People Explain Which Common Myths Can Be Easily Debunked In Seconds


There are few things more annoying than witnessing people actively peddle misinformation.

It's especially more frustrating when this misinformation is a myth that can very easily be debunked.

After Redditor bigdaddyleon asked the online community, "What common myth can be disproved in seconds?" people were quick to point out all the little tidbits that are annoying them lately.

Now if only society would stop passing off so many of these as fact!

"Pulling a fire alarm..."

Pulling a fire alarm does not, in fact, activate the sprinkler system in most scenarios. Certainly not indoors, at your school, your home, or any indoor commercial establishment.


"That KFC..."

That KFC is no longer allowed to use the word "chicken" because of some government mandate. If you go to their website, the word "chicken" is everywhere.


"If you ever a PIN..."

If you enter a PIN backwards at an ATM it summons the police.

My PIN is a palindrome.


"We can only taste..."

We can only taste certain tastes on specific parts of our tongue. Just put something sour on different parts of your tongue, you will always be able to taste it


"People say the water..."

People say the water in pools turns red if you pee in. You can prove the opposite within seconds.


"Get anything..."

Microwaves heat from the inside out.

Get anything microwavable. Put it in for 30 seconds. Note the scalding hot outer layer and still frozen centre.


"Lie down on a beach..."

Flat earth. Lie down on a beach and watch the sunset. Then stand up and watch it again. The only way that's possible is if the horizon changes based on the angle of your sight which is only possible if the earth is round.


"There's been a list..."

There's been a list of coronavirus tips going around Facebook that says, among other things, that the virus dies at a temperature of about 26C/80F and you can kill it in your throat simply by drinking hot drinks. If that were the case, it wouldn't be spreading inside of 37C/98.6F human bodies.


"Shaving hair..."

Shaving hair does not make it grow back thicker and/or darker.

If it did, every adult man would be walking around with black tree trunk thick hairs on their face.


"I've tried using them..."

That essential oils cure sickness. I've tried using them to help me focus before, and not even that worked. People seriously don't understand history anymore. People literally quarantined in the past to stop the spread of sickness, and made medicine from stuff that isn't an oil.


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