Embarrassed Adults Reveal The Dumbest Things They Did As A Kid

We are all human and we all make mistakes, but when we look back on it was it really the smartest thing we did? People reveal some of the dumbest things they have done as kids and we are here for it!

LarleneLumpkin asks: What was the dumbest thing you ever did as a kid that seemed to make sense at the time?

You really never know...

When I was younger I used to watch a lot of the feed the children broadcast. I was so shocked that people were scavaging through the dumpster trying to get by that I took a bunch of medicine that I found at home and threw them out in the trash in hopes of one of them finding it.

Not going to help you buddy

i started falling out of my chair at the dinner table, so i grabbed my glass of milk to try to keep myself in my chair


My dad's drill seemed like an excellent way to curl my hair. 1st grade me ended up with a sweet baldspot.

Better to be safe than sorry

Mom took me ice skating for the first time at age 6. I was worried about falling and hitting my head so the rink employee was nice enough to loan us a white hockey helmet. When I stepped on the ice, I immediately dropped to my knees and started wailing my head on the ice repeatedly to make sure it "worked". This was in the middle of a busy public skate time. I think my poor mom was pretty embarrassed.

I call false advertising

I was about 5-6 years old and I asked my mom what bandaids were for, she said something along the lines of "it protects you." So I wrapped my perfectly fine index finger in a bandaid and proceeded to slide my finger under the stapler and staple myself, thinking the bandaid would protect me. It did not.

That's not how that works....

I painted the flashlight lens black expecting to emit a shadow.

That's pretty strong!

Shattered my mums car windscreen whilst sitting with my feet on the dashboard and pondering how hard i could press on the glass before it smashed. She came back after five minutes in the supermarket to me sitting in a windscreen-less car, covered in glass, with my only explanation being 'i was testing how strong it was'.

Bigger rocks always work better...

I was outside and saw my dad sitting in the basement through the window. So I picked up a rock threw it at the window he didnt look so i grabbed a bigger rock and threw it at the window and that went straight through obviously got a nice "what the h*** merk_n_cheese" I then prayed to god that he would get my dad a new window for christmas for weeks.

A big fail

Me and my cousin decided to make poison. We had no clue how, so we just mixed a bunch of things that we knew would be bad if you ate. Our final product consisted of expired mild, some berries we were told were toxic, some eucalyptus leaves, bug spray, dirt, and human urine. We left it out in the sun to set up. For some reason we thought that the eucalyptus would make it smell good so if anyone broke into my house they would drink it and die.

Good try

I sprayed WD 40 on my legs to make me run faster.

Every shoe should have plates

When I was in preschool we took a field trip to a firehouse where they explained that they had plates in the bottom of their boots so they didn't have to worry about nails when they entered a fire. Well, five year old me had just gotten new shoes and wondered if they had plates too, so naturally I stomped on a rusty nail. My shoes didn't have the plates.

A homemade sandbox

When I was around 4 I really wanted a sandbox but my parents wouldn't get me one (unbeknownst to me, they actually had, but were waiting until my next birthday to give it to me). So naturally, the next best thing was to pretend to be asleep, wait until my parents went to sit on the front porch, quietly go downstairs and lock the front door, and then sneak into the kitchen and dump every single sand-like food in kitchen (cereal, flour, rice, salt, etc) onto the floor and just go nuts. The worst part was that it ended up being around 2 weeks worth of dry groceries (and a lot of it was expensive s*** from Whole Foods...whoops). Needless to say, my parents were pissed and a little shocked I'd lock them out of their own house, but not pissed enough that I didn't end up getting the sandbox lol

If only!

Realized that adding water to my Hawaiian punch fills up the glass more. Thought I found out how to have infinite Hawaiian punch. Quickly found out it just makes my drink taste s******.

When your ego gets the best of you

I was 5 and being teased on the playground for being weaker than two slightly older boys. They were jumping from a platform onto the monkey bars and I could not jump as far, and they were being mean and egging me on. So 5-year-old me wanted to parkour like the big kids so they would stop making fun of me.

Jumped as hard as I could. Landed wrong, snapped my arm perfectly in half.

Cue the "if someone dared you to jump off a bridge would you?" lecture every day for weeks.

curiosity killed the cat

When I was like 5 for some reason a friend and I decided it would be a good idea to shove hand sanitizer up our urethra, I went first, suffice it to say my friend didn't do it

Taking right after dad

My dad is a type 1 diabetic (insulin dependent) so he frequently takes insulin shots a few times a day. Well around 5/6 or so I got curious with what my dad sticks himself with and took one of his old needles and stuck myself as hard as i could into my stomach, just like dad. Needless to say, I started crying and I got rushed to the doctor.

That is very permanent

I took a rock and scratched my family name onto the hood of my mom's car so people "Would know it was hers"

This is a great way to go deaf

Once when I was 11 or 12, I took a roll of paper caps (the kind you would put in a cap gun, the kind that snap and flash and then you get that nasty burnt-up roll hanging off your cap gun) and placed it on my driveway, completely rolled up. I then proceeded to take my dad's steel mallet and smash the thing, because I was a complete dumba**. It was a good 30 minutes before I could actually start hearing my mom yelling at me for doing that...

Good use of resources

When I was like 3 I got separated from my dad in Home Depot and I had to pee. Conveniently, I found a toilet nearby!

Not conveniently, it was the display toilet that wasn't actually connected to the plumbing.

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