Employees Break Down How They Actually Got Their Bosses Fired


Spending all day at a tiring office job can really wear on your soul, especially if you have a bad boss. Though 5 o'clock comes quickly for some, others will feel the slow crawl of time until they can go home where they're allowed to badmouth their boss to anyone who'll listen. Getting the boss fired for their incompetence is a typical fantasy that will come about, but that never happens...


Reddit user, u/theiguana_32, wanted to hear the juicy story when they asked:

workers who got their bosses fired: how?

The Young Lion Comes For You


Advanced through the company through hard work and dedication and slowly began to usurp the boss's duties and responsibilities. Eventually the owner realized what a lazy schmuck the old boss was and "laid him off." A week later I got a new title and a 35% raise.


Everyone's Innocent Until The Proof Shows Up

I used to worked as a server at a high end restaurant. My boss, also the assistant manager of the restaurant, used to flirt with me. He'd ask me over for dinner and I would politely refuse. Then he started calling my cell and invited me again. I wanted to be firm but was afraid I'd get fired so again I politely refused.

When it didn't stop I went to his boss. I knew he would deny the in person flirting so I showed her the one my phone the times he had called me, after gettin my phone number from my files. He was called in, denied everything of course until being shown the proof. He was fired on the spot. Turns out this wasn't the first time he had done this. He has a record but nobody thought to check it.


Don't Feel Bad About This At All

My best friend and I worked in retail, 17 years ago - we met there, actually!

Our boss was a tactless, misogynystic racist. One night, he made a Mexican family shopping in the store incredibly uncomfortable by yelling "this is America, speak English!"

It was beyond cringeworthy. My best friend took charge. She called our general manager the next day and after an investigation, our boss was fired. No idea if he learned anything, but I was glad we no longer had to interact with him.


Abandon Ship

I got hired at a local small computer store to replace the sole worker who worked there for 10 years, but that worker literally ran the store and the owner had no idea what he was doing and was a huge a--hole to work for. He would constantly yell at me and the other guy he hired for not knowing exactly how he wanted things to be done, desire the fact he never told us anything. So after a week, both of us quit, and he couldn't hire anyone else, so his business went under in the following months.

F-ck you Jeff.


Good Boss, Bad Worker

I'm an assistant manager at a restaurant and my general manager got fired. He was a good person but holy sh-t was he a terrible worker. If we had orders backed up and the cooks were struggling he would be in the office doing god knows what. He would refuse to enforce minor punishments but would straight up fire people because they had to call out even if it was their first time doing so.

Eventually when he decided to take a week vacation. We pulled the store out of the hole he put it in and the owners noticed. When the general manager got back from vacation he could tell that the owners were unhappy with him so he put his two weeks notice in but was told to just not come back at all.


Gaming The System

Not too glorious, but I worked at a cookie cake place and our manager constantly came in late/left early, which would often leave us in a bind. I found out that he was technically able to clock in from his phone, but that he was absolutely not supposed to (weird, idk why that was a thing).

Anyway, through our checkout tablets we could see when he was on the clock, which was sometimes hours before he physically arrived at the store. So he was basically falsifying his hours. I began keeping a spreadsheet (a damn good one at that) documenting it, and when we were fed up, I just sent it to the district manager.

He was gone after a couple days. Good thing was I remained anonymous and he had no idea it was me.


Crossing The Lines

I had to a supervisor that stalked me outside of work. She made the work place an incredibly toxic environment, not just for me. But she stalked me outside of work. I went to her supervisor with my concerns and they told me to confront her. Supervisor was a social worker. Supervisor's supervisor was a psychologist. I work in MH/SW so I know better than to confront a stalker. Luckily the contracting company I worked for had my back.

Crazy Pants stalker then decided to take photos of co-workers and send them to the contracting company and whoever else. Despite going to Inspector General and Equal Employment Opportunity nothing was done about supervisor's toxic behavior. Eventually someone from the "main office" came to supervise our office and interview all of us. It was routed up the chain of command and crazy pants supervisor was "asked to find a new posting." It took a lot of documentation and interviews.

TL;DR: Social Worker stalked by supervising social worker


It's The Army. That's Not Gonna Happen.


I've told it before...not fired but transfered.

Had a squad leader make us all stand out in the Missouri winter soaking wet until someone volunteered for weekend duty. I told him I had previous cold weather injuries (frostbite) he ignored it. The corporal saw my blue feet when I took off my boots and sent me to the aid station. The Dr. lost his sh-t and that squad leader was in another company the next day.

It's not as justice bonering as getting an ahole fired but it's the Army that's not gonna happen


Maybe Not The Best Place For Cocaine...

