main counter for the shop was one of them large windowed, chilled display case, in the centre of this display case was a drain for water and blood, the drain lead to a large bucket that needed to be collected, emptied and cleaned every day....

One fine day I finish cleaning the knives and the block and the floor and I head into the front of the shop to collect the bucket but its only half full today. I have no idea why, but I say "its half full today," the boss came over and said "yep, I bet she's blocked again, looks like some meet got stuck int he drain".... he then proceeded to hand me the end of the hose pipe running from the counter to the bucket and says "here suck on this to get clear the pipe."

I said to "you are not paying me enough to put that in my mouth" he got upset and said I was lucky to have a job close to school, I just put my stuff down, took off my oversized apron started to walk out, didn't say a word or come back ever again..... flappy_cat

32. No AC? No Way! 

I worked at Sonic Drive In while I was in high school. It was absolutely terrible. Every summer the AC would go out and it was absolute hell working in the cramped kitchen in between a 400°F fryer and grill. The cooks in the kitchen made at most $8.50 an hour while the car hops (waiters / waitresses on roller skates) averaged around $18 an hour after tips, there was no tip share. One day in the middle of my shift I got a call from a friend asking if I wanted to come work with him detailing cars starting at $10 an hour, I asked him if I could start tomorrow and he said yes. I immediately went to the manager and said f**k this, I quit. BoostedLegacy

31. #NoShame! 

I was hired by a company that recruited me hard. During the interviews they kept telling me I would be a great fit and was the right man for the job. I truly believe they thought that because they paid me a ton of money which is why I accepted the job. It's a long story but after a month I knew I wasn't capable of doing the job and they decided to leave a lot of those job descriptions out during the interview.

I was confused, angry, annoyed, etc. I spent the next 4 months applying for other jobs and going through interviews while I was still working there and I just told them I was visiting customers. I started at a new job and they kept paying me until they realized I didn't work there anymore.

I have no shame. donutshopsss

30. On the Spot! 

I was five minutes late and was chewed out because of this, but they were so keen to forget that I filled in for them the previous day because someone quit on the spot. I too quit on the spot. EmuSounds

29. Thanks Belinda!


I had worked at a University for 23 years. There were over 7700 staff and I think I had met half of them by then. Working as a Senior Field IT Tech, was awesome for the first 20 years. They were very flexible and I had lots of side gigs. In the end the bean counters came in and made things more efficient by outsourcing many tasks. Usually they were the "fun things." The last year was very repetitive and mundane. Lots of problems that we couldn't fix because they were "someone else's problem." One day I came in and attempted to resolve 7 different problems; and I was shut down on each because they each had their own team of people who's responsibility it was. I said "F**k this; what do you need me for...." went straight to HR to quit.

Belinda, the HR Manager, was not you typical cliched type. I'd fixed her PC before and knew her. She said, "Don't quit today, take the weekend, wait until Monday, and see how you feel then." I took her advice, temporarily retracting my signed resignation, and went home.

On Monday the largest round of redundancies were announced in the University's long history, because of the Enterprise Bargaining Agreement, the payouts were incredible. My accountant when he saw how much was being offered, suggested they had made a mistake, and called on my behalf to check if it was correct. (It was). Effectively 2 years salary (after tax).

I would have missed out if Belinda had accepted my resignation. mattesse

28. Bite Me! 

Was told I'd get time off the weekend before 4th of July, Manager makes a last minute schedule change the day of and tells me it's mandatory to come in. After arguing about how I'd told them 2 months ahead of time, I told her I wouldn't come in ever again and to bite me then I hung up the phone. deathfox919

27. Caio Jorge! 

HR dude calls on Friday at 6pm: "Hey, i'm really sorry, the insurance company won't cover you until you're an employee for 60 days."

Me: "that's...a shame. Since you promised that you'd cover me and children right away, that you'd arrange the 60 days going to not apply to me, and i told you that was a condition for me accepting this job. Also, my son's surgery is literally on Monday, in 2 days."

