People Share The Edgiest Thing They've Ever Done To Make Themselves Look Cool--And Failed Miserably


There are some unfortunate photos of me from my high school days that will never see the light of day. Let's just say I experimented with different styles and fashions when I should not have. Wow, I looked really dumb. I am very sorry.

"What's the "edgiest" thing you've ever done to make yourself "look cool" but that actually made you look stupid?" –– This was today's burning question from Redditor beddyby12, who probably just wanted to have a laugh at everyone else's expense.

Yeah, I don't blame them.

"I used to be..."


I used to be sunglasses-indoors-and-at-night guy.


"When I was deep in my emo phase..."

When I was deep in my emo phase I got the webbing of my hands pierced and then cried when my dad had to remove them with his tools two weeks later then both my hands were so infected I could barely move my thumbs.


"When I was around age 10..."

When I was around age 10, I thought it was the coolest thing ever to wear my bangs in front of my eyes like an anime character. Like, BOTH EYES. I couldn't see and it wasn't cool.


"No one was impressed."

I used to wear two rings in middle/high school, both on my right middle finger. One ring had a skull with axes, and the other was some ancient rusted thing I found when I was a small child that had one dark green gem left in it. No one was impressed.


"I was a mall goth..."

I was a mall goth in high school. And when I wasn't dressed head to toe in Hot Topic gear, I would wear bizarre mismatched outfits, carried an Invader Zim lunchbox as a purse, wore cat ears to school... Oh my god. And pants under skirts.


"For about 3 years..."

For about 3 years, I wanted my hair to be spiky, like I saw in some cartoons or anime shows. not in vertical spikes, but more like "claws" instead of bangs. At least that's what I thought of them, and that's what I thought looked cool. I had almost forgotten about this, thanks Reddit.


"I was also..."

Smearing black/dark grey eyeshadow all over my eyelids when I was 13. Looked like a freaking idiot. I was also homeschooled at the time lol. Probably creeped out the neighbor kids.


"I wanted to have..."

When I was maybe around 16? I wanted to have a cool anime facial scar so I deliberately cut myself down the bridge of my nose and between the eyes. Over the course of a week or so it bled, scabbed over, then disappeared without a scar.


"Went on a date..."

Went on a date with a girl to an Indian restaurant. Tried to act the big man and said that i can take any heat, ordered a vindaloo...

Ended up tears streaming down my face, red, runny nose, chugging litres of water, whilst she ate her mild korma laughing...


"I thought I was a punk rocker..."

I wore spastically printed Avril Lavigne/Abbey Dawn pants, a skin tight tee, furry vest, and black knock-off Uggs to school. I had also just messily chopped off my hair. I topped all this off with a garishly fake lip ring and a singular fishnet glove.

I thought I was a punk rocker, a la Sheena.

I looked like a proper idiot.


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