It's the simple things. And it's the lavish things. Oh hell, it's all the things.

As much as many of us may sometimes complain about America, and as much as this supply chain clogging is a real pain in the keister, there are many things and opportunities found here that people from around the globe would kill for.

For instance, do you know how many Europeans come here to shop?

Millions. Yes, millions. Just wander into a Century 21 outlet in Manhattan and ask around.

We have access in many products we take for granted, so maybe we could be a little more appreciative now and again.

Redditor Dependent-End5909wanted to compare the differences on our shopping lists when in America and in Europe, so they asked:

"What is something Americans have which Europeans don't have?"

Oh course let's not forget freedoms.

We do have a ton of that, well at least for now.

That seems to be a declining commodity.


"Outlets with 110 volts." ~ AioliEnvironmental58

"Most stuff with switching power supplies (phone chargers, electric shavers, etc.) works on 100-240V, 50-60 Hz nowadays. Just get a universal travel adapter and you can take them anywhere in the world." ~ bem13


Everybody has one...

"Florida Man." ~ No-Dark-9414

"Did you know! The Florida man has more to do with the fact that arrests are all made public in Florida, so we get to find out about ridiculous crimes. Where in CA it’s kept private. Odd Crime is not particularly more common in Florida than other places. We just know more about it." ~ Minimum-Suspect-632

"I’m Europe it’s pronounced 'German Man.' Haven’t you ever heard of the Germany or Florida game?" It’s a game where you read a messed up headline like 'man eats neighbors dog' and you try and guess if it happened in Germany or Florida." ~ jvanzandd

Live in the cooler...

"'Refrigerators the size of my flat.' - every European who has seen my moderately-sized refrigerator." ~ PantsPile

"I have a pretty basic no-frills, non-high-end Frigidaire refrigerator and have had several visitors from Europe who visit me ask if they could see my fridge and could look inside it." ~ conditerite


"Garbage disposal units are installed beneath the kitchen sink." ~ Strict-Promotion3250

"My aunt got one of those sinks with a garbage disposal unit a few years ago. We're from a small country in Europe. A few months after she got it, it got all clogged up and smelly and disgusting and she couldn't find a plumber who had ever had any sort of experience fixing those sinks and they all refused to touch them with a ten foot pole so she got completely fed up with it and bought a much cheaper, simpler one. That's how uncommon they are here." ~ pinkandbluemornings

For the Flesh

"Our currency has bill for the the one dollar. Makes it easier to tip strippers. I have no idea how Europeans tip strippers with Euro coins." ~ DildoBaggins82


How do they tip strippers in Europe?

I never thought to ask.

I also can't understand their money.

And I tried.

School Activities...

"College sports." ~ PixieBaronicsi

"This one I'll give you. Universities play each other in sports, but nowhere to the scale in America."


"For football (soccer), most players can be in club's academies from the age of 5/6, finish school at 16 and then just go straight into reserve/first team squads, whereas in America they play sports in school, university, then get picked up by clubs." ~ Oneinchwalrus

Fun Facts

"The largest living organism on the planet." ~ jamesofearth1

"I give a slack report to my entire company (800 plus employees) every morning about the state of the company (I’m a business intelligence engineer). At the end of most days I insert a fun fact. This is going to be the greatest fun fact ever. Thanks for sharing." ~ mholtz16

Screened In...

"At home or somewhere else, they have screens on their windows." ~ OkAnteater9569

"Depends on the climate and location. When my husband lived in France he said they never got bugs or mosquitoes and always had the windows open."

"I'm assuming the cooler climate or maybe bugs just aren't that common there, because we still have screens in northern states. Down here in Texas you're asking for an infestation and living hell if you leave windows open without screens because of the hot humid climate bugs love." ~ theflooflord

Price Fun

"I always find myself finding everything cheaper in America online stores than in European stores. Especially with hardware, woodworking, light machinery."

"Edit: As many pointed out, USA don't include sales tax in the price. But then again as others pointed out, its only 6% whilst mine is 25% on all goods at home. So USA prices are still comparatively low even when included American 6% tax. It would only be worth to order tho if I actually lived in USA tho because of import duties." ~ Adventuredepot


"Bigger portions/sizes. As an example I think a small or regular PB jar is probably considered large in European countries." ~ __karmapolice


Oh America, you certainly can be a hoot.

But Europe is not too shabby.

I can't imagine crossing the pond for cheaper jeans though.

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