And he was shocked shocked that I quit the next week, just totally livid that i gave a week's notice. "You know this means you'll never work here again." Yeah Jorge that's the point. discogravy

26. The Education Scam...

I was hired for a college to run their office where students got hands on work in the field. When I discovered that they were ripping off students hours, I started providing students copies of their hours and telling them to keep a notebook with the copies for their records. See the students were on a contract that if they didn't graduate by the date estimated for completion, students were required to pay $200 every additional week it took to complete among suspensions (which in turn went against contract graduation date).

They also asked me to falsify report of students absences to suspend them even though I had documented proof the student was in class. I decided to leave that job but not before telling students to report them to the state board and providing statements for the lawyer who the students gathered to represent their case. DubbMcLuvin8885

25. Greedy SOB! 

For the second year in a row the big meeting with the CEO went :

"And we hit 150% of our targets this year. No pay raises for anyone." ReallyHadToFixThat

24. No Smiles! 

I used to work as a some kind of "aid worker/rescuer" in events with large gathering of people (concerts, festivals, etc)

The boss/owner always put her head down for the clients, and allowed them to exploits us. One of the regular clients was the event manager of a popular stadium. They would ask us to be in the stadium 3 hours prior the event to clean (yup) and stay afterwards to clean (yup). The manager wasn't paying more money for it, but the boss didn't want to lose the client so we just have to do it.

So, there would be events with that took 16 hours to complete, with a menial pay, no food or beverage AND with the client expecting us to do more work for free (note: I've never did that, and always encouraged my partners to leave, it wasn't our job to clean).

But the moment that made me say "f**k this s**t," was when the boss called me saying that the client emailed her with a complaint about me. I thought it would be about me and my team always leaving after the job was done and not staying for cleaning, but no: "they told me that they always see you chatting with your partner, and with a smile. They don't want the attendance to see their workers distracted and/or laughing, they want to show that only professionals work with them. So they are asking that you turn down a notch your positive attitude and keep a poker face all the time." TheOnewhoFixes

23. You're Gonna Need Security! 

Had a sh!tty retail job a million years ago. Xmas season (oh joy!) We have a target of $X to hit by end of year. It's a bad year. Really bad. How bad? WalMart reported early data that they were 5% lower that the year before. Keep in mind WalMart had never, ever, reported a lower number YoY up until then.

Head manager: Come on team, we can do it!

Me: You just said WalMart is lower. Our goal is 110% of what we did last year. Will there be an adjustment to the number?

Head manager: No!

Two weeks later in company meeting...


Yeah... I was done. BeakMeat

22. No Paddle!


I got hired in a custom fabrication shop as one of their 2 welders. Boss promises to have me learn a bit of everything (machining, water jet, design) but barely even had me do any welding, on top of being a massive c**t to everyone. Talked crap about us to customers while we were working right next to him. Got hired at a different company Thursday evening, other welder quit Friday morning, I quit Friday at lunch. Felt real good leaving them up s**t creek. weaselsrepic

21. The Punisher! 

I've worked in retail part-time since I was 16. In my first job they started introducing a "punishment" system for when team members didn't make their target.

Thankfully it never happened to me, but one day a manager posted on our staff Facebook page a video of them throwing a bucket of water over an employee who didn't make his target, purely for everyone else to laugh at. This didn't happen with any of the other "punishments."

He had worked there 10 years. He was a stockroom member so wouldn't even be on the shop floor to make the targets set for him as all targets for every member were sales-based (even if you weren't a sales member, because if it was busy there was a chance you would have to go on the shop floor and help).

He had taken off his shoes and placed them to the side so they didn't get wet. He did this because he had to get 2 buses to and from work every day. That was my official "f**k this" moment and quit after that. Reddit

20. Home Visits

I was the IT department for a small company. A few times I would go to the owner's places and work on their computers there (setup VPNs back to the office, etc).

Didn't take long for that to morph into "come over tonight, my teenage daughter has an essay due and the printer isn't working" and "little Johnny got his computer loaded with viruses again. Come fix it." I didn't get paid extra for the house calls.

