Employees Reveal Red Flags To Look For When Starting A New Job

I may need to keep looking...

We all need a job. We all have bills to pay, but we have to be careful to not end up in an employment situation that depletes our souls. Yes, the money may be great and you may be in a financial situation that is concerning but it if you really think about it.... there is always some way to make money. Some of those ways may not be ideal but more often than not, the less 'ideal' is better than the miserable. Pay attention to the signs. You know when a situation isn't right.

Redditor u/FlamesOfIce6 wanted people to share some employment realizations that we all know we've been through by asking.... What is a massive red flag about a new workplace?

Get. Out. 


People have either been there for decades or a few weeks. No people in between. desertravenwy

I posted this in another thread a few months ago. It's an extremely telling red flag that the old timers are on cruise control and the newbies are left to fend for themselves. dopkick

Longevity is key....

I always ask in interviews what the turnover rate is, or why the person I am replacing left the position. Definitely avoided some sketchy scenarios with those questions. Pjvie

I always ask this too. But I've found something interesting over the years: too low of a turnover rate is almost as bad as too high. Too high is obvious: everyone's leaving a toxic place. But too low is more insidious: after all, wouldn't people want to stay at a great place? But it's also the case that a lack of new blood means the processes and skill sets get stale, and after a while nobody leaves because they CAN'T leave. They can't pass an interview someplace else because their skills have stagnated for a decade. yellowjacketcoder

I'm out! 

Agreed. I was hired in as a dispatcher for a local police department years ago. I was like 22 and they threw me on answering 911 calls on day one of the job. Gave me no instructions on what I was supposed to say, do or ask. I was so flustered trying to take emergency calls and dispatch units accordingly. One of the calls I accidentally hung up because I was so nervous. Had no idea what I was doing and the guy who was "training" me just wandered around the station talking to people while I was left clueless and yelling for him to come answer my questions and help me.

What a waste. Left my job of 4 years and took a pay cut to give myself a better opportunity. I said forget it and didn't show up at the end of the week. miller131313

Honesty First! 

I already posted one comment here, but I've got another. I got started in HVAC last spring and a month before tech school graduation I went to every HVAC company in my area and handed in my resume.

I had four interviews, my current employer was my third. He gave me the job offer but then told him I had an interview somewhere else shortly after this one and I wanted to see how it goes. After I said that he gave me some really good advice. He says:

"That's good, that's great. Interview at as many places as you can. You need to find a place that fits you and your expectations. If that isn't here, then I wish you luck. Just remember: Not only are they interviewing you, but you should be interviewing them."

After he said that I pretty much had my mind made up. This small company actually gives a crap. IAmGodMode

Mouths shut! 


If, within the first month, your boss complains to you about your peers. Get the hell out. CommanderShift

My ex boss right on the interview told me he was planning to fire a sales person and was complaining about him to me. I took the job anyway. 7 months later i quit. pepperpuss

We're a team.... right?

They're not prepared for you on your first day. nikkitgirl

If I don't even have a damned computer password just to get into Windows for a week so I'm sitting there twiddling my thumbs, it's not going to work out. eddyathome

The Laundry List....

- High Turnovers

- Bad management

- Coworkers seem annoyed most times.

- When you feel like you have to walk on eggshells so you don't get written up for the littlest things.

- When getting trained if you get a coworker that is showing you how to get through the day. I.E places to hide. That's a bad sign.

- If you are the quiet type then you will be surprised about what you may here from the other employees. I've heard so many things. I'm surprised HR isn't busting down the door. KarmaticFox

Where's my Coin?

They have insufficient funds to cash your paycheck. stacktherocks

Don't worry, it'll just rollover into next quarter. to_the_tenth_power

NO words necessary.... 

The look of defeat on the faces of their employees. When a place is good to work, their employees seem to be excited to be there. There are smiles, there are jokes, there is enthusiasm.

When a company screws over and abuses their employees? The employees get that look of defeat in their eyes. Their job has no enjoyment, it is merely about survival. When I say survival, I don't mean working to make some money to get food to eat, I mean that you are trying to make it to the end of the day, just to go home and repeat the cycle, each day a bit worse than the next. People don't joke and if they do, it seems to be morbid jokes about the workplace. People aren't social. You can feel the lack of joy. The company has managed to defeat their workforce. slider728

You don't own me! 


When they want to know about private accounts or even some asking straight up for social media log in information. masteroftheseas

"At company x we don't sell anything or product is free or it sells itself..." Leave right then. Trenchft


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