Not only fired, arrested. His arrest ultimately lead to the firing, it was f-cking GLORIUS! How? He was snorting cocaine at a company outing that also included children.

He had like $500 worth of cocaine and various other drugs in his backpack. Normally I would never rat on someone for drugs, I've dabbled more times than I care to admit. But this guy was a complete f-cking erratic sociopathic d-ck head who would regularly demean employees in front of other employees. He was a functioning coke/pill head.


If You're Going To Complain, You Best Be Perfect

I used to work at a title company and witnessed our department manager forge mortgage documents on a fairly regular basis. So when she went to upper management to throw the entire department under the bus for being behind on recording documents, I marched straight to HR to resign and let them know what she was doing.

She was fired and they called me and offered my job back before the week was out.


"And nothing of value was lost."

For a while I was a project manager who got moved around from project to project as a "fixer". I was moved to a project where the customer just could not be satisfied, no matter how many people, how much attention, how we bent over for them. Our program's director, who should have been our advocate, would not manage the customer, and instead just hammered his employees to do more more more. People on our team were being let go due to "failure" or quitting outright due to burnout, and he was b-tching that he couldn't get good people.

Because of my sort of special position as general dogsbody I happened to have the ear of our VP, and this project came up in casual conversation. I mentioned that it seemed funny that if the director was doing his job, how so many employees that we knew by fact and reputation were good employees had "failed". A week later I heard that the director had been let go.

And nothing of value was lost.


One Thing Leads To Another...

By doing so much it started an investigation into what they were actually doing during [their] day.

Officially she was fired for sending nudes through corporate email, but the only reason they were tracking her email was to understand what she was spending her time one. Turns out it was an affair.


Follow The #1 Rule Of The Zamboni

Was working maintenance at an ice rink. The rule for anyone who knows how an ice rink works is if the zamboni doors open, you get the f-ck off the ice. Some d-ck-head decided to ignore the fact that they were open and that I was standing in the doorway, and decided to rip off one last slap-shot. The puck bounced off the glass and hit me in the head.

I was OK, but reported it to my boss, because we have to fill out an incident report for things like that. The boss asked "Are you OK?" I said I feel OK, then he responded with "Well, we don't really have to report it then do we?" I reminded him of the protocol, but it was clear he didn't want to do it. Since he wouldn't do it, I sent a descriptive email of the incident up to the administration, because I felt there should be some sort of documentation/paper trail in case god-forbid I ended up having a brain hemorrhage or something a few days later.

The boss was fired by my next shift.


Let's Go To The Cameras!

Worked register at a tour company.

I also had a manager who f-cking HATED me for some reason. She was probably the b-tchiest person I've ever met. Constantly yelled at us for not reason, got on to me about answering questions a new hire had (when I was asked, not her), wrote down I was 30 minutes late for a shift when I was 2 minutes late, etc etc.

We had a sneaking suspicion that she was taking money from our tills, as she was always the one who counted down the till when someone got fired for stealing cash. I made it a habit to count down every bill when I gave it back to a customer, because we would get pay docked if we were even $1 off. So if a customer had $23 in change, I'd count twenty, one two three in front of them, so I knew I'd given back the right amount. We also had cameras poining at the registers.

Well, one day my GM pulls me aside and says $20 was missing from my till and they were going to fire me. I straight up told my boss she could look at the cameras, because I counted out all my bills for customers.

LO AND BEHOLD. B-tchy b-tch was the one who counted down my till and got caught on tape pocketing the money. She was gone by my next shift.

F-ck you, I won.


Don't Mess With The Guy Who Handles Your Records


Management was giving an injured worker sh-t, not wanting to pay him, accusing him of goldbricking. Worker said, tell you what, do the right thing here or you will be sorry. Management said take your best shot.

Worker called the EPA and APCD, told them where to find the logs that showed discrepancies in toxic material storage and usage. Sheriffs deputies showed up and raided the offices. Field supervisors from 10 years ago that had retired got subpeonaed. It was epic. Cost the company massively in fines and remediation.

All because you wanted to f-ck with one poor bastard.



I got my boss disbarred. He was an attorney who was a serial sexual abuser of female clients/criminal defendants. He got away with it for over twenty years and preyed upon at least twelve different victims. The Office of Attorney Regulation censured him multiple times for other offenses, like being late to pay his annual bar fees, but even though they knew about at least five of the victims, they wouldn't disbar him.

I discovered that the Office of Attorney Regulation decides whether to "pursue an action" against an attorney based on a cost/benefit analysis. I gathered as much documentation of everything as I could, over a six month period.


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