When I finally said "f**k it I quit" they wouldn't accept my resignation (as though they had a choice) so I wrote a bridge burning letter detailing why I was leaving. House calls was the only point in the letter that they took issue with. RubertVonRubens

19. Make a Wish....

Company promised a retreat in Banff because we hit our sales targets. Two weeks before the trip, they say it's been cancelled, with no plans to pay us out for the pooled bonus that would have went towards that trip. On the weekend of the trip, a manager posts a photo of her and other managers in Banff. But oh no, it wasn't work related!!! They said it was for a manager's birthday (even though one of the managers that went absolutely hates the one who was allegedly celebrating the birthday). Quit shortly after. stumbleupondingo

18. That's All....


I worked as a sales engineer for a small company. They kept dangling the $1M sales month over our heads. Promised they would make it worthwhile. Keep pushing.

So we finally made it. The reward? Senior management got custom made bobble heads of themselves. They sat it the lobby and looked creepy as hell. Thats all. bondsman333

17. The Shoes.... 

Ooooh boy strap in.

I used to work at IHOP as a server, our manager was wildly incompetent. She would leave with the manager card (which was the only way to correct an order, refund something etc.) she was spiteful and stupid, a deadly combination. So I was poor, and had a raggedy pair of the non-slip shoes you're supposed to wear in food service. I also had a pair of doc marten work shoes that were slip/oil/electric proof. Same color and all. She made a big stink about me not wearing the correct shoes, I explained they were on their last leg, and that even though the docs were technically not regulation, that they fit the criteria. They even said it on the sole. So she threatens to fire me over these f**king shoes and I cave and wear the crappy shoes to work. Saturday night, packed to the gills. Not a seat in the house.

Halfway into my nightmare understaffed shift, as I'm carrying an appetizer sampler and a tray of drinks to a table, the sole rips from the upper and I TRIP AND SPILL THE WHOLE F***ING SAMPLER ON THE TABLE. Ranch. Honey mustard. Marinara. 4 Dr peppers. All over me and a couple. Face and all. I freak out and apologize, explain I'll comp the food and and go to find the manager. Guess who went home? With that almighty card you need to void checks or discount them. I also had about 5 other tables suffering who saw all this happen.

I call her, she's at home. Lives 15 mins away. I told her not to bother, asked her how she could be so stupid to go home with the card for the 10,000th time, screamed about the damn shoes etc. and told her to go f**k herself. Took my tips out of the cash I had, told all my customers their meals were on the house, and stripped down to my underwear right there in the parking lot. Walked to my car and changed my clothes. Never looked back. behindler

16. First Jarod, now this! 

When I was 17, my boss asked if I had any extra Vicodin left over from my on-site work injury, and if he could have it. The owners of that Subway were f-ed up on opiates. I left not long after. InorganicJuggernaut

15. It's the Principal....

I got skipped on a guaranteed bonus (company performance not mine) even though I fell well within the requirements. It wasn't a ton of money but I felt slighted. They felt like they owned me.

Little did they know my clients had been scouting me as an employee (I'm was a contractor) so I already had jobs ready for me at better pay. I quit and took the job with my client effectively killing the contract renewal with my old company. My boss pleaded with me to stay, and offered even a higher salary. I told me "If I was worth (more than the bonus) before I quit, how come you didn't offer it to me then. I'm quitting on principal not for the money. This job offer existed BEFORE your slight."

They still get excited when I call for a referral thinking I'm coming back. Nope, sorry. that_guy_who_

14. What I'm Worth! 

Yup, been there. Was hired by a consulting company with a very good salary (no complaint about that!) and promised a bonus of up to 1 month's salary. I brought an existing contract with me and was 100% billable from day 1 (they gained a new customer by hiring me). I was able to expand their footprint with this customer to the point that I was leading an international team of consultants and operations staff and generating over $1 million in turnover with this customer alone.

When the end of the year came around, my bonus ended up being 5 vacation days. No cash, no pay raise, no thank you for the 7-digit turnover. Essentially they gave me the equivalent of 1 week's salary without actually spending a penny. In my previous company, there was a bonus system where I would receive a small percentage of each new contract, meaning that I would have earned around $18,000.- from the business I generated in that year. A bonus of "5 days off" was, um, underwhelming, to say the least.

