Some things are deceptively simple.

Oh, skydiving? That's easy.

Love yourself? Simple.

Who can't open a can of pickles?

ME! ME! That's who. I can't do any of the above simply.

It's all hard. And you know it too.

It's just designed to" look" easy only to bamboozle us.

Approach everything as a burden and live by a motto...

Redditor pterv2112 wanted to hear about the things that are truthfully not so simple.

So they asked:

"What looks easy peasy lemon squeezy but is actually difficult difficult lemon difficult?"

Monopoly. For the life of me, I can't get the hang of that game. I don't care anymore.

Play it...

Saturday Night Live Happy Dance GIFGiphy

"Playing the triangle. A lot of my non-musician friends joke about how easy it is to play it. Then they actually hold the damn thing and look stupid."


It's A Lot!

"Work. I'm a lawyer and had a client call saying she needs a help with a merger, but 'don't worry, it's super easy peasy lemon squeezy.' That project took 6 months and I almost had a breakdown. She didn't understand why the bill was so high since it was SO easy."


"Gotta love how the layman lumps all lawyers together as the sleazy snakeoil salesman type without realizing or appreciating the sheer complexity of the legal work involved."


Body Moves

"Dancing. I wouldn't say it looks 'easy,' but when I see people do it, they're so good at it and it flows so well it looks easy. But damn, I just CANNOT get my body to do anything more than a bop and maybe some stupid arm moves. I'm 25 and dance like a 50 year old at a reunion. Dancers are so delicate and make it look so easy, it's honestly amazing. It's just hilarious when I try to do literally anything and fail horribly."



"Whistling with your fingers."


"My cousin taught me when we were in our tweens. It's come in very helpful whistling for the dogs and horses at feeding time."

"What I always wanted to learn was how my grandpa whistled without having to stick dirty fingers in my mouth. Nothing like cleaning stalls, then trying to whistle for horses with sh*t-covered hands. Washing them in near-freezing buckets of water wasn't a first choice either."


It's a...

Studying Hand-Made GIF by Philippa RiceGiphy

"Drawing something from memory. Like a bird or something. In mind - yep that's a bird On paper - that's... a bird?"


Drawing birds is impossible; mine look like mules.

Go Deep

Digging Blue Collar GIF by JC Property ProfessionalsGiphy

"Digging. Anytime it's shown in movies or TV it looks easy AF but the second you have to grab a shovel and break dirt... bleh."


Hello Doc

"A basic physical exam at the doctor. Looks like a simple 'look at the throat' - 'listen to the chest' - 'yup they have a heart all right.' When in actuality Doctors spend thousands of hours practicing it so that when you come in with a murmur or 'Funny-looking-kid-syndrome' they can recognize it immediately."

"And yes, there are entire class sections on how to respectfully ask your patient to turn their head and cough as you push on their testicles (they're looking for hernias)."



"Street names. Everyone thinks it's great fun and likes to offer suggestions but every tree, lake, and other natural feature has at least a dozen variations which you can't repeat for emergency service reasons. That and you get cities which want a street name change anytime the road changes direction regardless of a logical break point like an intersection."


Being Regular

"'Natural' makeup. More work than 'regular' makeup."


"To be honest this reminds me of a video I watched of a visual effects artist explaining his job, If no one notices your work on the footage you've done your job well, its only when you mess up do people notice."


"This is painfully true for a lot of jobs. When nobody notices, it means you did an excellent job but no one will give you credit because they aren't even aware there is credit due. But the moment you slightly f**k up, you're the worst person in your profession."


The Squeeze

As If Lol GIF by MOODMANGiphy

"Making lemonade. Sure squeezing one lemon is easy peasy, but do you know how much juice that makes? Not a lot."


I love Lemonade... the drink and the album... but I have no patience to make it.

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