Embarrassed People Admit The Most Mortifying Things That Their Significant Others Own

Every significant other comes into a relationship with baggage and small idiosyncrasies. Those are some of the characteristics that help define a person. 

True love means embracing all of that.


Of course some significant others come with actual baggage. They'll bring along nostalgic items, furniture they can't part with but also clashes with everything in the house or tattered, filthy clothes that have apparently seen them through the best and worst of times. 

Those are the elements of compromise that keeps you up at night, driving one mad. Trying to concoct a nefarious plan on how to burn those items without leaving behind an ember.  


Redditor, LeCharlesMuhDickens posed the question,"What item belonging to your SO would you throw away if you could get away with it, and why? " And the responses were awesome! 

These boots were made for... drowning?

Her favorite pair of leather boots. Theyre so worn down that she cant wear them anywhere near water. I understand why she wants to keep them but its so frustrating when she puts them on only to complain 10 minutes later about her feet being wet.  shradicalwyo

Ostriches are sassy. 

My boyfriends canvas picture of an ostrich with "prepare your anus" written on it -_-  halfbloodswede

Have we learned nothing form those 'Chucky' movies?

She has a collection of plastic dolls (don't remember the namez but they're basically barbies that represent characters from horror movies), dozens of them. She buys them from flee markets, erases their faces with acetone, paints new faces, cuts their limbs and modifies them, glues them back together. I don't know which ones are scariest: the blank faces, the amputated, or the finished ones. They terrify me. J1nx_


Someone is ready for A & E.

Her mountain of magazines she's saving for some future reference, because that's how hoarding starts.  Scrappy_Larue

After 20 years, let it die friend!

If my wife had answered, it would be this for sure: I have this creepy figurine of a bald, black pirate with a monkey on his shoulder that my best friend gave me as a goofy joke for Christmas. I've had it for over 20 years and insist upon it having a somewhat prominent display in our house. I'm in the military, so we move a lot. Every time it gets unpacked, she gives me this annoyed, pleading look, hoping this is the move where it dies. It's not.  JBleezy1979

Well are we talking about Nic Cage circa, 'Con-Air' or 'Adaptation'?

I have a silk pillow case of a shirtless Nicolas Cage that my SO secretly hates. I know he hides it on purpose and have found it deep in his closet (several times). When i confront him ,he always denies it but always finished with a " why do you want that anyways? Its ugly" so I know its him. Im currently looking for it once again.  entroyfan2


Then there is crime of omission. A smart move.  ;)

My SO used to have a bunch of giant blown up stills from his favorite movies all over his place. First thing you'd see upon entering was from Dumb and Dumber. Close the door to the bathroom and this really creepy one from Caddy Shack is hiding there waiting for you. Constantly startled me.

I didn't do it but I was secretly pretty pleased when they got destroyed in the move. I saw him loading them up poorly but said nothing. I don't regret a thing.   duckyblinders

If $20 is all it takes, you made need some serious self-evaluation.

His stupid t-shirt that says "I'm not gay but $20 is $20". Whomadethebed

His what? Is that a thing?

His nose flute. He thinks I did already but I really don't know where it went and will not be looking for it.  imnotabotoraboat

Creative types are never understood.

His socks that have the days of the week on them because he wears them on the wrong day and it really winds me up. demnugs13


Sometimes the well is never empty.

His bucket hats. I've hidden many of them from him, but he seems to have an unlimited supply.  JustTseYes

But... what if?

Old cookie sheets with rust on them. I bought new cookie sheets. Can I throw out the old ones, I asked? No, because we can still use them with aluminum foil on them. Smelly old pillows, I bought new ones, have to save the old ones in the closet for the pending apocolyptic winter that will happen when our power grid gets knocked out by an EMP. I bought him new underwear and we went several rounds over saving the ones whose elastic was shot, still have them. Same goes for any other replacement household items. I'm a minimalist who has moved once on a train and once in a single trip in my car, and this is killing me.   elevatorbloodbath


Grandma always knows best.

My grandfather was like this. My grandmother dealt with it by filling a garbage bag with stuff to get rid of while Grandpa was at work. Then she would take the garbage bag with her when she went grocery shopping, and leave it in a public trash can. Then she feigned ignorance when he asked about it.

Oh, pro tip- instead of openly buying new underwear, just buy underwear that looks just like pre-existing underwear and "refresh" it from time to time. (Thanks Grandma!) _Green_Kyanite_


Now there is a valid thought. 

Does his mother count here?   Graceful20

Tell her the numbers don't add up.

This old high school hoody she wears around the house. She says it's hers, but it's a grade year ahead of her. I know it's her first boyfriends. It doesn't bother me that much, other than the fact I know it's not her hoody. If she just was honest, I wouldn't care at all.  Imthecoolestdudeever

Somethings are cute and some... are just creepy.

She has a wireless hair remover that pulls the hair out (I have forgotten what they are called?). She always sneak attacks me while I sleep and Im missing patches of hair off my legs and back!   lbakk1


Didn't he ever watch 'IT'? Oh hell no. 

This clown drawing he did in middle school that is just so creepy doesn't help the drawing is hung up over our bed. Spacealienqueen


Some people really need to learn to let go. 

H/T : Reddit,LeCharlesMuhDickens

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