I was pretty frustrated with the lack of recognition (among other shortcomings of this company, like a total failure to set goals for any of the employees or hold annual reviews), so I left shortly thereafter. Sadly, I moved into an even worse position before joining some former coworkers who had started a new company. My career (of over 30 years) has been a bumpy ride at times, but I am now in a position where I do not feel that this is just a stepping stone. Count2Zero

13. Death Defying Acts.... 

Was a cell phone tower climber. Winds were pretty high, right on the edge of where we should have called the day off. Foreman was a drunk whose wife thought he was sober, he would close the bar down every night we were on the road, as did most of the climbers. A few hours in the winds keep getting gustier, foreman wants to finish the job.

By the end I remember just trying to get the cable stable on the tower, leaning off as far as I could to bring it back in and then pinning it to the steel while my coworker attached it to the tower. Mind you this is heavy cable, a bit more than a pound per foot up a 300 foot tower. Those things get moving, if it falls and gets damaged it is expensive, and it if it hits someone they're going to the ER. I kept my calm through the day, but it wasn't the first day of overlooking as many safety precautions as possible. People free climbing, dropping tools from height, etc.

Obnoxiously the pay wasn't even good. The cell phone companies contract out to construction management firms who contract to smaller fly by night crews. There is no money at the bottom of that crappy ladder. wouldyajust

12. Fourth times the charm...


After being refused for the FOURTH time after being promised a raise because of being assigned parts of the jobs of five (yes, FIVE) higher-paid people who had been let go, I said F this, I retire. But first I took off two months to have an elective surgery under their health insurance. I was first promised the raise as of Thanksgiving, then December 1, then Christmas, and finally the end of January to give management enough time to do the paperwork. The first of February they told me that, unfortunately, I would not be getting the raise. Stimperonovitch

11. It's Bubbling Over....

I once worked as an air quality monitor. We would primarily get involved with sewage contractors. One day, we're on a job and there's these huge cylindrical "digestion" tanks with tons and tons of human shit inside of them. They were each around 30 ft tall. One of the contractors had to perform work on the roof of one of these tanks. I was to be harnessed and standing beside the guy monitoring for any VOC's. There were concerns that the roof would collapse, and even though I was harnessed, I would literally fall into a huge pile of bubbling crap. I said "f**k this, I quit." Blown_Resistor

10. Break the Code....

I once spent 6 hours fixing an error in my code that stemmed from me misplacing a space. That was when I realized that 1. I hated this job, and 2. I am seriously not cut out for this if I could waste 6 hours on this kind of error on my part. I quit a week later after I got another offer.

It was PERL 15 years ago, in case you were wondering. It was a regex that was supposed to write over a file upon command. Debuggers were terrible back then but honestly I was just bad at the job. ell20

9. I'll take the noodles...


I worked in an outgoing call centre for one day and one hour. It was ringing up small business owners trying to get them to do a survey. I spent several hours being told (justified, IMO) to f**k off. If you weren't dialing a new number as soon as you'd ended a call, the management were on your back. In our opening script, we told them the survey was 10-15 minutes. The one time I got someone to do it, he was asking how long was left at about 20-25 mins. It was miserable. The second day, I got in, spent and hour being told to f**k off (justified), then just stood up and walked out. I'd rather it 7p packets of noodles than do that. spinach1991

8. The kitchen is closed! 

I worked at a family friends bar as the kitchen manager. It wasn't very big and usually it wasn't overly packed. They fired 2 cooks and I was on my 6th week straight with no days off and no paid overtime.

I was closing and the kitchen closed a few hours before the bar closed. The kitchen had been closed for over 40mins when I hear the printer spit out an order. I go out to the bartender and was like wtf. "Ahhh he's a regular and I didn't think you would mind." So pissed off I go turn everything on and start his order. After about 2mins of cooking, I'm like what the actual hell am I doing?

