New Years is a big celebration for many people. But sometimes the party can get out of hand. 

Reddit user icameforthemusic asked:

"Doctors/Nurses/Police/EMT/Firefighters: what was the dumbest injury you saw this New Year's Eve?"

Here are the best of the worst.


Girl drinks too much and passes out. Drunk fiance decides that sleeping drunk girl has died and starts CPR. After each round of CPR drunk girl pushes fiance off her chest because CPR hurts. Fiance gets friend to hold down drunk girl's arms and continues CPR. Ambulance arrives, throws fiance off drunk girl and brings her to us complaining of a sore chest.  silentgoldfish



I work in the ER. Guy came in last night with two broken legs and various ruptured organs from blunt force trauma. Apparently his friends had set up one of those plastic blow-up pools in the backyard and his intoxicated mind had convinced itself that there was enough water to break a second-story jump. All he did was moan the whole time while he vomited up his liquor.  Dynamaxion


Guy walks out of kebab-place in Oslo, slips on the ice, lands on his face, kebab still level, nothing spilled. Attempts to get up, but is too drunk to find balance, flips around 180 degrees, spraying his face with the contents of the pita. Proceeds to desperately roll around in meat and sauce. PC-Bjorn


I'm a bouncer and I've worked over 10 NYE events... the dumbest thing you see is a ton of intox... this year I had to assist a police officer who cut his forehead with his hat, I had to pull out a girl out the garbage bin because she fell in while she was puking, a chick falling down the escalators and walking it off like a boss (there's something messed up about hearing someone roll and smash their head on steel steps) bunmarda


The worst thing I've had to deal with was 2 NYE ago I was paged over to the female washroom to help a girl get her friend out of the stall because she was passed out... I opened up the door and as soon as the door swung open the girl who was sitting on the toilet puked all over her friend and shat herself while trying to get up, her friend looked at the puke and puked all over her friend... one of the female bouncers gave them a whole bunch of paper towel to clean up but when we called over a cab none of the cabbies wanted them because the state they where in... we ended up taking the girls to the back and hosed them down with a garden hose bunmarda



Sweet little College age girl got in altercation with boyfriend, got pushed back, tripped, broke and fell through a large first floor window. To paraphrase her, Instead of pissing and moaning about getting launched through a window she picked up the biggest shard of glass she could find and stabbed him in the face. They broke up later that night.  AwesomeExpress


Spoiler Alert

I'm an EMT and the dumbest I've seen yet was a guy who was dragged by a car. This guy had his wallet taken by people he knew so instead of calling the cops, he hung onto the spoiler of a car for over a mile. He kept most of his balance on his steel toed boots and actually left a huge groove in the pavement.  FFEMT39

En Garde

Former Transporter. I was heading home one night when a guy drunk off his ass asked me for a wheelchair near the E.R. I got him one and he helped his friend get into it. The guy had a full-sized longsword with no hilt through his foot. He was laughing. They had wrapped a kitchen towel around his foot with duct tape.

This is a lesson on why not to use decorative swords and drink at the same time.  ThorneLea


I live in China and each year there are ridiculous injuries due to fireworks, such as a dude who blew his arm off by waving it over a box if industrial fireworks (which are available to consumers) while waiting for it to go off. Also, these fireworks will often tip over downtown, launching missiles under cars and into windows, making Beijing during Chinese new year a virtual war zone.  The_Flabbergaster


LAST NYE we ran one person who had fallen. When we arrived the person was still on the ground but laying on his side, passed out drunk. The guy and his friends were walking home after drinking lots and lots of alcohol. So this guys is walking, passes out mid stride and face plants on the sidewalk/grass. Didn't put out his hands to break his fall or anything. He ended up getting a huge laceration on his forehead, broken nose. Luckily he didn't break any teeth, which all of us were pretty surprised about.  eventhorizon07



Barely legal female riding an ATV in the dark, drunk, gets partially decapitated by a grounding wire.  DRo_OpY

Flying Trees

Fire call: Arrive on scene with PD to a rager of a party. PD needed us for forcible entry, little did we know we'd need an attack line. Before we get up to the house, a fully involved Christmas tree comes flying out of the second story window. The cop nearly shits himself and "tactically recedes." A kid pops his head out of the window and yells something about more fire. Welp. We gear up and head inside, the engine crew en route. The only fire upstairs is from the bong. Some of the poor kids thought we were aliens in full gear, and me with a Halogen. We leave laughing, and tell the cops it's their problem now. mclen


Burn Hazard

Last year we had a nasty dumb call. Some (very) drunk guys at some hedonistic party put the end of a sparkler you hold (in your hand) in their backsides and lit them. On one of the guys it either wasn't 'secure' enough or something and it ended up giving him second and third degree burns in the taint, inside buttocks, and testicles. It was pretty tough to call that in to the burn center on the radio and stay professional.  wanderingkale


We went to a couple fingers stuck in champagne bottles...I will explain one a little bit more though, a guy couldn't get his finger out so he went outside and tried to smash the bottle off his finger. When he did it the broken glass sliced up his finger and right into the bone. He never even tried any other way to get it off.  [deleted] 


A group of teens went out for a joyride and the driver crashed his parents car. While the kids tried to flee, one of their friends was especially drunk (or high maybe both) and was passed out. They ended up pulling him out of the car and leaving him in a ditch. The parents of the kid that owned the car knew that the car was not "stolen" especially when their kids friend was found at the scene.  menehan


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