I walked straight inside to the manager and simply said "I'm done." He's goes "what do you mean you're done." I repeat "I'm done" turn around and walk out the back and get in my car. He comes running up and was like really? "Yea I'm out of here, this isn't worth it" and drove home. bulwyf23

7. Counting the Seconds...

I'm getting real close to that at my current job. Helping rebuild an E-commerce store that was mismanaged by a contractor who, through two botched re-platforms in the span of 6 months, managed to erase 10 years of marketing efforts which reduced traffic & sales by ~88%.

New owner of the company thinks that the website can generate $300k a month in sales "in short order" despite my continuous objections and how that's well over twice of what it generated a month when it was at its height.

Dude does not get it, isn't listening, and has delusional expectations. KiloEchoNiner

6. Inequality....


Was working 70 hour weeks alongside two other people at a video game gig in California.

The other two people quit because of the work hours. I was working 110 hours a week for several months to keep things going. I was told there was a hiring freeze, which was why they couldn't backfill my two coworkers.

Eventually they moved two junior people in under me, and gave me a promotion on paper only (no raise) to manage them. I quit when i found out that each of them was making $20k more than I was. ChaoticFather

5. Good Luck!

Manager wouldn't give me a 20 minute break despite having worked the past 13 hours with no break. Her superior swore at me when I asked to take the time so I called her a c#nt and walked out. I was 23 and they said "good luck finding a new job with that personality." Well I already had one and I got a new one real quick. I stand by it: c**t. ManinBlack29

4. I'm One Person....

I was customer service manager and kept having my team get moved to new positions and they just wouldn't hire anyone to replace them. I was basically doing my manager job plus the regular job of 4 others for the same pay while my managers kept dumping more and more of their work on me.

I went on vacation to Michigan over memorial day and decided I was going to take a PTO day on the Tuesday after and at this place PTO could be used at anytime no questions asked as long as you had the days still. I was told no I had to be there, I said it was a 6 hour drive just to get home and I'd see them Wednesday. I decided then and there I was done and when I went back I basically only did what was in my job description and on Friday after I got back from lunch I was let go!

It was the best feeling cause they had to pay the rest of my vacation days out and I got unemployment all June til I found my current job! itsfish20

3. It's you not me! 

When my boss repeatedly yelled at me because her incompetence slammed my department with more paperwork than was humanly possible to get through in the time she arbitrarily needed it, eventually leading to the company cutting my hours. Reddit

2. The Good Mother....

I worked for a preschool for a short while, and the great thing was that I was allowed to bring my toddler with me. She was a little younger than most of the kids, but no big deal. She sat for story time, got to learn her letters and colors early, and generally did what the other kids did. The older kids loved her and pretty much made her the class mascot. Unfortunately, my supervising teacher had a problem with me bringing her. Not that I was focusing only on my child, or that she was a distraction. It was just that bringing a child to a work place, any work place, was against her principles. She'd insinuate that I was a bad mom for working in the first place, and that I was neglectful for exposing my daughter to my place of employment, which, again, was a preschool.

Finally, after she had had a particularly rough day, she went off on me for what a terrible mother I am and how I should have my child taken from me, and that she'd be making a call to CPS, and that i was fired (she didn't have that authority). I simply handed her my keys, told her to never contact me again, and walked out. Called the director that afternoon, filled her in, and thanked her for the opportunity. Supervising teacher got fired the next day. Haceldama

1. Chickens Out


Worked at a big retail grocery store, in the deli with the rotisserie cooked chickens.

Obviously, in training, they harp about food safe temps and all that. If the food is below a certain temp, we have to take it off and prep it for the "frozen" stuff. If it's past a LOWER threshold, it is no longer food safe and is garbage. Also, the deli part closed at 9 PM, and all food was to be taken out at that point and either cut for the pre-wraps, or thrown out.

Anyway, it's about 15 minutes to 9. I check the temperatures, and all of them are below the threshold, so as per my training, I prep the ones still safe for pre-wrap, and throw out the one that was too cold. Now it's around 8:50ish, and the store manager comes by and complains why there aren't any chickens out. I tell him I Just finished doing a temp check and they were below the threshold, so I took them off. He asks why any wasn't made to replace it, even though it's a 15+ minute cook time, and we CLOSED in 15 minutes.

He threatened to write me up for not having chickens out. I didn't show up the next shift. Ennbeard


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